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    What is CBO: All About Our Country's Classification of Occupations

    What is CBO: All About Our Country's Classification of Occupations

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 4, 2022 | News |

    Do you know What is CBO and its role in the job market? Also known as our country's Classification of Occupations, it's one of the many pieces of information you need to deal with if you run a business or company as an entrepreneur, or if you're just in the job market.

    Several forms and documents, including the Employment Card, usually request this information when they are signed and filled out.

    The various occupations in the labor market are identified by acronyms that were created by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). Thus, as a worker or responsible for a business/company, it is important to know what CBO is and how you can access information whenever necessary.

    With that in mind, we've separated everything you need to know about CBO and the different ways you can consult.

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    What is CBO?

    To know in more detail what CBO is, we also need to check out a little bit of the history of the creation of our country's Classification of Occupations. The creation of this national system was initiated in 2002 by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, based on the Uniform International Classification of Occupations (CIUO). 

    The objective of the CBO is to identify and relate more easily all possible occupations to be employed in the national labor market. It is worth mentioning that the classification only counts on the professions that are recognized by the MTE, but the equivalent synonyms for these jobs in the market can also be found.

    Although it created the CBO, the MTE does not have the necessary power to regulate any profession. All she does is have the material needed to title and create an identification code for a particular profession in the country.

    The classification is constantly updated and is made by the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Work. Mandatory, the CBO must be used as a reference for all administrative records of activities. Our country's Classification of Occupations is also one of the main tools for the elaboration of employability statistics in Brazilian territory.

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    What is the CBO for?

    The code of our country's Classification of Occupations must always be in the work card of the professional who is hired. The government will use this information to assign the employee's social security benefits and other employment rights.

    In addition, these data are used for Brazilian labor statistics and subsidies for the formation of public policies for employees. There are several bodies that use CBO data to obtain worker information.

    Among these bodies we have:

    • Immigration, Unemployment Insurance, General Register of Employed and Unemployed – CAGED;
    • Annual List of Social Information – RAIS;
    • Labor inspection;
    • Federal Revenue – in the Individual Income Tax;
    • Social Security – CNIS (National Registry of Social Information);
    • IBGE – Research: Census, PNAD (National Household Sample Survey), PME (Monthly Employment Survey);
    • Ministry of Health – in the records of professional mortality, incidence of diseases related to the occupation;
    • RIPSA (Interagency Health Information Network).

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    How does our Country Classification of Occupations work?

    Now that you know what CBO is, you need to know how our country's Occupation Classification works. To facilitate updating, the CBO keeps all occupations grouped into main categories, from which subgroups of the activities in question arise.

    Occupational groups, also called occupational families, can be classified in two different ways. The least used is the descriptive form, where all work activities are specified and described in detail. The most used form is the enumerative classification, where each activity has a code that will determine the title of the employee's position.

    Usually, the enumerative classification is widely used in household surveys and administrative records, as it is a more objective and simple way.

    The descriptive version, on the other hand, is more used in research related to the labor market and in the SINE (National Employment System), in addition to other analyzes of professional outplacement systems.

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    How to consult the CBO?

    If you want to consult the CBO, you can do so online, you can be an employee or even an employer. There are several ways to perform the query, whether by code, alphabetical order, title or structure. 

    It is important to carry out this consultation because you will be able to guarantee that the CTPS position follows and respects all the activities that the employee should be carrying out based on his occupation. It is also necessary to consult to make sure that the current labor and safety standards are in accordance with the rules.

    You can carry out the query through the official government platform or websites that offer online search engines similar to the official one. Users always need to be aware of which portal they use for consultation, as some may be outdated or may not contain official information about the CBO.

    Below, we separate two platforms that you who understand what CBO is can use to carry out your query.

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    Consultation CBO no Portal MTE

    The first option that we separate to consult our country's Classification of Occupations is the official form provided by the government.

    To do this, you need to access the MTE Portal. As soon as you log in, you'll see that the site is programmed to perform searches in alphabetical order. Just choose the initial letter of your occupation and perform the search.

    If you do not want to use this form of search, on the left side of the screen you will see a column with several options for functions. There is a category named “Searches”. Below you will have different ways to search for the CBO, just choose the one you prefer and click on it.

    By doing this, you will be taken to a new window that will already be programmed to perform the CBO search in the way you selected. If you choose the option by title, for example, you will need to inform the name of your occupation and fill in the requested points.

    After that, click on “Consult” to check the CBO.

    After being forwarded to the new page, you will see a list of possible results for your search. Then click on the occupation you are looking for. You will land on a page that contains all the information described about the occupation.

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    Consultation CBO no site Pravaler

    The Pravaler portal also has its own function of consulting our country's Classification of Occupations with official data provided by the MTE. The consultation process is very easy and we separate the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow.

    Step 1. Access the CBO consultation page on the Pravaler website;

    Step 2. The platform allows searching in three different ways: searching by title, alphabetically or by code. You will enter the occupation code or title in the “Search” field. If you don't want to, you can go through the pages until you find your profession in alphabetical order;

    Step 3. All similar options will automatically appear on the platform, you need to choose the one you are looking for correctly.

    Step 4. Pravaler offers two records, after the creation of the CBO, and the official ranking list that came before the creation of the CBO.

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    Where is the CBO in the workbook?

    Image: Pravaler

    In case you want to locate the CBO in the employment card, which is mandatory the presence of our Country Classification of Occupations in all records made, the code of your occupation will be positioned on the same page with the information of the worker's contract.

    Typically, the CBO is positioned after the “Position” and before the admission date. In addition, you need to keep in mind that, in order to register the CBO, your work card must be ready to be used.

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    The CBO in the domestic work card

    At the time of writing this text, there are a little more than 2.400 occupations registered in the CBO, with more than 7.200 synonyms. One of the main ones that cause the most confusion when registering and consulting the CBO is the occupations of domestic jobs. 

    As its name suggests, all activities that take place or may take place in a domestic environment are classified under this occupation.

    To avoid further confusion, we have separated the codes and titles of all occupations of domestic workers below, as the wide variety available can be problematic when checking the CBO:

    • 7823 – Driver;
    • 7827 – Sailor;
    • 5121 – Domestic service workers in general;
    • 5131 – Butlers and housekeepers;
    • 5173 – Security guards and guards;
    • 5174 – Doormen and watchmen;
    • 6220 – Gardeners, caretakers;
    • 5132 – Cooks;
    • 5133 – Chambermaids, wardrobes and the like;
    • 5134 – Garçons, barmen, copeiros e sommeliers;
    • 5143 – Workers in building maintenance services;
    • 5162 – Caregivers of children, youth, adults and the elderly;
    • 5164 – Washers and clothes irons, by hand;
    • 5135 – Auxiliary workers in food services;
    • 5136 – Barbecue grills, pizza makers and sushi men;
    • 5141 – Workers in building administration services.

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