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    Which credit cards give the most miles?

    Which credit cards give the most miles?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 20, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    If you're looking for which credit cards give you the most miles, you've come to the right place. From now on, you will have access to a list of the best alternatives on the market. We will show you which credit cards give you the most miles, highlighting how they work, positives, negatives, details about the points program, among other important issues. 

    Our proposal is that, after reading this content, you have enough information to choose the best credit cards in our country. 

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    Which credit cards give the most miles?

    Stop wasting time looking for which credit cards give you the most miles. This article is ideal for you who are looking for safe alternatives that bring many benefits to customers. 

    When developing the list, we took special care to choose only options with the following characteristics:

    • Efficient points system; 
    • Great benefits for the consumer;
    • Differentiated advantages for tourists, such as VIP lounges. 
    • Option that is a reference in the market. 

    See now which is the best credit card for miles 2022. Follow up and make the best decision for your pocket. 

    Blue Card Itaucard Visa Infinite

    The first option on our list is a great alternative for customers looking for a credit card with a quality points system. Here, you can add up to 3,5 points on purchases made abroad. Purchases made in our country, on the other hand, accumulate three points per dollar. 

    Another positive point is that the customer has access to the VIP benefits of the Visa Infinite brand. In this credit card, you still have several interesting rewards. Among the most common are: travel assistance, cabin upgrade, insurance and extended warranty. 

    The list also contains: free wi-fi networks, discounts at partner establishments and a VIP lounge at airports. Without a doubt, this option is one of the best on our list. It is suitable for customers who frequently travel with Azul or for people who want to accumulate points. 

    One of the negative points of this credit card is that it requires a minimum monthly income of R$ 15.000. 

    The Platinum Card American Express

    The next option on our list is for customers who want to live incredible experiences. With this credit card, you have access to several advantages in hotels, resorts, restaurants and entertainment in different regions of the world. 

    In the points program, it is possible to accumulate 2,2 points per dollar spent. And the best: the score does not expire, ensuring more practicality for the consumer. The rewards are also quite attractive to users.

    See options below.

    • Travel assistance;
    • cabin upgrade;
    • Invoice discount;
    • Half entry;
    • insurance;
    • Extended warranty;
    • Free Wi-Fi networks;
    • VIP lounge at airports;
    • Discounts at partner establishments.

    If you are interested in gastronomic and cultural experiences, it is worth applying for this credit card. It allows you to know the most important hotels in the world. Here, Hilton and Radisson are included. 

    LATAM Pass Itaú Mastercard Black Card

    For customers who travel frequently and prefer exclusive conditions, the LATAM Pass card cannot be ignored in this list. After all, it offers personalized advantages when traveling and shopping abroad. The card with the points program is one of the most attractive for consumers. 

    • Purchases abroad: 3,5 points for every dollar spent.;
    • Domestic purchases: 2,5 points for every dollar spent. 

    Unlike other alternatives available on the market, points do not expire. LATAM Pass cards are one of the best options for customers, as the advantages are offered according to the reality of each user. 

    The annual fee for this credit card can be a problem as it is quite high. The amount is BRL 1.200,00 in 12 installments of BRL 100,00. You can guarantee exemption from the annuity fee according to the expenses of the invoice. Therefore, centralize consumption on the credit card to be entitled to this benefit.

    Despite the cost, it is one of the best alternatives to Mastercard credit card miles.

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    Bradesco Elo Nanquim Diners Club Card

    The Diners Club network always seeks to bring great solutions to customers. With this in mind, it developed a partnership with the Elo banner and Bradesco, especially for the high-income consumers of this financial institution.

    Therefore, the benefits follow the VIP and special profile. Want to know other advantages? See below.

    • 3,3 points for every dollar spent abroad;
    • 2,2 points for spending in our country's establishments;
    • Extended warranty
    • insurance;
    • Half entry;
    • Free Wi-Fi networks;
    • VIP lounge at airports. 

