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    Vigo Video – Short Video Application

    Vigo Video is a social networking application where the user makes short videos up to 15 seconds and share, and can even make money with them. Vigo Video – Formerly Hypstar has several video editing tools editing, filters for selfies, music and special effects to apply in recording and is free for Android and iOS. A function that pleases a lot is the correction of facial imperfections.

    No Vigo Video – Formerly Hypstar you follow people from all over the world who are part of the app and it is also integrated with the most famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtuber and WhatsApp, which facilitates the transmission of videos created and communication with all friends of all ages. platforms.

    The most interesting thing about the app is that publications that receive many views, likes and comments are monetized, that is, the user earns money from them within the platform itself, and the money is withdrawn by PayPal. The more videos are posted and the more interactions are made, the more flames are generated (Vigo Video digital currency) and the more dollars the user earns!

    Videos made in the app can be saved on the device as usual or, if the user prefers, in GIF format.

    How to use

    The Vigo Video personal channel page where the user's posts are located is very reminiscent of the design of the personal Instagram profile.

    Once installed, when entering the profile you will have access to several icons in the bottom bar:

    • The first to be directed to the beginning, where you can see the posts of the people you follow;
    • The second to check the profiles of your followers;
    • The third is centralized to record your videos;
    • The room to see your messages;
    • The fifth to view your own profile.

    Note that at the top is the user's flame count, that is, how many dollars he has earned in total from the interactions that his publications have generated.

    Vigo Video videos must be recorded with the cell phone standing. After recording, you add the effects you want, choose the video speed, recording timer and other existing tools.

    Our opinion

    All the features of the Vigo Video application are excellent, allowing the user to create videos with a unique and fun style. 

    Vigo Video's interface is simple and there may be some interference when using its features, which hinders its performance. Despite that, it's a worthwhile app for anyone who likes to record videos and promote their talent, whether in music, dance, crafts, cooking and so many other areas!

    Download Vigo Video

    You can download Vigo Video from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS by clicking on the links below:



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