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    The 16 best racy WhatsApp pranks

    The 16 best racy WhatsApp pranks

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 11, 2022 | News |

    If you want to warm up your relationship with your husband, boyfriend or date, or give that direct hint to someone you care about, then saucy pranks could end up being a great path for you. By doing this, the other person can go crazy with desire with your teasing.

    Doing the naughty pranks on WhatsApp can be even better, as it can increase the sexual tension between the two of you, making you both more excited and bringing even better results when you meet in person. So, seeking to help you in this mission, we have separated some of the best spicy games for you to have fun in the best way possible on WhatsApp.

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    naughty pranks for whatsapp

    1- What is your favorite position?

    Image: Women's Tips

    The first option on the list of naughty pranks for WhatsApp is perfect if you want to know what the other person's preferred sex positions are, as well as expanding your own range of alternatives further. 

    To start the game, just send the image to the person and wait for a response, but our tip is for you to make sure they are on the same wavelength as you, otherwise the conversation can get pretty embarrassing. After that, you just continue to develop a conversation from there and get to know each other and have more and more fun, after all, who knows how far the conversation can go after that?

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    2- Choose one of the mouths


    Image: Women's Tips


    Image: Women's Tips

    This is one of the most mysterious racy pranks, where the direction of the conversation will largely depend on which option your crush will choose from among those available in the image. It works in a very simple way, first you must send the image with the drawing of the mouths and ask which one he will choose, after the answer, you send the other image revealing what each mouth means. 

    So, if the person wants, he can do or not do what is indicated in the image. But remember, this is a game for both of you to enjoy, don't force anyone to do what they don't want to do.

    3- Call center do amor

    Image: Women's Tips

    Compared to the other two, this may end up being one of the milder racy pranks, but it can still bring a very satisfying result for both of you. In the love call center, you will ask the other person to choose a number key. 

    Making it even more fun, you can send the following message to start the game: “What do you think about playing call center of love? You will press a key and, depending on what you have written, I can grant your wish.” Your goal is to get the five stars at the end of the call center, so if you're comfortable, stick to what your chosen option dictates. 

    4- The forbidden fruit

    Image: Women's Tips

    This is one of the most spicy pranks for a WhatsApp group. If you're bold enough, you can send this image to a group and wait for everyone to respond. If not, another option is to ask them to respond in private, or posting in stories only for the people you want them to see and wait for each one to respond.

    The game is simple, each one will choose one of the fruits that is listed in the image, and each one has a meaning. Depending on the choice, it can mean something the person wants to say to you or do with you.

    5- Who is wet?

    Image: Women's Tips

    If you're playing racy pranks on a rainy day, this is the perfect opportunity not to be missed. You will forward the image to whoever you want and say that the rain ended up wetting your bed and you need the person's bed to sleep. She will choose one of the numbers, representing each option in the image, as the answer to the question. Then, depending on the answer, just keep developing the conversation.

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    6- Spicing up the conversation


    Image: Women's Tips


    Image: Women's Tips

    This is one of the racy pranks that consists of 20 questions, each one containing a different secret. In the first image you send, there will be 20 figures of peppers and you will have to ask the other person to choose one or more. Each pepper will have a question or action that the other must do, then you send the image with the answer and the other person will have to do what the chosen options indicate. After that, just keep deepening and spicing up the conversation more and more. 

    7- Truth game

    Image: Women's Tips

    With the truth game, you can manage to go far between the racy pranks with the person you are interested in. The game works in a simple but very efficient way, where you start by asking them to choose a number from 1 to 5. Once you have the answer, you will send the image to the person, revealing what is in each number, and they you can only answer with the truth. 

    You can repeat the process until you have answered all five questions, which are valid for you and the other person. The best part is that after the game you can set the prize when you are done playing.

    8- Get the color right

    Image: Women's Tips

    The game match the color is one of the most indicated spicy games if you want to play with the other person's imagination in a way that can be cruel, but at the same time very satisfying for both of you. First you will send the image to the person to guess the color of your panties, if they guess, you will kiss them, now if they make a mistake, you will punish them. 

    Another way to play is adapting the game from panties to underwear, for example. If the person gets it right, you can even send a photo showing the answer, and then the conversation will develop on its own.

