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    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 11, 2022 | Technology | 1 comment

    You who are looking for christian dating sites, So you came to the right place!

    We have made a list of 10 sites for you to engage in Christian dating over the internet.

    If you're looking for a Christian romance, you're well aware of the challenges Christians face in finding someone who shares the same faith for a serious relationship.

    Being with someone who pulls you away from your relationship with God is the biggest sign that this is not right for you.

    Therefore, finding people with goals aligned with yours may not be such an easy task.

    But of course there are many people out there who want to build a relationship following evangelical or Catholic precepts and according to what God teaches.

    With that in mind, we have listed 10 Christian dating sites, where you will come across many opportunities to meet new people who follow Christ.

    Check it out below.

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    Christian dating sites: the 10 best

    1. Divine Love

    The first site on our list is Divino Amor, designed for religious people to make friends, meet new people and arrange a date. The site works as a kind of “evangelical Tinder”. In it, it is possible to find single evangelicals and one of them can be your divine love.

    Your registration is fast and free and you can choose the free, platinum or gold version. In your profile, you will be able to filter your interests, including choosing an evangelical denomination among the 30 best known in our country.

    In addition, you can also describe your physical characteristics and your personality, as you will see in the profile of other users.

    Among the features are chat, email and search filters.

    For security reasons, the site has a reporting system for users who are not acting in accordance with the rules, such as inappropriate attitudes or photos, for example.

    In addition to the web version, the platform also has an app version, available for Android and iOS.

    2. Love in Christ

    Amor em Cristo is among the biggest sites in this segment of free evangelical online dating in all of Latin America.

    Those who use the portal make new friendships and find new romantic relationships following a common purpose.

    When registering, it is necessary to inform some personal data, add your best photos and say what your preferences are.

    In this way, the site will suggest new people according to what you are looking for.

    The free version is a little limited. With the premium account, you can have spiritual care, use the chat as you wish and view private messages, which is not possible in the free version.

    In addition to the website, Amor em Cristo is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    3. Christian Mingle

    Christian Mingle has over 1 million hits monthly and is the largest Christian dating site.

    The site is in English, but is used by many Brazilians.

    On the platform, there are evangelicals and also Catholics. Despite the difference between religions, nothing prevents you from knowing and liking someone who doesn't follow the same religion as you.

    It is enough to have mutual respect, after all, there is only one faith.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    4. Christian Cafe

    The name is similar to the previous one and the features as well.

    However, it is a site more aimed at Catholics and is popular in several countries such as our country, the United States, Germany and Canada.

    In addition to meeting someone with similar purposes as yours, you can meet a person from another country and learn new things like culture and customs.

    Christian Cafe website offers both free version and paid version. But still, in the free version you have chances to communicate without limitations with the Christians registered there.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    5. Evangelical Meeting

    The Evangelical Meeting is another option of a free and reliable relationship site so you can find a companion that will add to your life.

    Among the free features within the platform is receiving messages from people who are interested in your profile and sending 1 message a day to other free accounts.

    The system draws users for you to choose one of them to send a message.

    To send more messages during the day, you need to buy a credit pack. The amount and quantity may vary. To be able to send messages, the cost is always around 50 credits.

    To register, simply access the site, fill in your preferences and complete the registration.

    The platform makes sure this is fast, easy and secure.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    6. Gospel Encounters

    The Gospel Encontros website is run by evangelicals and in addition to being a space for virtual evangelical dating, the platform also provides a daily biblical devotional for its users.

    Devotionals are aimed at Christian love, more specifically evangelicals, who seek to help those looking for love and living true Christian romance.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    7. Catholic Dating

    As its name says, the Catholic Dating website is aimed at Catholics looking for a relationship in Christ, respecting all the limits and the doctrine that the church imposes.

    The site has been live for more than ten years, but it has one drawback: there is no possibility of a free subscription.

    Even for registration, it is necessary for the user to contribute an initial fee.

    The monthly fee is R$85. Within this subscription, you can write and read about the personality and other data of the customers, in addition to the Christian chat room and emails with a list of profiles compatible with yours.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

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    8. Christian Romance

    Christian Romance is yet another site where you can find a vast evangelical relationship group.

    It is free to register and all users are personally analyzed for approval by the platform team.

    What can be a differential is the fact that the site allows you to chat with someone who interests you.

    The only criterion is that there is a “mutual match”, that is, you “match” someone and to start talking, that person has to do the same in return.

    The platform is also available in an app version for Android and iOS.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    9. Perfect Pair

    Here you will not find a specific site for Christian relationship.

    On the Par Perfect website it is possible to filter your interests, including for your religion. That way, the site will suggest profiles that fit what you are looking for.

    The site is safe, has a large number of users and has a free and paid version.

    Furthermore, the platform is available as an app for Android and iOS.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    10. Be2

    Be2 is also not among Christian dating sites. But despite this, many religious are there looking for a serious commitment.

    As the site is based on compatibility to suggest a profile, then you will find people of the same religion as yours and with similar traits to your personality, to talk and maybe develop a relationship.

    Signing up is simple and free of charge and its free version offers many interesting features. The site is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

    Top 10 Christian dating sites

    And so we end our list of Christian dating sites. Choose the one that suits you best and that best meets your expectations and good luck finding your Christian love.

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