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    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 31, 2022 | Technology |

    I knew there are travel podcasts focused only on this subject? Podcasts have become a great channel for communication and even entertainment. The programs can be very informative, educational and even serve as a form of distraction in everyday life, and can be listened to when cleaning the house, exercising, relaxing and even while working. 

    But you can also look for programs that talk about specific subjects that you like, such as business, communication, cinema and many others. If you are a person who likes or has an interest in travel, we have separated the 18 best travel podcasts for you to listen to.

    It is worth mentioning that you can find most of them on digital platforms like Spotify and Deezer, or on the podcast websites themselves. 

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    Best Travel Podcasts: National

    Below you'll find the best travel podcasts to follow along. This list includes only national programs. So, it can be a great opportunity for you who like to travel or stay informed about the subject.

    1. Backpackers Without Tariff

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    The Mochileiros Sem Pauta program is available on Spotify and other digital platforms. The duo that presents the episodes Cainã Ito and Richard Oliveira, brings a combination of seriousness and relaxation, making the program very dynamic and balanced. Podcast topics involve travel in general and related topics.

    In addition to sharing their travels, the duo always brings travelers as special guests. Furthermore, the conversations happen very freely. Then, other matters may end up unfolding based on the central topic of the trip. 

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    2. Travel to What?

    The episodes of the program Viajar para Quê? stand out for their guests who bring their travel experiences and comments on topics related to the topic.

    Topics such as creative tourism, black culture and community bases have already been addressed in the episodes, in addition to several other topics. With this, the episodes of the program available on digital platforms such as Spotify, end up becoming quite interesting and having an ease of holding the listener's attention. 

    3. If My Backpack Could Talk

    Available on Spotify and other streaming services, Se Meu Mochilão Falasse is one of the best travel podcasts. The program stands out for its diversity, with episodes that talk about curiosities, different cultures, experience like “what was it like to see the aurora borealis?” and the difficulties they have already faced in their adventures.

    In other episodes we have the presence of guests who talk about their experiences as volunteers in Africa, travel in the elderly and so on. 

    4. This World is Ours

    Presented by journalists and friends Adolfo Nomelini and Rafael Carvalho, the Esse Mundo é Nosso podcast gives travel tips within our country and abroad. The duo also has a blog that talks about the same subjects and that can serve as a complement to listeners of this and other travel podcasts. 

    What's more, the show has much shorter episodes than the aforementioned travel podcasts, lasting an average of 30 minutes. So if you don't have much time or want to listen to some program in the car or on the bus ride to work, here is the program for you. 

    5. WHERE

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    ONDEM (The name of it is world) is one of the most traditional travel podcasts, which is why it is available both on its own website and on Spotify and other digital platforms. Felipe Teixeira's program stands out for having several frames, each one dedicated to a specific theme.

    In the box “The name of this is our country”, we have the presence of guests who have lived or currently reside in the country. In “Conexão”, we are presented with travel itineraries in several cities, helping a lot when planning the trip. In “Mundo Innero” the psychologist Vanessa Gazetta deals with emotional issues during the trip. 

    We also have the session called “The Name of It Is Africa”, where Eliana NZualo, a Mozambican, shows details about the African continent that people probably don't know. And another session is “The Name of It Is Islam”, in which Muhammad Puncha and other guests talk about Islamic culture and religion.

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    6. Career without Borders

    Being one of the most recent travel podcasts compared to ONDEM, Career Without Borders can be found on Spotify and other streaming services. The program focuses on our countrymen who are looking for opportunities or want to work abroad.

    The podcast gets new episodes weekly, every Wednesday. People from all over the world and with different professions are invited in the episodes to give tips, talk about their experiences and ways that our countrymen can use to go to work abroad. 

    7. Mari Hair World

    Available on digital platforms, the program is presented by Mari Christine, Andrea Farneda and Ana Paula Favero. New episodes of Mari for the World are available every 15 days. In addition, the program has shorter episodes of, more or less, 20 minutes, being very objective in the subjects covered.

    The group talks about trips to specific destinations like Japan or Canada. In addition to talking about beers, entertainment, travel locations, kid-friendly cars, cruises and festivals, the podcast is primarily for those interested in working as a family.