    9- Sex game

    Image: Women's Tips

    Although this is one of the simplest racy pranks on the list, this is also one of the most effective and one of the ones that allows you to get to know the most intimate side of the other person. All you need to do to start playing is send the image to your crush and challenge him/her to answer all the questions listed. If she does, you can set the prize she will receive, and she can do the same for you.

    10- Truth or dare?

    Image: Women's Tips

    Truth or dare is one of the most famous racy pranks not only on WhatsApp but also in person. To start having fun, the first thing is to propose to the other person to play this game, if he accepts the fun it can be great for both of you.

    If she chooses truth, you can ask the question you want, however, if she chooses challenge, you will ask her to choose a number from 1 to 15, depending on the choice you will send the corresponding challenge in the image and wait for her to fulfill it. You can keep playing until you run out of picture challenges, or at least until you succeed, as things can get really hot in this game. 

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    11- Choose a face

    Another variation of saucy pranks is “pick a face”. This is a question and answer game, where each of the faces listed contains a different and intimate question. How it works is very simple, you will first list 30 identical faces and send them to your crush after listing them. Then you'll need to ask him to choose one, along with the face caption so he knows you're not stealing. He must honestly answer the question corresponding to the smiley face.

    Some suggested questions you can use while playing are: 

    1. What do you think is sexiest about me?
    2. What are your sexual fantasies?
    3. Where do you feel the most pleasure?
    4. Do you like oral sex?
    5. What is your favorite position?
    6. For you, between 4 walls anything goes or are there restrictions?
    7. Naughty or saint?
    8. Lights on, half light or dark?
    9. What do you want me to do?
    10. Let's take a bath together?
    11. How many minutes can you go without coming?
    12. What do you like to listen to during sex?
    13. What is your favorite hair removal?
    14. Do you have anal sex?
    15. Do you like to use erotic toys?
    16. Can I do to you what I like you to do to me?
    17. What's your favorite lingerie color?
    18. How about a quickie?
    19. Have you ever had sex dreams? How was it?
    20. Have you ever fantasized about a famous person? With whom and how was it?
    21. Do you prefer to have or receive oral sex?
    22. What's the funniest situation that ever happened to you at the H hour?
    23. Would you have sex with a cousin?
    24. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
    25. How old were you when you started masturbating?
    26. Most unusual place where you've ever made love?
    27. What's the longest you can go without sex?
    28. What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
    29. What makes you excited?
    30. Do you have a tattoo or piercing in a strategic place?

    12- WhatsApp do amor

    Love WhatsApp is one of the spicy pranks that is also a variation of the Q&A format but with other options. First, you will assemble a list of various card emojis and number them from 1 to 30. Then, you will need to ask your crush which number he chooses, since each card will contain a question, challenge or action that he must take. You can send the caption together so that both can play at the same time asking questions. The questions you should list under each letter emoji are:

    1. Tell me a secret of yours;
    2. Send a sexy photo;
    3. Send a funny video;
    4. Take a picture of your nails;
    5. If you were to kiss me, where would you kiss me?
    6. Take a picture while grimacing;
    7. What do you think is sexiest about me?
    8. Send me a song.
    9. Make a declaration of love;
    10. Kiss my face;
    11. Submit a photo of underwear;
    12. Send 100 hearts to me;
    13. If you were to ask me something, what would you ask for?
    14. If you were to bite me, where would you bite me?
    15. Tell me the color of your panties or underwear;
    16. Send a photo biting your lips;
    17. Lucky you, ask me a question;
    18. Are you jealous?
    19. give me a peck?
    20. A bite to the neck;
    21. Send a photo of yourself from when you were a child or baby;
    22. If I put my tongue in your navel and asked you what is the plural of decimal, what would you answer?
    23. Upload a sexy photo;
    24. When do you have a birthday?
    25. If you were to suck, where would you suck?
    26. Send a picture of what you are doing now;
    27. If you were to pass your hand on me, where would you pass?
    28. Send a photo showing the tongue;
    29. Big luck! tell me to do something;
    30. If I showed up to your room in just a towel, what would you do?

    13- Top hat game

    The top hat game follows the same format as WhatsApp of love, but it uses the top hat emoji instead of a letter, and contains some more spicy questions, for you to use with that special person and want to mess with her head even more. The operation is very similar, and you will create a list with 20 numbered hat emojis, where each hat has something to ask or a question. 

