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    TIM Plan: which are the best and how much does it cost?

    TIM Plan: which are the best and how much does it cost?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 20, 2022 | Shopping |

    TIM is one of the most popular operator companies in our country and has several occupations in its telecommunications services, whether for mobile, fixed or broadband internet. Precisely because it offers so many service options plano TIM, users can end up getting lost in the middle of packages and benefits.

    Thus, if you are in doubt about which plan to subscribe to and whether it is really worth it to rely on TIM's services, you first need to understand your consumer profile.

    What is your consumer profile?

    For you to make the best choice possible when hiring a TIM plan, it is essential that you know what you usually search for and use on the internet. For example, do you use your social media a lot? Do you exchange a lot of messages for chat apps? Or do you intend to use your smartphone only to send messages and make calls? Or is it a little bit of each service?

    In addition, you still need to take into account some other factors, such as your profession, as many people work on trips, or commute a lot. In addition, if you just want to be entertained, streaming and online games spend a lot on the franchise, for example.

    On the other hand, there are some services that consume little of your bandwidth, for example, searches on portals and websites, sending emails, exchanging text messages without videos or images.

    With that, you need to put all these factors in the balance when deciding which type of plan will best meet your demands.

    What are the types of plans offered by TIM?

    TIM offers its customers services for mobile phones and broadband internet.

    Regarding the internet service, in addition to the high speed rates with prices that are competitive within the market, TIM's broadband internet plans offer several advantages, for example, access to various digital content by subscription, such as streaming and music.

    It is also worth noting that TIM uses fiber optic technology in its structure. As a result, the quality of the signal that arrives at customers' homes is much higher when compared to other more traditional internet alternatives.

    This happens because the fiber does not suffer from external interference, such as electromagnetic waves from the electrical network or weather actions.

    Plano TIM Live UltraFibra

    The TIM Live UltraFibra Plan is a service with several internet plans, ranging from 60MB to 1GB of speed. Depending on the package you subscribe to, you will have the following advantages available:

    • Netflix;
    • Paramount+;
    • TNT Sports Stadium;
    • Band News;
    • Band Sports;
    • Deezer Premium;
    • Ubook;
    • TIM Games PC.
    • TIM Celular Plan

    So, the TIM Live internet Plan has several different packages that you can check out below:

    TIM Fiber 60MB for R$79,20 monthly

    • 60MB de download e 30MB de upload;
    • Permission to access: TNT Sports Stadium and Babbel;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    TIM Fiber 300MB for R$93,50 monthly

    • 300MB de download e 150MB de upload;
    • Permission to access: EstádioTNT Sports, Babbel, Audiobook and TIM Games Club;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    TIM Fiber 500MB for R$108 monthly

    • 500MB de download e 200MB de upload;
    • Permission to access: TNT Sports Stadium, Babbel, Audiobook, Band News, Band Sports, TIM Digital Security and TIM Games Club;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    TIM Fiber 500MB for R$116,25 monthly

    • 500MB de download e 250MB de upload;
    • Permission to access: Paramount+, TNT Sports Stadium, Babbel, Audiobook, TIM Digital Security and TIM Games Club;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    TIM Fiber 600MB for R$179,55 monthly

    • 600MB de download e 250MB de upload;
    • Netflix subscription included, as well as Paramount+, Cartoon Network, TNT Sports Stadium, TIM Games Club, Audiobook, Babbel and TIM Digital Security;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    TIM Fiber 1Gb R$193,80 monthly

    • 1Gb the download e 500Mb the upload;
    • Permission to access: Netflix, Paramount+, Band News, Band Sports, Deezer Premium, TNT Sports Stadium, Audiobook, TIM Games PC;
    • Discount on graduation and free courses through the partnership with Ampli.

    What are TIM's mobile internet plans?

    TIM plans for cell phones have different models so that customers can choose the one that best fits their own demands.

    Among the alternatives, you can hire the packages: Pre, Control, Black, Black Family and Beta.