    The card also has its disadvantages: difficulty in getting approval and there are other alternatives that allow you to accumulate more points in the program. Another negative point is the annual fee, which is R$ 1.260,00 in 12 installments of R$ 105,00. 

    So, before choosing which credit cards give you the most miles, evaluate the annuity and make sure it won't hurt your budget.

    LATAM Pass Itaucard Visa Infinite Card

    Let's continue with our list by talking about an option that is suitable for Itaú Personnalité consumers. This credit card contains exclusive benefits for customers. 

    If you are a regular tourist and you like good offers and discounts on the Visa brand, you need to know the benefits of the LATAM Pass Itaucard Visa Infinite Card. The points system allows accumulating 3,5 points for each dollar registered in purchases made abroad and 2,5 points in purchases made in our country. 

    The score does not expire, while the annuity fee is BRL 1.200,00 in 12 installments of BRL 100,00. The credit card is recommended for consumers who value service with a traditional bank, who purchase products with foreign currencies and are interested in knowing more information about the miles market. 

    It is no exaggeration to say that this alternative could enter the list of the best credit card in the world. 

    Visa Infinite Guide

    Now, we are going to show you what are the benefits of Dux Visa Infinite.

    • 24/7 concierge service with personalized attention;
    • Unlimited access to several airport lounges;
    • Participation in the Vai de Visa and Curtaí programs; 
    • Free insurance for travel in our country and abroad;

    In the first 12 months of launch, the consumer guarantees five points for every dollar registered on the invoice, while four points are added in the other months. 

    C6 Carbon Mastercard Black Card

    C6 Carbon is a “Premium” card alternative offered by financial institution C6 Bank. Despite this status, it is more affordable than other options that are on the list of which credit cards give the most miles.

    You can exchange the score not only for tickets and travel, but also for other products that are made available by the program. The score does not expire, and the customer can accumulate 2,5 points for every dollar recorded on the invoice. The amount of benefits that the card offers to the consumer is impressive. 

    • Travel assistance;
    • cabin upgrade;
    • Invoice discount;
    • Cork Exemption;
    • Discount at partner establishments;
    • VIP lounge at airports.

    Generally, some consumers give preference to financial institutions that offer closer contact with the manager, as in traditional branches. If this is an important point for your profile, it is worth looking for another alternative, as the digital account does not offer personalized customer service. 

    Decolar Santander Visa Infinite Card

    The next card on our list is for consumers who have bills with high amounts; seek information about the miles trade; need a high threshold and look for closer contact with a traditional financial institution. 

    It is a customized solution among Decolar Santander cards. The partnership between the financial institution and the travel company can be very interesting for tourists who want to gather a lot of points. 

    For customers using the Decolar Passport program, 3,5 points are added per dollar spent. In other acquisitions, the record is 2,5 points per dollar. 

    Itaucard Click Visa Platinum

    If you are a cinephile, you will probably be interested in the benefits of the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum. The card offers a 50% discount at cinemas. Among the participating networks are: Kinoplex, Itaú Cinemas and Playarte.

    In this alternative, the consumer can also take advantage of partnerships with several important establishments in the market, including: Magalu and Netshoes. The points program is different from other options we've mentioned in this article. You accumulate one point for every three reais spent. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the annual fee for this credit card can reach R$ 214 per year. The cost-benefit will be positive only if the user takes advantage of all the advantages that are aimed at tourists. 

    • Travel assistance;
    • Half entry;
    • insurance;
    • Extended warranty; 
    • Free Wi-Fi networks;
    • VIP lounge at airports. 

    Azul Itaucard Gold Mastercard

    Developed through a partnership between Itaú and Azul, this alternative is suitable for regular tourists and those who are consumers of the airline. You also get access to a great points system and discounts at cinemas. 

    Before applying for this credit card, it is important to check the points program rules to understand if it matches your needs. In it, the customer accumulates 2,0 points per US$ in purchases at Azul. On other purchases, add 1,7 points per US$. 

    Uniprime Mastercard Black

    When quoting which credit cards give the most miles, it is important to remember the Uniprime Mastercard Black.

