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    Top 10 intermittent fasting apps

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    Top 10 intermittent fasting apps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 11, 2022 | Technology | 0

    For those looking to lose weight, intermittent fasting is increasingly becoming an attractive alternative for people. In addition to losing weight, the benefits can come from helping to control blood glucose and insulin levels, preventing the development of heart disease and several others. That's why we've selected the best intermittent fasting apps to help you on this diet journey. 

    However, we need to point out that before starting it is important to have the follow-up and permission of a specialist doctor, as intermittent fasting may not work for everyone. In addition, depending on how it is done, it can even cause damage to health. That's why professional follow-up is essential. 

    So, after consulting with a specialist and the latter indicating or allowing you to carry out this type of regimen, the intermittent fasting apps that we have separated can help you when it comes to maintaining control and monitoring your diet. In addition to helping you control the time between meals, this type of intermittent fasting app also helps you control the results of the regimen. Let's check out some:

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    Intermittent fasting apps

    1. Zero-Cal Fasting Tracker

    This might be the ideal app if you are new to this type of regimen. If you are experienced it will also serve you very well, as well as being one of the best on the market.

    When drawing up your diet plan, the application will accompany you at all times. It has some features such as: fasting plan customization, fasting and eating period adjustment, weight tracking, scientific article tips and the possibility to sync data with Google Fit. 

    This is one of the intermittent fasting apps that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the respective virtual app stores, the Play Store and the Apple Store.

    The app is paid. So if you want a monthly subscription you will have to pay R$40,90 per month. If you prefer an annual subscription, the price will be R$124,90.

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    2. LIFE Fasting Tracker

    Like the previous app, this is one of the apps available for both Android and iOS. But it has the difference of being free, which can end up being a great alternative if you don't want a paid application.

    This is a very simple option that contains a library of research-based articles and tips to make your life as easy as possible while on the regimen.

    What's more, LIFE Fasting Tracker gives you the option to track your fasting status and journey, as well as your mood during the diet and the ability to share your experience and results. You have complete freedom when configuring and editing the app.

    The app supports any time format you choose. It also allows the user to track weight, body measurements and glucose level, as well as other functions that can be very useful during the diet period. 

    3. Zero – Fasting Tracker

    Zero is perhaps the best option on the market when it comes to intermittent fasting apps. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. With it, you'll have tools that make your experience as healthy as possible.

    Furthermore, Zero has a consulting team made up of researchers and physicians. One of the application's functions is to allow the user to count carbohydrates during meals.

    Although the app has a paid version, the free version offers several tools that may be more than enough for you during your fast.

    Among the services available in the free plan are:

    • Timer, a stopwatch to help you keep track of schedules and stay motivated;
    • Learn, a content library with tips and studies on eating and fasting;
    • Statistics, which allows the user to map their progress through intermittent fasting, in addition to being able to sync with Apple Health.
    • Magazine, a chart of your mood for you to adapt little by little;
    • Personalization of plans, allows you to track your goals and adapt them with expert recommendations;
    • Fasting zone, are the main metabolic milestones of your body.

    These are just some of the features of the free plan, you will still have much more available to support intermittent fasting.

    4. Intermittent fasting

    Following the example given by the intermittent fasting apps mentioned above, Intermittent Fasting can also be accessed by iOS and Android devices. With this app, users can control the time of each fast, check the benefits of this practice and check recipes that can be useful in the regime. 

    You can choose between the paid version or the free version of the application, just check which one best fits your needs.

    It is worth mentioning that you can also assemble a shopping list, tips to improve or assemble dishes in addition to access to the application's community on Facebook.

    5. BodyFast

    BodyFast is available both on the Play Store for those using devices with an Android system, and on the Apple Store for users of the iOS system such as iPhones.

    The application stands out in terms of facilitating the exchange of time and the type of fasting that the user wants. It takes into account the day of the week and user-defined goals can be customized. 

    What's more, BodyFast takes great care to keep users motivated while dieting and offers daily regimen challenges and trophies to encourage users not to give up.

    It is available in both a free and paid version and costs $69,99 per year.

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    6. Window

    Window – Janela, in Portuguese, is among the few intermittent fasting apps that allow the user to configure the intervals of the eating and fasting windows. In addition, you can monitor your weight and have at your disposal different forms of fasts, some specific for beginners and others for those who want to have one meal a day.

    Among the other tools that Window offers is water fasting and the ability to schedule fasting in advance.

    With the premium paid version, you can still take pictures and make notes in a journal, it costs $39,99 per year.

    The app is available to be accessed on devices with Android and iOS systems.

    7. FastHabit

    FastHabit can be found in both the Apple Store and the Play Store, for Android and iOS devices. It offers several features to best assist users during their intermittent fasts.

    Among the features, there are calendars available so that monitoring can be done in the best possible way, the option to add reminders and check statistics based on the regime.

    Another way to track your intermittent fasting is with the progress charts provided by the app.

    Like most intermittent fasting apps, FastHabit is free, but it also has a paid version that costs $2,99 ​​per month.

    8. Fastient

    Perhaps Fastient, among intermittent fasting apps, is ideal if you are looking for something simpler. Available for iOS and Android, the app contains the basic features you'd expect in fasting apps, like calendars and the ability to track your progress.

    In addition, it contains a kind of diary where you can make notes of ideas about your diet or record how your experience has been. 

    It is worth mentioning that the information available in the application can also be accessed on the computer. In addition to the free version, you also have the annual paid version available for $4,99 or $11,99 for lifetime access. 

    9. Vora

    Also available for Android and iOS users, Vora can basically be considered a tracker with features such as fast recording to track progress made.

    What's more, this is one of the intermittent fasting apps that also takes into account the motivational factor, encouraging users to post their dedication histories on social media. Like most of the apps mentioned so far, this one also has a paid version and a free version. To access the premium version, the price will be $4,99. 

    10. Fastic

    To finish the list we have the Fastic app, available for both Android devices in the Play Store and for iOS in the Apple Store.

    In addition to tracking and tracking your fasts and daily progress, you'll also have more than 400 recipe ideas at your disposal that can help you during your diet, as, of course, they are all considered healthy. 

    This app also provides step counters and shows you how your body is dealing with fasting, as well as giving you access to a community of other people who are also fasting, with the aim of increasing user motivation.

    The app has a free and a paid version, which costs $11,99 per month.

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