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    Urbanic is our country reliable? Know everything about the brand

    Urbanic is our country reliable? Know everything about the brand

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 23, 2022 | Shopping |

    Urbanic is a recent European fashion e-commerce on the market. Headquartered in London, the brand has expanded and is now present in India, Russia, England and our country. Since its opening, the Urbanic our country has already conquered space in the buying preference of Brazilians. 

    According to the brand's website, Urbanic's mission is to make anyone can enjoy, more easily, the "confidence of beauty". In addition, there is a concern with the user experience when buying the desired product, in order to promote a less bureaucratic relationship with the customer.

    Are you one of the people who hears about Urbanic in our country on social media, but doesn't know if the brand is trustworthy? Don't worry, we've separated everything you need to know before making your purchases.

    What Urbanic does our country sell?

    The Urbanic Our Country website has several products. Women's clothes are sold for the most varied styles, in addition to having many accessories to complete the look. 

     The brand sells fitness fashion, pajamas and lingerie, beachwear, dresses, pants, blouses, skirts, shorts and much more.

    In line with the commitment to the consumer and its inclusion policy, the size of the pieces varies from “PP” to “XL”. In addition, you can find beautiful earrings and necklaces, as well as costume jewelry. 

    Urbanic our country seeks to meet all styles and types of bodies, which made it become a trend among Brazilian women.

    How much does it cost to buy our country at Urbanic?

    Urbanic is a brand that values ​​sustainability. But how does this affect parts prices? It's simple, using custom recommendation feature allows you to plan inventory and project demand more efficiently.

    This means that there is a reduction in costs and waste, which makes prices fall in relation to other non-online brands and become more attractive to the consumer. 

    Urbanic our country also offers sales and coupons to help you save while shopping. 

    Is it safe to buy from Urbanic in our country?

    You may be wondering if it's safe to buy from Urbanic. The answer is yes!

    Accessing “Reclame Aqui”, a website where you can consult the reputation of companies for free, Urbanic has a score of 8.3 on a ten-point scale. 

    The company responded to 100% of the complaints made and has a high resolution rate. Thus, Urbanic our country offers a good customer support network.  

    Despite the complaints made by the public, around 70% of the people who made a complaint against Urbanic on the “Reclame Aqui” Portal would buy from the fashion brand again.

    Another positive point for Urbanic is its payment method. The brand uses one of the most reliable payment systems in Latin America, EBANX. 

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    If you are in doubt about a product, you can consult the rating and comments left by other consumers of the brand, or contact the Customer Relationship Center.

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    How to do your shopping at Urbanic our country?

    You can buy your pieces either through the Urbanic website in our country, or through the Urbanic app on the Play Store, for Android phones, or on the Apple Store, for Iphone. 

    Check out the step-by-step guide on how to buy at Urbanic:

    1. The first step to make your purchases is to register with an email and a password. It is important that you use an up-to-date email, as all your order information will be sent to it. You can also register using your Facebook, Google or Apple ID account.

    2. After creating your Urbanic account, the next step is to search for the piece you want through the search tool located in the upper corner of the screen. To facilitate your search, use the available filters, such as category and size of the pieces. 

    3. Once you find the item you want, click on it to select it and add it to your shopping bag.

    4. Check all the data of the chosen product and then click on the “Finish” option.

    5. It's time to enter your address and additional information. Please fill in the intended fields correctly, as any error may delay the delivery of your order.

    6. Now, select the payment method. Urbanic our country accepts the following modalities:

    • Credit card;
    • Debit card;
    • Bank slip;
    • PIX.

    You can pay in 6 interest-free installments on your credit card.

    7. Before finalizing, check if all the data is correct and if you have any coupon, insert it in the field below the order information. 

    8. That's it, it's that easy: you make your purchases at Urbanic in just a few clicks.

    How to track the delivery in Urbanic our country?

    Despite the brand having opened an office in our country, Urbanic still does not have a distribution center in the Brazilian territory, which generates a delivery time between 20 to 35 working days depending on external procedures, such as customs inspection, or in cases of incorrect address. 

    The values ​​on the site are already converted into the Brazilian currency, the Real (R$). Thus, purchases from R$199,00 receive free shipping. For orders with a value of less than R$199 reais, a shipping charge of R$29,00 is charged.

    To track your order, enter the “My Account” tab, through the app or website, then click on “Orders” and select which order you want to track.

    On the page with the purchase details, the tracking code will be available for consultation on the Correios website. 

    After copying the tracking number, go to the Correios website and put the code in the indicated field. It is important to monitor your delivery daily, as you will be informed of any changes in the dates, as well as the steps of the process. 

    How is an order returned at Urbanic in our country? 

    If you made a purchase at Urbanic in our country, but you didn't like the item, or there was a problem with the product, just request a return. The brand's website provides guidelines for carrying out this procedure. 

    You must be within the deadline stipulated by Urbanic in our country: 

    • Seven days for swimwear, underwear and jewelry from the date of delivery;
    • Fifteen days for other products from the delivery date.

    In addition, the product must not have been used and must have the label and packaging intact. There are still two more restrictions: 

    • The item cannot have defects resulting from handling made by the consumer;
    • The item cannot contain odors such as smoke and others.

    After inspection by the brand, a refund will be made. Please note that shipping and fees will not be refunded. 

    In situations where the customer receives wrong or defective products, he must contact Urbanic's Customer Service in our country via the email “” within seven calendar days of receipt. .

    Now that you know that Urbanic our country is a reliable brand, be sure to check out the news and create amazing looks.

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