    Each of the packages offer exclusive benefits, specific bonuses and have different prices. Depending on the plan you buy, you can enjoy benefits such as:

    • WhatsApp and social networks that do not discount your broadband;
    • Unlimited SMS and calls;
    • Possibility to access Skeelo, Babbel, Deezer Premium and Ebook Light;
    • HBO Max e Youtube Premium;
    • Cloud service;
    • It is allowed to accumulate points to exchange for internet bandwidth;
    • Among other advantages.

    TIM Pre Top Plan

    TIM Pré Top is the company's entry-level plan, being the cheapest of all, with a cost of R$15 fortnightly. In this package, you have the following advantages:

    • 8GB of internet, distributed as follows: 3GB of the plan + 2GB of top up bonus + 3GB on the first top up;
    • WhatsApp and Deezer Go without impacting the franchise;
    • Permission to access the Skeelo digital service;
    • Possibility of accumulating points to exchange for internet bandwidth;
    • Calls and SMS can be used unlimitedly for any operator;
    • Internet to use at dawn.

    TIM Control Plan

    The packages within TIM Controle are recommended for those who have already defined their monthly internet usage very well.

    This type of plan ensures advantages of TIM prepaid and TIM postpaid. Thus, the available packages, which are intermediate, let the customer choose what he wants to access more often and which advantages are in his own interest.

    This means that you can choose to have unlimited access to the main social networks or guarantee internet bonuses and unlimited calls to all operators in our country.

    In addition, it still has the following benefits:

    • Bonuses to use on the internet and other services;
    • Unlimited apps and social networks;
    • Unlimited SMS for other lines of the TIM Network;
    • Possibility of accessing TIM Globo Livros and TIM Banca Virtual;
    • National Roaming;
    • Deezer Premium;
    • O Tim Protect Backup.

    The monthly fees for TIM Controle range from R$49,99 to R$64,99. Regardless of the plan you subscribe to, the customer has unlimited access to WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without consuming the franchise's data package.

    However, packages with a lower price offer this advantage for a limited time of three months.

    Plano TIM Black

    The plans in the TIM Black modality are indicated for those who usually browse social networks, mainly TikTok and YouTube, two platforms that use streaming as a basic service.

    In this package, you will be able to access the following benefits:

    • Unlimited access to the main social networks;
    • Permission to make unlimited calls and send SMS to any operator in the country;
    • Discounts on certain mobile devices;
    • Customized service;
    • Access to Deezer Premium, TIM Banca Virtual, Ebook and TIM Segurança Digital Light.

    Tim Black has four plans with the following values:

    • Up to 45GB: monthly fee of R$109,99;
    • Up to 50GB: monthly fee of R$124,99;
    • Up to 55GB: monthly fee of R$149,99;
    • Up to 55GB: monthly fee of R$149,99 (with YouTube Premium or HBO Max in the package).

    In the case of the plan up to 55GB, the user needs to pay R$149,99 on the credit card with no minimum stay.

    In the package that allows you to choose between YouTube Premium or HBO Max, the plan costs R$149,99 on the bill for a 12-month stay​ or R$179,99 on the bill without a minimum stay.

    TIM Black Family Plan

    Now, if you know someone else who is looking for a broadband service, the TIM Black Família Plan can be a good alternative, and even at a cheaper price for everyone's pocket, in addition to guaranteeing fast internet .

    Thus, as it is a family-category plan, it is allowed to place dependents on the service. The number of users can vary from one to five members.

    For this type of plan, there are four possible packages available:

    • Up to 65GB: R$99,99/month per person. R$199,99/month in total;
    • Up to 95GB: R$89,99/month per person. R$269,99/month in total;
    • Up to 135GB: R$79,99/month per person. R$319,99/month in total;
    • Up to 215GB: R$83,33/month per person. R$499,99/month in total.

