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    WhatsApp Status: Curiosities, tips and 10 phrases to use

    WhatsApp Status: Curiosities, tips and 10 phrases to use

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 23, 2022 | WhatsApp | 456

    Creating short videos or photos and sharing them with friends and customers for up to 24 hours has become a craze. And it all started with Snapchat. Of course, Mark Zuckerberg's social media could not be left out. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we also have WhatsApp Status.

    Like other social networks, Status WhatsApp works with temporary publications, which can be photos, videos, GIFs and phrases, which are available for 24 hours.

    In 2022, app usage increased by 148% worldwide. And, according to the Benchmark Snapshot study carried out by Zendesk, WhatsApp is the most used and preferred service channel by customers to communicate with companies.

    Precisely for this reason, knowing how to use all the resources of this social network is essential in planning your company's marketing, to retain your customers and increase sales. And understanding the status of the "zap", can help you with that.

    Why use WhatsApp status?

    Since it was launched in 2009, WhatsApp has gained over 2 billion active users. That is, the application can connect people from all over the world every day.

    Also, unlike Instagram, for example, WhatsApp is more personal. After all, you register the number of friends and family, and in the case of WhatsApp Business, customers.

    With that, not everyone can look at what you are going to share in WhatsApp status.

    For these reasons, WhatsApp status has a great chance of winning everyone's hearts and being successful with their customers.

    How to update WhatsApp status?

    With WhatsApp status, you can share everything from phrases, photos, videos to animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. To view a contact's status updates, both people must have each other's phone number saved in their contacts.

    To create a status on WhatsApp, follow the steps:

    Step 1: Open the app and tap Status;

    Step 2: In My status, you'll find two ways to make posts:

    Photo camera icon: with it it will be possible to take a photo, record a video or choose a GIF. If you prefer, select something from your gallery. You can also add a caption or edit the content;

    - pencil icon: with it it will be possible to write a text or a sentence in the status. To select the font, tap the T and to change the background color, tap the color palette icon until the desired option appears.

    Step 3: All ready? Tap the arrow icon to Send.

    If you want to view the WhatsApp status of any of your contacts, tap the tab Status and then the status update you want to view.

    To quickly reply to a WhatsApp status, tap Reply at the bottom of the screen, while viewing the contact's post.

    Curiosities about WhatsApp status

    As with any resource that involves the name of WhatsApp, users always have several doubts, which generate some curiosities about its use. That's why we've put together some of them below:


    In WhatsApp status, you can control who can see your updates. You can choose to share with:

    My contacts: all your contacts will see the updates;

    My Contacts except: in this option, you can exclude people;

    Share only with: only selected people will see what you share.

    By default, updates are shared with all your contacts. To change WhatsApp status privacy:

    - No. Android: touch the 3 dots (which is the icon that indicates More options) and then in status privacy;

    - No. iPhone: Tap Privacy.

    WhatsApp statuses already shared will not be affected by changes made to privacy settings.

    And remember: your WhatsApp status update will only be visible to contacts saved in your phone's phonebook and who also have your phone number saved.


    Tired of seeing a contact's status? You can mute updates from a specific contact so they no longer appear at the top of your list. To do so, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app and tap Status;

    Step 2: Touch and hold the contact status update;

    Step 3: The option will appear on the screen Silence, touch it.

    After all active updates, a new status section called Muted updates in the end. If you want to see the status of a contact again, just go to it in that category, touch and hold the update and the option will appear Reactivate.

    And don't worry, the muted contact won't know you did it.


    All social networks that have the feature of posts that are available for 24 hours show by default a list of users who have viewed the content. In WhatsApp status is no different.

    However, you can view status updates without being seen. For that, you need to disable the Read Receipts. It's the famous "blue tick", which shows when the contact viewed a message in the conversation.

    To disable read receipts, follow the instructions according to your phone's operating system:

    - No. Android: Open WhatsApp and tap More options (3 dots) then in settings. in option Counts, touch Privacy;

    - No. iPhone: After opening the app, tap Settings, then select Counts. Finally, tap Privacy.

    But an important reminder: by disabling the read receipts, you will not be able to see who viewed your WhatsApp status. In addition to not having the read receipt when sending a message in a chat.

    So next time you wonder how your friend or customer viewed your status but it doesn't show up in the views list, that's why.


    Maybe a lot of people don't know this yet, but it's possible to share your WhatsApp status on Facebook Stories and other apps. And this can be a great way to optimize your time when creating content for your business.

    To share your WhatsApp status:

    Step 1: Open the app and tap Status;

    Step 2: Click in My status and then the 3 dots (More options);

    Step 3: To share to Facebook Stories, tap Share on Facebook. If you want to share in another application, choose the option Share and then the app you want.

    If you have made multiple WhatsApp status updates, you can choose which ones you want to share. But it is important to point out that this feature will only be available if the applications are installed on the cell phone.

    Bonus: Tips and phrases to use in WhatsApp status

    Here on the blog, we already have this post with tips along with 11 other tactics on how to use WhatsApp for business.

    Therefore, we suggest below the best phrases for WhatsApp status. We have selected some short motivational and inspirational phrases for you to share and increase your content repertoire:

    “As hard as life seems to be, there is always something you can do and do well” – Stephen Hawking

    “When I stop being what I am, I will become what I could be.” – Lao Tzu

    “Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do” – John Wooden

    “Do it or don't do it. Attempt does not exist” – Master Yoda

    “Winners never give up and those who give up never win” – Vince Lombardi

    “It is never too late to be what you could have been” – George Eliot

    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

    “Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions. Do your job and don’t care so much about others.” – Tina Fey

    “Be happy with what you have, but be excited for the chance to have more” – Alan Cohen

    “People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” – Lewis Cass

    Want more WhatsApp status phrase ideas? Access this post that has 150 more entrepreneurship phrases.

    Now tell in the comments if you already knew this information.

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