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    The 18 best video ideas for Instagram

    The 18 best video ideas for Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 21, 2022 | Instagram |

    One of the main things you can do on Instagram is post and produce videos. For this there are several ways to post this type of content on the platform, such as Stories, IGTV, Feed and Reels. Therefore, we separated 18 video ideas for instagram.

    But do you know why videos are content that has been so successful on social networks, including Tik Tok, another social network especially dedicated to video sharing?

    According to information from a survey carried out by the Hubspot blog in 2022, 54% of people participating prefer brands and companies to post videos over other types of content. In addition, another 2022 survey by Social Media Today shows that videos have an average share of 1200% more than other content with images and text.

    That's why it's important to post this kind of material and it's also always good to have video ideas for Instagram.

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    Video ideas for Instagram

    Due to the various video formats and lengths that Instagram allows you to post, it can end up being quite difficult to come up with video ideas for Instagram. But do not worry! We have separated some content that you need to use in each type of post on the platform:

    1. Feed

    The feed is where users get the most views on Instagram. In addition to posting photos and the follower seeing this photo, you can post videos in different formats, such as carousel style, for example.

    You can post in this area of ​​the platform whenever you want it to be registered immediately, thus gaining more visibility. However, it is important to note that you will only be able to post videos of up to 60 seconds to the feed. Below are some video ideas for Instagram that you can post to your feed:


    Due to the short time available for videos, why not use a teaser to make your followers curious? You can post a teaser of some future project and new content that will be present on your profile. But without giving too much away, so that users who follow you look forward to the arrival of this new content.

    What's more, this is a great marketing move to further enhance your profile. 


    The video can be considered as a great storefront, only for your Instagram profile. So, you can share different types of videos to entice people to stay on your profile and start following you and following your posts.

    For example, if you post a video on IGTV, the social network also provides a preview of that video, you can put this preview in your feed as an invitation for followers to check out the full content in the tool next door. 


    Videos in the carousel format can be perfect when it comes to telling a story a little big or even posting several videos in the same post but which end up complementing each other, as if they were just one.

    You can talk about the team that works with you, their work routine and the tools they use to produce their content, their services and products, as well as many other things, depending on how creative you are to use the tool. 

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    2. Instagram Stories

    Stories have a “on-the-spot video” format, without very deep planning, or even no planning at all.

    These are short videos of up to 15 seconds and are only available for 24 hours, if you don't highlight them, for example. This tool can be used to deliver more spontaneous and direct content that your audience wants, ideas for quick information and interactions.

    So, check out some video ideas for Instagram in Stories below:

    current affairs

    In addition to talking about the latest news that affects you and your business, you can also leverage Stories to talk about a limited-time promotion. As for some product of your virtual store or service like a course with limited enrollment that you will apply, for example.

    If your account already has a “drag up” option, this is even better, as you can link the link in Stories to forward followers.


    As it is a space where content is available for a limited time, you can take the opportunity to pass on information about yourself or your brand.

    Because it is done in a more dynamic way, it will be easier to catch the attention of your followers, especially if it is someone new or someone who is visiting your profile for the first time. Also, it can be a way to clarify what your profile looks like and what your profile is for those who are still in doubt. 


    Stories may have a 24-hour time limit, but if you highlight them, they may be available indefinitely, until you decide to delete them.

    You can use these Story and Highlights tools to create some series on your profile, such as trivia about your niche, tips on related subjects, presentations of your products and services or even a question and answer board.

    It's a good way to grab people's attention each time with your profile and encourage views. 


    One way to increase your engagement on Instagram is by posting videos in Stories that encourage interactions.

    You can use question boxes and answer them on video, use stickers to create quiz games and even templates with yes or no polls, for example.

    This will make your audience respond, like and share your stories, thus generating greater engagement, increasing followers and improving your image on the platform. 

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    Unlike the formats mentioned above, IGTV allows longer videos, up to 15 minutes or 1 hour, if live, for example. You can use the tool to post better produced and edited material. While it will generate more work for you and your team, it may be worth it.

