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    What is a gift, what types and how to identify yours

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    What is a gift, what types and how to identify yours

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 28, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Singing, drawing, dancing, writing and even having revelations through dreams, many people are capable of producing great deeds. But is having these skills an innate gift or is it possible to learn and develop over time? In this post, you will check what is gift, the main modalities and some tips on how to improve these gifts.

    Many believe that the gift is a God-given ability. Others take the path that the skills developed are talents.

    Next, we will explain the difference between gift and talent.

    What is Dom?

    The word "gift" comes from Latin and means "donu", which refers to something like a gift or gift. That is, gift is the ability that some people have to develop and execute specific skills in a simple and natural way.

    For example, when a child makes an ultra-realistic drawing, without having been trained, for many this is a gift. Another case that can be cited and that went viral a few years ago was that of a boy who could answer math questions in real time to what he listened to.

    Sportsmen who have gained great prominence in history are considered gifted people.

    For those who follow football, it is normal to hear that Messi was born with an absurd gift, and Cristiano Ronaldo was shaped through training. It is worth remembering that having a gift does not mean being careless with one's abilities.

    In addition to athletes, other historical figures are also remembered for the incredible gifts they had while they were alive, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Mozart, Einstein, among countless others.

    It's as if these people were born with superhuman abilities. And in a way their ability was not normal.

    However, these impressive abilities are rare in the entire world, it is not normal to see geniuses all the time. However, that doesn't mean that normal people can't also develop incredible abilities.

    To try to compete with the differentiated, it is necessary to develop their own talents.

    gift x talent

    Talent looks like a gift, but the origins of skill development are different. A person is born with the gift. Talent is learned and developed. The path to improving talent can be much more complicated than for those who have the gift.

    Above all, there are some universal steps you need to take to develop your talent, no matter what it is. These are:

    1) Practice a lot;

    2) Be applied (plan);

    3) Be determined (seek the result with all your might).

    The ideal is to develop talents that you have an affinity for, that you will enjoy exercising and evolving. Thus, your efforts will be well used to have productive activities.

    To develop your gifts or talents, constant studies will help you improve your performance. For this, reading books, articles, taking courses, watching lectures, documentaries and testimonials can contribute to its evolution. You need to find the way that you learn and encourage the most.

    In order to make the most of the development of your skills, self-knowledge is essential. This will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

    This way, you will be able to improve the positive things and deal with the negative ones. Remembering that when facing weaknesses does not necessarily mean ending them, but reducing them or making them be controlled. However, if you can eliminate everything that is negative, even better.

    So far we have talked about gifts and talents, whether physical or behavioral, but there is another aspect. For the most religious, there is the spiritual gift, a gift given by God.

    Next, check out more about this thought.

    What is spiritual gift?

    The gift in the New Testament refers to the Greek words “dorea” and “charisma” and addresses the abilities people receive from God. However, the spiritual gift is not related to the five natural senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch).

    Religious people believe that these gifts are a gift from God, and these skills should be used by people to help in the work of the Kingdom of God.

    However, it is important to note that those who receive such gifts do not have any spiritual privileges. On the contrary, it is as if they are given a responsibility and the skills are to be used as a tool for God.

    According to the Bible, there are nine spiritual gifts. Are they:

    1. Word of Wisdom: It is the God-given ability so that a person can be enabled to offer wise advice based on the word of God;
    2. Word of Knowledge: is the ability made available by God to accurately interpret a situation or people;
    3. Ability to Prophesy: is the ability to pass messages from God. It is important to emphasize that this gift is not linked to questions of predicting the future;
    4. Faith: not the common faith that Christians feel for God. In this case, that is the gift of faith. It is a special God-given ability to fully believe in the Holy Spirit in any situation;
    5. Healing: is the God-given ability for a person to pray for healings. Remembering, the individual does not receive the power to heal, but to ask God to work in the case of prayers;
    6. Operation of Miracles: is the ability given by God for him to show situations that are outside the normal (supernatural);
    7. Discernment about Spirits: it is the God-given ability so that the person can perceive when a message is really sent by God or if someone wants to pass a false message;
    8. Variety of Languages: is the gift of spiritual language. It is the ability given to people to seek their own edification;
    9. Language Interpretation: is the skill that enables a person to understand the meaning of different languages. Thus, it is only possible to understand the variety of language when you have an interpreter.

    As already explained, talent is the result of improving a skill, while spiritual gifts are given through God.

    In addition to spiritual gifts, there are also categories of talents. See below for an explanation of the types of talents.

    What are the types of talent?

    Like gifts, talents are also separated into modalities by specialists. But in this case, it is important to consider the behavior profile of each person.

    In this way, before going to improve your own talents, you need to know what your behavioral profile is, because only after that is it possible to outline activities that help to evolve skills.

    If you already know what your behavioral profile is, it makes it easier to carry out activities in your professional area. For example, imagine that you received a proposal from a company to earn more than in your current position, but in a different area than you are used to.

    If you already know what your behavioral profile looks like, it makes it easier to decide whether to change jobs or not. The famous question of “not exchanging the right for the doubtful” becomes simpler to resolve.

    By tracing your behavioral profile, it is possible to identify talents that you may not even know you had. In this way, you open up the possibility of increasing your capabilities, enhancing your professional and personal strengths.

    For this, talents were categorized into 13 types, according to the Our Country Coaching Institute (IBC). Each of the characteristics have their own essences, abilities and talents. See each of them below:

    The types of talents

    Check out the types of talents and make a parallel with their behavior and see the traits that best match your personality. Remember: you can fit more than one profile below:

    Commercial: This talent is related to the ability to increase the ability of other people. Those who have this talent usually have good communication and know how to work with established goals;

    Controller: This profile is more related to exercise administration. The bearer of this skill is able to cope well with routines and tends to be demanding with himself and with the people around him, with the objective of always seeking the best possible result in what he does;

    Commander: people with this talent like to create new projects, have the soul of an entrepreneur and manage to behave like a good leader, making subordinates accept requests in a pleasant and healthy way;

    Strategist: This talent can be seen in people who can look for opportunities in situations that seem threatening. In addition, they manage to create plans that are generally assertive;

    Specialist: those who have this talent are very attentive to details, can see situations in a meticulous way. Just be careful not to confuse this talent with perfectionism, as this trait is not a positive quality. Thus, specialists tend to do well in work environments with rules, as in an office, for example;

    Analyst: people with this talent stand out for their versatility, that is, they can perform various tasks with competence. For example, transforming complicated information into a simple language and for the understanding of the great mass;

    professorial: the bearer of this talent is able to support people who are close and give good advice;

    Diplomat: People with this talent can solve problems that involve conflict. The most common thing to happen is a mediation with ease between the opposing parties, causing harmony in the group or with the causes of confusion;

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    Clerk: This talent is very much based on empathy. The attendants have the ability to listen to the people around them and provide solution ideas for the situation;

    counselor: is linked more to social interests in favor of the collective good. Thus, those who have this talent have the didactics of teaching. It is very useful, especially in the field of education;

    Motivator: Those who have this talent can encourage people around them to step out of their comfort zone and face new challenges. In addition, he also has a good oratory and manages to convince people;

    Competitor: People with this talent can fight different battles on a daily basis. Competitors tend to constantly challenge themselves;

    Salesman: That's the talent of communication. Those who have this skill have a great sense of conviction and can get their message across with ease;

    In short, regardless of what your abilities come from talents or gifts, the ideal is that you can identify and develop your abilities.

    By doing this, you will evolve in various aspects of your life and not let accommodation take over your spirit.

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