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    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | Technology |

    The app that makes photo sing is one of the funniest and most wanted to have fun with your friends in a personalized way. If you're the kind of person who loves watching funny videos and searching for memes on the internet, you need to know Wombo.

    Best of all, the application is free and very simple to use. After downloading the Wombo App, you can choose a photo you already have in your cell phone gallery, for example, or take a selfie on the spot, and then the fun begins.

    This is your chance to tease your friends and make hilarious videos with their faces singing the song of your choice. Will you miss this wonder? Throughout the text we will explain how the application works and also teach you step by step to make the magic happen.

    What does Wombo do?

    Wombo is an application that uses Artificial Intelligence fundamentals to detect the facial expressions of an image and then perform commands so that the person's face moves as stipulated by the program used.

    In this way, the eyes, mouth, eyebrows are analyzed to create micro facial expressions based on the physical characteristics present in the photograph.

    Then, Artificial Intelligence combines these elements with the rhythm of the music chosen by you in the application and the result of this is the generated video that can be shared with your friends.

    The app developers needed to make a driving video for each song present in Wombo. This was possible from the capture of a person's movement, with the registration of facial, eye and lip expressions.

    Thus, each song has a different type of command. The name given to the technology that creates videos imitating reality is called Deepfake.


    • Create animations with song dubbing;
    • You only need to choose a photo and a song;
    • Automatic video editing and synchronized with the audio;
    • You don't need to create an account to use the app;
    • Creating creative content for social media.

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    Wombo: Which platforms to use?

    Wombo is available as a free version for Android, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. You can find these versions on the Play Store and App Store websites.


    • Requires Android 5.1 or higher;
    • Size 63MB.

    iPhone, iPod touch e Mac

    • iPhone and iPod Touch must be iOS 14.0 or later;
    • Mac requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip;
    • Size 41,8MB.

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    Tutorial on how to use Wombo: app that makes photo sing

    In this tutorial, the Android application that requires version 5.1 or higher will be used as an example.

    Step 1.

    Download Wombo from the Play Store and open the app. Then click on "Allow" for Wombo to shoot photos and record videos.

    Step 2.

    Select option "Get Started" and then in option "Allow". You will be directed to the place where you can take a selfie or choose an image from your cell phone photo gallery.

    Step 3.

    Regarding image selection recommendations, there are some features required by the application. The photo must be taken with good ambient lighting and the person must not be smiling.

    In the symbols below you have the possibility to turn the camera on the camera symbol and you can activate the flash to improve the lighting.

    In order for the animation to be of better quality, it is important to take into account these recommendations required by Wombo.

    Step 4.

    In the tutorial, a photo from the gallery will be added by selecting the other icon. You will then need to click on "Allow" to give access to your device's photos, media and files.

    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

    Step 5.

    Select "Gallery" and depois "Just once". Choose an image from your gallery and delimit the area around the face.

    Step 6.

    Click in “Add Selfie” to save the photo to the Wombo gallery. This area will contain all your images used in the application.

    Step 7.

    After that, to choose the song just select the music note icon, then you will be directed to the audio part.

    Step 8.

    There is an option called “Combos” which allows you to create videos with two images. This mode is used to simulate two people singing together and you can use this function to have fun with your friends.

    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

    Step 9.

    The creation options are numerous and it is possible to find the types of animations that are grooving at the top of the scroll bar.

    Step 10.

    Below the recommended modes there is a part called “Categories for you”. To find these categories with the most diverse types of audio, you can also use Wombo's search tool.

    Step 11.

    The songs are divided into categories for easy search according to your taste. in the category "Classic", for example, you must select the song you want to use in your video.

    Step 12.

    the famous song "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor was chosen for this tutorial. After clicking on the name of the song, just click on the remember "W".

    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

    Step 13.

    Now photo jig app creates your video automatically based on artificial intelligence technology. Wait until your video is loaded with just one tap.

    Step 14.

    When the video is finished loading, there is the option to save it to the mobile gallery by clicking "Save".

    Step 15.

    You can also share with friends through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, or whatsapp. By clicking on "Compartir" just choose which platform to send to.

    What is the app that makes photo sing? Know everything here

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    Now you know how to make funny videos through the app that makes photo sing. Note that Wombo is very easy to use and animations are done quickly, without any editing required.

    The only detail you should pay attention to is the quality of the chosen image. Photos with good lighting and a neutral background are the best options to create more realistic videos through Artificial Intelligence.

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