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    In the plans, subscribers will receive the following benefits:

    • Permission to access the main social networks of the moment without discounting the band;
    • The deductible that is not used in the month rolls over to the following month;
    • Internet gigs for use in the Americas;
    • Unlimited calls and SMS to any operator in the country;
    • Discounts on certain cell phones;
    • Customized service;
    • Possibility to choose the subscription to Youtube Premium, Netflix or HBO Max;
    • Discounts and advantages on services in which the focus is entertainment, gastronomy, among others;
    • Possibility of accessing Deezer Premium, TIM Banca Virtual Premium, Ebook Premium, Babbel, TIM Gestão Digital, TIM Cloud and TIM Digital Security.

    TIM Beta Plan

    And unlike all other plans, TIM Beta has a concept of advantages club, in which to subscribe, it is necessary to win a TIM Beta invitation. However, it is also allowed to perform some actions and become a Beta without receiving the invitation.

    There are three types of TIM Beta plans:

    • Beta 10GB;
    • Beta Lab 20GB;
    • Beta Lab+ 20GB.

    As it is a service like a kind of club, new TIM Beta customers usually start in the first category.

    Over time, customers accumulate points and can reach the most advanced modalities and, consequently, enjoy even more the advantages offered by TIM.

    In general, all plans work similarly, with users receiving a certain amount of bandwidth to access anything, and another package that is intended for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Netflix apps.

    In addition, customers also receive the late night internet bonus and unlimited WhatsApp. The monthly fee to be a TIM Beta, in any of the categories is R$60. The advantages that change, depending on the level at which the customer is, as can be seen below:

    Plano TIM Beta 10GB

    • Deezer Premium;
    • 4GB of internet for power on TikTok, Netflix and Instagram;
    • 30GB late night bonus.

    Plano TIM Lab 20GB

    • Deezer Premium;
    • 6GB of internet for power on TikTok, Netflix and Instagram;
    • 60GB late night bonus.

    Plano TIM Lab+ 20GB+

    • Deezer Premium;
    • 8GB of internet for power on TikTok, Netflix and Instagram;
    • Unlimited late night bonus internet.

    How does TIM Beta work?

    To become a TIM Beta customer, you must receive an invitation from someone who already uses this promotion. Now, the company has opened the opportunity for interested parties to become Beta by doing missions.

    By recharging your TIM Pré TOP every determined month and completing some missions, the user will win the TIM Beta invitation.

    Therefore, TIM Beta can be seen as a kind of game, in which customers need to complete the challenges that are launched.

    How to choose the ideal TIM plan for my demands?

    If your daily demands are just to use social networks and searches on sites and applications that do not require large amounts of broadband, the best alternative is the TIM Controle Plan.

    Now, if you need a package that covers greater requirements, that can add dependents, use several applications that are integrated and even include streaming, the Black and Black Family plans will meet your demands.

    But, if you are the type of customer that only occasionally uses the resources made available by TIM and wants to have greater control over the amount of your recharges, without the need to pay every month, it is worth subscribing to the company's prepaid packages.

    How to subscribe to a TIM plan?

    After you already know which plan best fits your consumer profile, you can subscribe to the package through the TIM website. Remembering, for each of the packages, links were left throughout the text for you to hire the service.

    Another alternative is to visit a TIM physical sales store closer to the region where you live and ask for assistance.

    If you already have a TIM chip, you have the option of registering it and downloading the Meu TIM app, available for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

    Through the application, the user has access to online service and alternative plans available, with the possibility of contracting and activating.

    Photo: Disclosure / TIM SA

    How to cancel the TIM plan?

    Canceling any of the subscribed services can be done through the website, by accessing your personal area in the “My TIM” tab or through the app. As soon as you log in to one of these platforms, you will find the details of the plans you purchased and, next to them, the option to cancel.

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    Be aware that if your contracted plan has any loyalty, cancellation will generate a fine on the remaining months of contract.

    Therefore, before canceling, carefully read your plan agreement so that there are no possible unwanted surprises during this process.

    What is TIM's internet coverage map?

    TIM has a wide 4G coverage of our country, which covers a large part of the national territory. However, to see in more detail and find out if the company serves your region, the best alternative is to use the TIM plan coverage map tool, present on the company's website.

    When you enter the page, just put your zip code, which will show the availability of the area.

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