    8. Lipe Travel Cast

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    Available on digital platforms such as Deezer and Spotify, this is a podcast presented by Alípio Camanzano, former CEO of Decolar o Nosso País. Furthermore, you can find the channel on YouTube by searching for Lipe Travel Show.

    This is one of the travel podcasts with short episodes that focus on a specific country or city. But some episodes also provide practical travel tips, organization and good and cheap places for short and long stays. 

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    9. Like Tour Cast

    Available on Spotify and other streaming, Like Tour Cast is presented by Felipe Cordeiro, Edmilson Junior and Bruno Gomes, being updated once a month. You will find episodes that talk about varied themes and specific destinations, such as Orlando, New Zealand and Israel, with interviews and guests related to the theme.

    In addition, you will be able to learn more about long-distance relationships, what it is like to be an airline pilot, travel around the world using bicycles, motorcycles, subjects such as entrepreneurship abroad and etc. 

    10. Speaking of Exchange

    Falando de Intercâmbio is the podcast of the Egali portal and is available on digital platforms. As its name suggests, this is one of the travel podcasts that seeks to help those who want to exchange. You will be able to find out about preparing for an exchange, planning for interviews and finances, and tips for going through immigration. 

    11. The Walkers

    For trail lovers, the Os Walkers podcast is available on digital platforms. This program is made by a family, the mother, Márcia, the father, João, and the daughter, Júlia, who add 25 years of family trails in their blog. Created in 2022, they are one of the top travel podcasts that talk about ecotourism with kids.

    The family talks about their experiences, thoughts, preferences and, above all, accessible tourism to facilitate travel for those interested. Walkers also make trails adapted for the visually impaired, making their content even more interesting. 

    12. Embarcast

    Embarcast arrived in 2022 on Spotify and other streaming services, being presented by Maiara Viegas. She tells of her experiences traveling through 17 countries, 9 national states and carrying out 2 exchanges. What's more, she not only tells, but practically describes her experiences.

    Travel Podcasts: International

    Now that we've talked about the best travel podcasts in Portuguese, we've also separated the best foreign travel podcasts. Check out our list below:

    13.Travel Tales

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    Mike Siegel, comedian, actor and TV presenter is responsible for the Travel Tales podcast, available on digital platforms. In every episode we have a guest, usually a friend of his, to talk about travel and their love for the topic. By using his comedian side a lot, the show ends up being quite fun to listen to. 

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    14. Amateur Traveler

    Despite the name being Amateur Traveler, presenter Chris Christensen has nothing amateur about it. Available on streaming services like Spotify since 2005, this is one of the veteran travel podcasts.

    The main audience he seeks to reach are travelers from the United States with little availability to travel, about a week or two. He often brings in native people or residents of the destination he will address in episodes. 

    15. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

    Hosted by Amanda Kendle, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast stands out for bringing a more thoughtful perspective on travel. It covers topics such as travel anxiety, what it's like to work with travel, class privileges and travel romance.

    Thus, it can be a very interesting podcast if you are looking for a more differentiated view on the subject. The program can be found on Spotify and other streaming services of the same style.

    16. The Offbeat Life

    Available on most digital platforms, The Offbeat Live is hosted by Filipina Debbie Arcangeles. She often interview people who no longer live the known “pattern” of life, working remotely and, in some cases, even distant from others.

    She often addresses practical issues such as making money on Pinterest, creating viral videos for platforms like YouTube, psychological challenges that are faced, and other more subjective topics. 

    17. Zero to Travel

    Updated every 15 days on major digital platforms, Zero to Travel is a slightly older travel podcast available on digital platforms. The show was created in 15 and is hosted by Jason Moore, who brings several guests to be interviewed during the episodes.

    It provides tips for traveling in places like Southeast Asia and countries like Morocco. It also covers topics such as digital nomadism, travel for young children, music festival tips, campervan travel, how to be a polyglot and many more topics. 

    18. Women Who Travel

    The 18 best travel podcasts to follow

    This Women Who Travel podcast is hosted by the publishers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine and is available on Spotify and most digital platforms.

    Like the travel podcasts mentioned above, he talks about travel-related topics, but from a completely female perspective.

    They also talk about things like loving your body, the “bad” side of traveling alone, what it's like to go to and work in war zones, and ways you can organize a minimalist suitcase.

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