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    Vivo Plans: which are the best and how to hire them?

    Vivo Plans: which are the best and how to hire them?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | January 28, 2022 | Shopping |

    Os Live Plans are considered one of the main references in the country when it comes to quality and wide coverage. In addition to the 4G service, the operator also has 4,5G, which is ideal for those people who prioritize high-speed internet. 

    There are also other reasons why Vivo stands out in the market, such as: cost-effectiveness, specialized support and a great experience for customers who want to chat whenever, wherever and however they want.

    You can hire the service through several plans: control, post and pre.

    From now on, we will explain each one in detail, how they work, main features, positive points, among other issues. Follow up!

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    What are the Vivo Plans available? 

    A Living Plan cannot be chosen in any way. It is essential to pay attention to several points, including: value, benefits and amount of internet available. 

    Vivo Control Plan 

    The Control Plan is an ideal alternative for customers who don't want to spend a lot. That's because, after hiring, you pay a specific price per month. That way, there are no surprises with fees when the invoice is sent to your home.

    With up-to-date payment, you can use Vivo's internet, several applications released and even make calls free of charge and unlimited, ensuring more practicality for your routine. 

    The most interesting thing is that the customer can count not only on monthly plans, but also on annual plans. So, just analyze your financial budget to identify which is the most suitable alternative for finances. 

    This option is recommended for those people looking for flexibility and economy, without losing the practicality and efficiency of the services offered by the operator. 

    See below what types of plans are available from Vivo Controle, according to Vivo's website:

    • Vivo Controle 5GB yearly: earn up to 13GB! +3GB on digital account +5GB on portability bonus. Unlimited apps, additional digital services, unlimited calls and SMS. Value: R$54,99 monthly;
    • Vivo Controle 6GB yearly: earn up to 15GB! +3GB on digital account +5GB on portability bonus. Unlimited apps, additional digital services, unlimited calls and SMS. Value: R$65,99 monthly; 
    • Vivo Controle 8GB yearly: earn up to 19GB! +3GB on digital account +5GB on portability bonus. Unlimited apps, additional digital services, unrestricted calls and SMS. Value: R$85,99 monthly. 

    By contracting the Control Plan, you can use WhatsApp without limitations. Therefore, it is possible to send messages, videos, photos and voice calls without restrictions. 

    The Cabify app is also available without discounting the internet franchise, as are Waze and Moovit. 

    Post Vivo Plan 

    If you are in the habit of spending a lot of time connected to your cell phone, whether for work or leisure, the Vivo Post Plans are one of the best alternatives. That's because, it contains a higher internet limit, from 10GB monthly.

    You also have several applications available without discounts from the franchise, such as: GoRead, NBA Basic, Babbel and Vivo Meditação. 

    The list of advantages also offers unlimited SMS and free calls to both landline and Vivo numbers. The customer can also choose between the annual and monthly alternative. 

    Another positive point is that the plan offers extra gigs of internet for 12 months.

    • Post annual 16GB: +5GB on portability, calls, SMS and apps without limitations. Value: BRL 129,99 monthly; 
    • After 10GB monthly: +5GB in portability, calls, SMS and applications without limitations Value: R$129,99 monthly;
    • After 30GB per year: +5GB on portability, calls, SMS and apps without limitations. Value: R$189,99 monthly. 

    Pre Vivo Plans

    Vivo Pré Plans are for those people who want freedom to choose and save, without losing the efficiency of the service.

    This plan is more economical and allows the consumer to pay for the amount every week or fortnightly. That way, you can pay and use the service only when you want or can.

    The customer can use internet from 3GB, make local calls and also have unlimited SMS and various applications free of charge. 

    Last but not least, the customer can top up their mobile device balance via the internet, without having to leave their home. All this is possible with the support of the Meu Vivo app. 

    What is the best of the Vivo Plans? 

    When analyzing Vivo Plans, it is possible to understand that the operator offers diversified and ideal alternatives for different styles, daily life and financial budget. Therefore, the most suitable plan is the one that most efficiently meets the needs of your family, if you live with other people in your residence.

    The Vivo Post Plan, for example, has a high cost, however, you have more freedom of navigation and you also get bonuses to enjoy the internet more easily. 

    In the Vivo Controle Plan, the customer can choose the amount of internet they want to hire, either monthly or annually. 

    The Vivo Pre-Paid Plan allows you to recharge the plan weekly or fortnightly, bringing more savings and flexibility, without losing the benefits that are part of the other Vivo Plans.  

    For customers looking for quality internet, it is worth checking if Vivo's coverage meets your region. This process can be done through the company's official website. Another interesting tip is not to choose the plan on impulse. Carefully observe all the details that are offered by the operator. Make sure you really enjoy the features.

    At first, this type of analysis can be tiring. However, you will realize how important it will be for decision making. Think about it! 

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    How to buy Vivo Plans? 

    Hiring a Vivo Plan can be done in two ways:

    1. Live official site; 
    2. Call on 0800 597 1515. 

    Is it worth hiring the Live Plans? 

    Yes. Vivo is one of the best known operators in the market. It offers several economic plans with various benefits for customers. You can still earn more gigs to use the internet when you need it most.

    Another positive point is that the service is contracted securely, both over the internet and through customer service channels. Your data is not shared with others on the network.

    For customers who want more convenience, the Meu Vivo app is another interesting benefit. It allows you to check internet consumption, recharge, register automatic debit, register digital account, manage line information, send messages, request help for Aura, among others.

    Customers can also request a duplicate account, hire a new data package, share their internet with family or friends, activate roaming before taking an international trip and guarantee exclusive benefits with Vivo Valoriza:

    • Discounts at pet shops;
    • Movie tickets, premieres and events;
    • Appetizers in restaurants.

    The Meu Vivo application is free and it takes up little memory on your mobile device.

    It is never too much to make it clear that hiring outside the operator's official channels is not recommended, as it can be a scam.

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