    With this credit card, the customer has access to several benefits. 

    • Card in credit and debit function; 
    • Possibility of shopping in our country and abroad;
    • Acquisitions in cash and in installments;
    • Allows you to make withdrawals;
    • Coupled with chip to bring more financial security. 

    By adding Uniprime Points, the user can make transfers to Latam Pass, TudoAzul and Livelo.

    LATAM PASS Itaucard Visa Gold

    The advantages offered by the credit card are indicated, mainly for consumers who have intermediate consumption habits. Most of the best cards require high billing expenses to earn miles. So, it can be concluded that this alternative is quite democratic. 

    There are some benefits that attract consumers' attention when choosing this credit card, such as: travel assistance, insurance and extended warranty. In the points program, $1 spent equals three points. 

    You can also purchase LATAM tickets in installments. There, it is possible to split up to 10 interest-free installments. 

    The negative side of this credit card is that, in case of delays in the bill, interest can harm your financial planning. So keep an eye on finances so you don't have losses in the future. It is also important to note that the points expire in two years, unlike what happens with other alternatives that we have already mentioned in this content. 

    Decolar Santander Visa Gold Card

    The positive points of this credit card are: travel assistance, invoice discount, insurance and discounts at partner establishments. In the card program, the customer accumulates 2,6 points for every dollar spent on purchases outside our country. The same score goes for purchases at Decolar. 

    You can also add 1,6 points for every dollar spent on purchases made abroad. Here, points do not expire. Therefore, it is a good option to include in the list of which credit cards give the most miles.

    Porto Seguro Visa Infinite Card

    You can achieve 3 points per dollar spent abroad. The score does not expire. Although the score is one of the most valued in the area, it is essential to have a prior relationship with the financial institution in order to use the Infinite alternative. 

    For customers looking for the first card option to accumulate points and miles, we recommend looking into other possibilities. 

    The credit card is suitable for consumers who opt for exclusive offers, with a high cost with the card, who want to receive discounts and rewards, in addition to needing a high limit for their routine. 

    Santander Unlimited Card

    You can choose between Mastercard and Visa. This kind of versatility is important because the consumer can take advantage of both alternatives. Another positive point of the credit card is that the customer is entitled to VIP benefits in various regions of the world. 

    Many people believe that this option is one of the most personalized for tourists who want to know more details about the world of miles. It is also worth noting that it is an unlimited credit card. 

    On the other hand, he cannot reach the top of our list, precisely because it is not possible to hire him easily. To have access to the benefit, it is necessary to have access to an invitation. 

    Uniprime Mastercard Black Card

    Anyone looking for a complete list of which credit cards give the most miles also needs to know the Uniprime Mastercard Black Card. However, it is an alternative for consumers residing on the São Paulo/Paraná axis. Another requirement is to be a Uniprime member. 

    If limitations aren't an issue, it's worth knowing more details about the category. You can add up to 2,2 points for every dollar spent. 

    LATAM Pass Itaucard Mastercard International Card

    We need to be honest, dear reader. The customer does not have a high number of points available with this credit card. Accumulation is one of the lowest on our list. 

    Despite this negative point, it is a great alternative to earn miles, especially if the customer does not have much experience with the subject. After a period of use, the financial institution can offer other more interesting alternatives for the customer. 

    Here, we mention which credit cards give consumers the most miles. It was not easy to develop this list, especially with so many options available on the market. The most interesting thing is that the best cards for miles 2022 continue in the list of alternatives that were highlighted above, which proves that they remain a good option for the consumer. 

    Therefore, before choosing the best credit cards for miles, we recommend carefully analyzing the characteristics of each one. That way, it will be easier to choose the alternative that best suits your needs. 

    To find out which credit cards give you the most miles and which have a good reputation in the market, visit the Reclame Aqui website and follow the consumer's evaluation of the service. Once you find out which credit cards give you the most miles, check out a complete list of online credit cards that are instantly approved. 

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