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    What is the best internet speed test?

    What is the best internet speed test?

    by Camila Porto | Jan 28, 2022 | Technology |

    If you wanna know what is the best internet speed test, in this post we will list the best sites and tools to run the well-known speedtest to know in detail how your connection is. Doing a connection test is simple and several companies provide resources to perform speed tests.

    Have you ever been in the situation of getting ready for an online game, watching a series or movie, and when you start, the internet fails or your connection is slow and keeps crashing? In these cases, doing a speed test can help you identify a problem with your broadband network or lack of connection with your provider.

    Speed ​​Meter: What do you need to know before starting your full speed test?

    When you're looking to find out your internet speed, there are a few terms that are common in pretty much every speed test. They show your connection data and performance. When testing your internet speed, you will come across these terms:

    Test Ping

    In short, Ping is the time it takes for a volume of test data to leave your device, reach the test server, and return to your device.

    Download Speed

    Download speed is the amount of data received per second by your network. The higher this data, the better.

    Upload speed

    Here is the opposite of download speed. In this data, you will know how much data your network can send per second. Also, the higher this number, the faster your connection tends to be.

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    What is the best internet speed test?

    There are several tools you can use to take an internet speed test. Among the most popular are:

    Copel speed test
    Speedteste Ookla
    Fast Test
    My connection

    Copel Speed ​​Test

    Also known as Copel Speed ​​Test, this is a very popular internet speed meter, perhaps one of the most popular in our country. Copel Telecom is a fast internet provider in Paraná. The Copel test can be done through the company's website. To do this, access the Copel speed meter.

    What is the best internet speed test?

    Ookla Speed ​​Test

    Another internet speed meter is the company Ookla. This is a global company that offers many connectivity features in addition to connection testing. One of Ookla's good points is that it doesn't just work in the browser. You can download the company's application and test the internet on your cell phone anywhere in the world. Access the Ookla speedtest here.

    What is the best internet speed test?

    Fast Test Speed ​​Test

    To measure internet speed, another very simple solution is the Fast Speed ​​Test. If you are looking for an easy-to-use internet speed meter, this is the one for you.

    What is the best internet speed test?

    Speed ​​Test My Connection

    Another tool that does speed testing is My Connection. A positive point of My Connection is that on the test page they display a ranking of companies in your city according to:

    • Speed ​​Ranking;
    • Average Speed;
    • Top rated companies.

    What is the best internet speed test?

    It was not possible to identify whether these rankings are real or sponsored. However, it is now possible to at least compare competitors and alternatives to your internet, in case it is slow or you are dissatisfied.

    Measuring internet speed: Tips for doing a proper speed test

    Virtually all internet speed meters recommend that you use a cable connection to get the most accurate results. So, to test internet speed, check out these tips from Copel Teste:

    1. Take the test on a computer connected to the internet via a network cable;
    2. Plug the network cable into one of the ports on your modem;
    3. Close all programs and stop updates.

    What to do if your internet speed is below the contracted?

    It is worth remembering that in most cases, if you do the test connected via Wi-Fi, you will see a difference between the test values ​​if you compare with a cable.

    However, did you know that companies are required to deliver minimum amounts of internet as per their plan? On October 31, 2022, ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency) published a material on minimum broadband speed limits.

    According to the statement, as of November 2022, companies are required to deliver 80% of the maximum contracted transmission rate on average. This means that a 100mbs plan needs to deliver at least 80mbs on average monthly. In the instantaneous transmission rate, which is measured using a speed meter, this value drops to 40%.

    If you identify constant problems when doing a speed test on your internet, look for your ISP and request a technical visit. Test the connection using one or more internet speed meters and contact your ISP if the problem persists.

    Did you like the tools? I use them a lot to measure my connection. If you know of another internet speed meter that is not on the list, let us know in the comments.

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