    It's perfect for when you want to talk about a more delicate and extensive subject, which needs a little more attention and in-depth approach. So, here are some video ideas for Instagram on IGTV:


    Tutorial-style videos fit perfectly into this area of ​​Instagram, as tutorials typically require more detail and need to be done slowly.

    You can teach your followers how to do something related to your acting niche. If you want to work with footage, for example, you can make a tutorial teaching your followers how to set up a good recording environment, and so on.

    Service/product demo

    Another way to use IGTV, which can also be considered a tutorial, is to use a product you sell to show how it works and the benefits of buying it, for example.

    If you sell courses, you can provide a video on how to access the classes and how to get the most out of it. In addition, you can make videos showing the potential of your products and how they can make the customer's life easier. 

    interviews and debates

    You can take advantage of the fact that IGTV gives you more recording time to bring some guests to your videos, in addition to doing interviews with experts on topics related to your acting niche.

    Or you can bring more than one guest and have a video discussion where you can act as a moderator while the guests debate. In addition to being very informative content, it can also hold your followers longer.

    Live summaries

    Lives usually last a long time and those who didn't participate live may not have the time or willingness to watch later.

    An interesting content is to take the most important moments of the live and make a summary for these people on IGTV. In addition, this content can also serve even for those who were watching the live live, as they will be able to re-watch in a summarized way. 

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    4. Reels

    Reels is a tool very similar to Tik Tok. The user can post short videos between 15 and 30 seconds, which can be spontaneous and humorous.

    You can use this tool to increase your brand awareness and reach. This type of video also generates greater identification of followers with your account. Here are some video ideas for Instagram on Reels:

    Humor and Identification

    You can analyze your profile and see the type of content that generates the most engagement and that your audience likes the most. Then just create these short, humorous videos based on these subjects and post them on Reels.

    You can also post videos about everyday life and how your services and products fit into users' routines with a dash of good humor.


    This type of video has been successful on video sharing platforms, especially Tik Tok. Then bring it to your profile.

    You can do dances, viral songs, audio dubbing, videos edited with funny effects, recreations of movie and series scenes and many other things. Just stay on top of what's on the rise.

    If possible, try to link these contents with the topics covered by your niche, thus generating fun but informative content.


    You can create hashtags proposing challenges related to your area of ​​expertise and inviting your followers and other profiles on the platform to also participate in the challenge.

    This will allow you to repost those same videos recorded by third parties to make users happy and consequently increase your engagement. 


    Reels, for its more dynamic format and short videos, can be perfect for you to give tips on topics related to your profile to your followers. You can post a list of products related to your work and that you recommend, tips on how to deal with certain situations and problems, how to succeed in that area, etc.

    An even more interesting content is to merge the tips with the trends, and give these tips in writing while you are performing a dance or dubbing a song in the background, for example.

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    5. Lives

    Lives on Instagram last up to 1 hour, and you can use this time to talk about a specific subject or spontaneously give your followers a voice and space for interaction.

    This tool can be used even when you are going to talk about a more serious subject or even need to speak with more determination and property about some subject.

    So, check out the best video ideas for Instagram in lives:

    Questions and Answers

    Before opening the live, you can ask your users, through Stories, to send you questions that they may have related to your area of ​​expertise.

    So, you can focus the live on answering these questions and, if you have time, even go deeper into some of them. In addition, the lives also have a chat. If you want to ask more questions, you can use this chat to interact for longer.


    If you own an online store or sell courses, seminars and the like, you can use lives as an ad space.

    fixed calendar

    If going live is something you feel comfortable with, then why not turn it into a kind of frame for your Instagram profile?

    You can set a day in the week where you will perform lives, and in advance you will disclose the day, time, theme of the live and guests (if any).

    You can take advantage of this extra outreach to ask followers questions. That way, they will be participating in the live even if indirectly. 

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