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    Tik Tok birthday theme: 10 ideas to get inspired

    Tik Tok birthday theme: 10 ideas to get inspired

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 15, 2022 | Social Networks | 0

    Have you ever thought about having a party with birthday theme Tik Tok? On the rise, Tik Tok is a social network focused on sharing videos that is increasingly gaining space and users on the internet.

    With such a large fan base, it is expected that many will want to use the theme for things other than social media, such as making a Tik Tok birthday theme. 

    Around the world, it is common to find several parties that were made with the TikTok theme, especially in children's parties. This shows how the platform has become popular and how people's creativity emerges with the theme.

    With this theme, the parties are increasingly colorful, interactive, joyful and with references to various songs, trends and memes that have become popular thanks to the social network.

    That's why we've separated some Tik Tok birthday theme ideas for you to get inspired and put together your party kit. Check it out below:

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    Tik Tok Birthday Theme: Decoration

    Below, we separate some decoration ideas that you can use, both for the environment, the main table, of course, the cake, one of the only things that can't be missed at a party, whether at home or elsewhere.

    choose the colors well

    Tik Tok has its logo composed completely of black and white colors. However, this might not be a very exciting color combination for a birthday party. Then you can think of other combinations.

    Some colors combine very well with white and black. So you can mix both with a purple, blue and even pink. 

    With this, in addition to keeping the Tik Tok birthday theme, you can also make the environment more colorful and cheerful.

    Another option is to use the color red, but without being the predominant tone of the party, just to give a contrast with black in some points of the decoration. 

    Cake decorating ideas

    If your Tik Tok party is for just a few people, one of the best options is small cakes. You can put various embellishments on top with references to famous TikTok trends, dances, and memes. 

    The classic musical note, symbol of the platform, is a good choice to go on top of the Tik Tok cake, surrounded by other icons such as headphones, camera, cell phone, microphone and even stars.

    You can even think about putting elements in green, referring to the classic green background that many people use to edit videos and change the product's background with different scenarios, for example.

    What's more, the classic emojis also serve to make an excellent decoration, in addition to the classic hashtags.

    You can even put the most famous hashtags of the moment on the social network or tags that refer to the birthday boy's favorite videos. 

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    How to decorate the main table?

    One lighting idea that you can mix with your head table decor is black light. If you use neon trays, this can create a very modern and cheerful contrast, just the kind of feeling conveyed by Tik Tok.

    This can go even better if you use white packets for the sweets, snacks, and other small foods and a black table cloth to put everything on top of.

    You can also search for luminaires in formats of the musical symbol of the social network or in the form of a smartphone, headphone, camera, microphone and even musical instruments.

    MDF totems with the Tik Tok symbol or the shape of objects that resemble the social network are also a great request for things to have on the main table and in the environment as a whole.

    You can even leave the same totems as party favors for guests.

    And the background?

    The background with the Tik Tok birthday theme can't be missing either so we don't have a conflict between the decoration and the background.

    You can try to decorate everything with black, white, purple, pink and blue balloons, and even a few red ones just to contrast with the rest of the environment.

    Curtains in these same colors, especially black ones, can also be placed in the room, with the balloons glued above or around them.

    In addition, metal objects and aluminum colors, for example, can also have a good fit in the environment. This can end up bringing a ballad or disco vibe, referring to the dances and trends that became popular on the social network.

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    10 examples to inspire you

    Now that we've given you some Tik Tok birthday party ideas, why not check out some examples? We separate some photos of parties with the same theme that can inspire you.

    You can find some examples of the simplest ones for small parties and some more elaborate ones:

    1. Combine as cores

    Image: @dani.theotonio/Instagram

    2. Use the environment to your advantage

    Image: @tatidoces_rn/Instagram

    3. Don't forget the logo and the dances

    Image: @vivimide.fest/Instagram

    4. Musical instruments are a good choice

    Image: @afestanacaixadf/Instagram

    5. Balloons make the difference

    Image: @sunabhandecor/Instagram

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    6. Vibrant colors go well with the predominant black


    7. The cake is also part of the decoration

    Image: @eraseunavezdecoraciones/Instagram

    8. Flowers and decorations for treats are worth it

    Image: @dany_docces/Instagram

    9. Keep everything organized to help with the decoration

    10. The background can be the soul of the party

    Imagem: @catchmyparty/Pinterest

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