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    The best romantic comedy movies on Netflix

    The best romantic comedy movies on Netflix

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 7, 2022 | Technology | 0

    If you are a fan of romantic comedy movies on netflix, you have come to the right place.

    From now on, we are going to list several productions that are the darlings of the public that accompanies this genre. 

    The romantic comedy movie is a great option to enjoy an afternoon with family or friends. 

    After reading this content, you will want to prepare popcorn and marathon the movies that were selected from our list.

    Don't waste any more time, read on and have fun! 

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    What are the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix? 

    As of now, we are going to list a series of romantic comedy movies on Netflix.

    We chose alternatives that are popular and critical successes.

    It doesn't matter if you're single, engaged, married, or just like that kind of genre.

    Here, we have suggestions for all tastes. 

    1. A Second Chance to Love (2022)

    Fate hasn't been very friendly with Kate.

    The young woman, who always dreamed of being a singer, acts as an elf in a Christmas establishment that opens not only in December, in London, but every month of the year.

    However, life starts to change direction when she meets Tom, a charming boy.

    2. The Perfect Date (2022)

    Brooks Rattigan has one goal in life: to attend college at Yale.

    However, the young person does not have enough capital to make this type of investment.

    In order not to give up on his dream, he builds an application in which he makes himself available as a companion for women.

    The curious thing is that there is no sexual connotation. 

    3. My Eternal Maybe (2022)

    The next alternative on our list is one of the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix.

    Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim have always been good friends.

    From childhood, they built a beautiful friendship.

    But an argument at a high school graduation party ended the relationship. 

    After 15 years of the outcome, the two friends are reunited.

    Now, Sacha is a well-known chef in the market.

    Marcus is a musician and runs a business with his father.

    With the rapprochement, the relationship between young people seems to go far beyond respect between friends.

    Without a doubt, it is a great romantic comedy movie on Netflix. 

    4. The Kissing Booth (2022)

    The best romantic comedy movies on Netflix

    At most school events, there's always a kissing booth (The Kissing Booth), isn't it?

    In this film, Elle and Lee are responsible for taking care of the game. 

    To attract students, the young woman tries to convince her crush Noah to enter the tent, after all, he is one of the most popular boys in school and her best friend's brother.

    However, a forbidden romance can damage a beautiful friendship.  

    5. Sing Street (2022)

    Transferring an educational institution is not always an easy task for most students.

    For Conor, the situation was no different.

    At her new school, she has to face a bully and deal with a priest who is quite strict, especially since he is the school's coordinator. 

    In the midst of this turmoil, the young man meets someone special, Raphina.

    The boy had an idea to impress the girl: to invite her to be part of a video of his band.

    The story is fun because the musical ensemble doesn't exist, and the boy needs to create one before it's too late. 

    6. The Imperfect Plan (2022)

    Harper and Charlie act as assistants to Manhattan executives.

    Dissatisfied with the salary and overwork, they have an idea: unite their bosses so that they fall in love and don't get so heavy with the company's employees.

    Will it work? 

    7. Alex Strangelove (2022)

    The next option on our list of romantic comedy movies on Netflix brings lots of laughs to anyone.

    Alex Truelove is a boy who has a carefree life.

    He has good grades in his studies, lives with many friends and is in love with his girlfriend. 

    However, when he makes the decision to lose his virginity, the unexpected occurs. 

    The teenager's course begins to change when he meets Elliot.

    The man, who is gay, does not hide his interest in Truelove, which causes a lot of confusion in the boy's head regarding this feeling. 

    8. Kiki – The Secrets of Desire (2022)

    A summer in Madrid is the perfect setting for great love stories to unfold.

    In this film, you will learn interesting facts about different characters:

    • Paco and Ana;
    • Jose Luis and Paloma;
    • Candlemas and Antonio;
    • Alex and Natalia;
    • Sandra (Single). 

    9. La La Land (2022)

    If you like romantic comedy and music, La La Land (2022) is one of the best alternatives on our list.

    In this movie, you will meet Sebastian and Mia.

    He is a jazz pianist who often performs at parties and bars.

    She has a dream to be an actress. 

    When they fall in love, they seek to maintain the relationship while trying to pursue a career in their fields. 

    10. Megaromantic (2022)

    Chances are you know someone like Natalie.

    She is an architect and aims to be recognized in the company.

    On the other hand, the professional does not bet on love and does not like romantic comedies. 

    Everything starts to change when Natalie is the victim of an attempted subway robbery.

    The architect hits her head and loses consciousness.

    When she wakes up, the fun seems to have no end.

    That's because, the young woman's life becomes a true romantic comedy.

    The story of a woman who promises to bring many laughs. 

    11. To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2022)

    Lara Jean Song never imagined how much her life would change in the next few days.

    That's because, the love letters that she kept hidden to her old "crushes" begin to be sent to the suitors, mysteriously. 

    12. How to Be Single (2022)

    After the end of a relationship, Alice seeks out her friend to teach her how to have a single life in New York.

    And it seems that the mission will not be complicated, especially since the city has several people looking for a serious relationship or just a chance meeting. 

    It doesn't matter if you're going to watch the movie alone or with a friend.

    Laughter is guaranteed. 

    13. Love in the Works (2022)

    Gabriela is at rock bottom with the end of her relationship and, at the same time, being disconnected from the company she worked for.

    To turn the tide, she signs up for a promotion.

    The prize is to win an inn in New Zealand. 

    After moving countries, the girl meets Jake Taylor.

    The contractor will be responsible for renovating Gabriela's new venture. 

    14. Ali's Wedding (2022)

    Our list of the best romantic comedies continues with Ali's wedding.

    Here, we discover, once again, that “the lie has a short leg”. 

    When the Muslim can no longer hide the details of his life, he has to decide between two alternatives: continue with family traditions and maintain an arranged marriage or live a beautiful story next to the person he is in love with. 

    Comedy movies on Netflix are on the list of the best options for people who love cinemas. 

    Romantic Comedy Movies On Netflix 2022: Which Ones Are Worth Watching? 

    As of now, get to know a complete list of romantic comedy movies on Netflix 2022:

    • He is awesome;
    • The Kissing Booth 3;
    • Stretching the party;
    • Running from love. 

    Choose the best romantic comedy and enjoy your weekend.

    Romantic comedy movies on Netflix: which Brazilian ones are the most indicated? 

    If you like Brazilian romantic comedy, see below which are the best Netflix alternatives:

    • Adolescent Confessions;
    • A Very Crazy Teacher;
    • Until luck do us Part;
    • A Boyfriend for My Wife;
    • My past condemns me;
    • All Well For The Christmas To Come;
    • Airplane mode;
    • How to Hack Your Boss;
    • My mother is a piece;
    • Plague Goats.

    Without a doubt, these are the best romantic comedy movies today. 

    Here, we mention the romantic comedy movies on Netflix that are considered the darlings for those who are passionate about cinema. 

    Many alternatives were already present in the list of romantic comedy movies 2022, which proves that they are great options for any occasion. 

    Romantic comedies are perfect for rainy days or those days when we are bored.

    After all, they bring a lot of laughs. 

    To have access to the content, you need to be a subscriber to the streaming service.

    It is possible to find plans from R$25,90 to R$55,90.

    The subscription has no hidden fees at the end of the month and no contracts.

    You can cancel at any time.

    With no fines, it's easier to find romantic comedy movies on Netflix without having to pay for extended six-month or one-year plans. 

    After discovering which are the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix, get to know the 20 best Brazilian series on Netflix. 

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