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    The best apps for ordering food on Android and iPhone

    Food ordering apps have become very popular in recent years. Mainly due to the practicality, variety of offers and speed of delivery. In a single app you can find options for pizzas, hamburgers, pasta or even vegetarian and vegan dishes.

    Within the program itself, the user can assemble the order, add or remove ingredients and even pay the bill. In some cases, it is possible to follow the delivery in real time while waiting anxiously to taste the dish.

    lists the best food ordering apps for Android and iPhone below. We also indicate which food chains have their own delivery apps.

    1. Rappi

    The best apps for ordering food on Android and iPhone

    Rappi is a delivery app not only for food, but also for other types of products. Through the service, it is possible to order lunch or dinner and also purchases from the market, pharmacy and pet shop products. Even withdrawing money from the bank is offered by the program.

    To use it, simply register with your WhatsApp number, email or Facebook login details. Then, of course, you need to enter address and payment information.

    If you're really interested in eating, let's get straight to the point: on the home screen, go to Restaurants. You can search for your favorite or explore the various existing categories. since Healthy to burguer, through Sushi e Asian.

    Keep an eye out for the range of promotions. Offers like free delivery, discounted dishes, order 2 pay 1, among others constantly appear. The promise is to deliver within an hour at most.

    A service fee of 2% is charged on the order value, with a maximum allowance of BRL 10,00. The amount charged is informed at the time of purchase.

    For those who always order, there is the option to join RappiPrime, which offers a paid monthly or annual package. Subscribers are not charged a fee for purchases over BRL 20,00 or an extra fee on rainy days or at night.

    Download: Android / iOS

    2. iFood

    The best apps for ordering food on Android and iPhone

    One of the largest food delivery apps, iFood is present in hundreds of cities across the country. The service allows you to register using your mobile number, email address or Facebook login details. If you prefer, you can also enter as a guest.

    After entering and informing your address, the user can choose to search by dish or restaurant or explore the existing categories. There are food options from our country, Japanese, snacks, ice cream, seafood, vegetarian and much more.

    The company does not make it clear how delivery fees are collected. But, before placing the order, the information always appears next to the name of the establishment. Many of them offer free delivery, which can serve as a differentiator when deciding where to order.

    The service also has a large number of offers, which are worth keeping an eye on. There are options for dishes at R$1, meals with 70% off, restaurants with free delivery, among others.

    Download: Android / iOS

    3. Uber Eats

    The best apps for ordering food on Android and iPhone

    Present in more than 500 cities in our country, Uber Eats is Uber's delivery service. Registration must be done using the user's phone number. On the app's homepage, you can check the popular restaurants in your area, promotions and establishments that deliver in 20 minutes.

    If you want something specific, just go to the search section through the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. It is possible to search by restaurant or dish or explore the different categories, as in other programs of the genre.

    Want a vegan-friendly lunch? Check the existing options. Prefer a Peruvian? The category is also there. The list also includes Portuguese, Hawaiian, French and Italian cuisine establishments, among others.

    According to the company, the delivery fee varies and may include an extra fee if the user is in a busy area. That is, if there are few delivery people and many orders, it is likely that you will have to pay a little more.

    Anyway, there are no surprises. The amount charged for delivery will always be displayed at checkout.

    Download: Android / iOS

    4. Zé Delivery of Beverages

    The best apps for ordering food on Android and iPhone

    Are you in the middle of a party and the beer is out? You don't have to worry if you are in São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte or Curitiba.

    These locations are covered by the Zé Delivery de Bebidas service. In addition to cold beer at market prices, there are options for wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, cachaça, tequila, catuaba and much more.

    If in addition to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, you need a booster in ice, charcoal and snacks, the app can also help. Extras include plastic cups, card games and even condoms.

    But pay attention to the time. In general, couriers work from 14 pm to midnight. The shipping price is always displayed at checkout, which takes an average of 00-45 minutes to arrive at the requested location.

    Download: Android / iOS

    Restaurants that have their own delivery apps

    Some large restaurant chains offer deliveries through their own apps. In certain cases, the menus can even be found in other delivery apps, but they also make the feature available on their own. Check out the main ones:

    • Habib's: Android / iOS
    • McDonald's app: Android / iOS
    • Bob's: Android / iOS
    • China In Box: Android / iOS
    • Burger King our country: Android / iOS
    • Domino's Pizza our country: Android / iOS


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