    When the other person chooses a number, you will send the one corresponding to that top hat, along with the caption. The other person must answer the question or perform the action listed there. The most intimate and sensual questions you can use in this game are:

    1. Upload a funny video;
    2. Tell a secret that no one knows;
    3. Send an audio saying you love me;
    4. What color are your panties/underwear?
    5. give me a kiss on the cheek?
    6. Foto sexy;
    7. Photo showing the tongue;
    8. Send me an audio calling me hot;
    9. Send me a picture of your nails now;
    10. Send me a photo to show what you're doing now;
    11. Photo biting lips;
    12. A photo without a shirt or in a bikini;
    13. give me a peck?
    14. Sensuating selfie;
    15. Bite my neck?
    16. Kiss my mouth?
    17. Write my name in your status;
    18. Give me a gift?
    19. A grimacing photo;
    20. A tongue kiss.

    14- Moon prank

    If you want to know how your crush feels about you, then one of the spicy games you can use is the moon joke. You will forward to the person the feedback with the moon emojis and the meaning of each one, so they should choose which of the moons represents how she feels about you, having to be honest. You can spice up the game even more and expand, with the other person also being able to ask the same question. Moon emojis and meaning are:

    ? = like you;

    ? = you eat me;

    ? = oh, I enjoyed;

    ? = I'm giving;

    ? = saint;

    ?= naughty;

    ? = my with;

    ? = I am a virgin;

    ? = suck you;

    ? = squeeze my breasts;

    ? = sucks me

    15- Send me an emoji

    One more of the spicy pranks that can be excellent, we have the “Send me an emoji”. Here we will have a list of emojis that will be related to challenges or questions. Thus, you will send the list of emojis to the other person and they will have to choose an option and do or respond to what is assigned there. To make your life easier, we've listed the emojis in order below:

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ☺️
    9. ?
    10. ?
    11. ?
    12. ?
    13. ?
    14. ?
    15. ?
    16. ?
    17. ?
    18. ?
    19. ?
    20. ?
    21. ?
    22. ?
    23. ?
    24. ?
    25. ?
    26. ?
    27. ?
    28. ?
    29. ?
    30. ?
    31. ?

    The feedback for each emoji with the questions and challenge is also positioned below, so just copy and paste:

    1. ? – What do you want me to do with you?
    2. ? - A bite to the neck.
    3. ? – Photo showing the lingua.
    4. ? - Send an audio praising me.
    5. ? - If you were going to suck me, where would you suck?
    6. ? - Tongue kiss.
    7. ? – Do you think I like @ or convecid @?
    8. ☺️ - What do you like to hear at H time?
    9. ? – How long can you go without sex?
    10. ? – Send a sexy photo.
    11. ? - Have you ever been with someone you didn't like?
    12. ? – What color are your panties/underwear?
    13. ? – Photo of a part of your body.
    14. ? – Have you ever cheated?
    15. ? - Send me a picture of your nails.
    16. ? – If you were to kiss me, where would you kiss me?
    17. ? – What are your sexual fantasies?
    18. ? – What do I do that irritates you the most?
    19. ? - Lucky day. Ask me for something.
    20. ? – Send me a funny video.
    21. ? - What excites you?
    22. ? – If you could go with me anywhere, where would you take me?
    23. ? – What would you like me to do with you?
    24. ? - Do you think I'm boring?
    25. ? - Ask me anything.
    26. ? – What do you want me to do with you?
    27. ? – Do you think I'm clueless?
    28. ? - Send me a funny picture.
    29. ? – Send an audio with a sensual voiceover.
    30. ? - Send a picture sending a kiss.
    31. ? – League me.

    16- Spicy hand play

    The format of this prank is very similar to the naughty prank options we listed above. However, it is better suited to be done with people with whom you have more chemistry and intimacy, as it can be heavier compared to others. It works simply, starting with you sending a series of emojis from different hands to the other person. She will choose an option and you will send the meaning of each emoji, and the other person must do what each chosen emoji says. In case you want to play around, below we have listed the list of emojis for you to just copy. You can also think of ideas to vary the game or change the challenges.

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ✌️
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. ?
    10. ?
    11. ?
    12. ?

    We also separate the meaning of each helping hand as the challenges and answers that the person will have to answer or do:

    1. ? = kiss by the body in a hidden place
    2. ? = my name with ❤️ in your status for 5 days
    3. ? = an intimate photo
    4. ? = want to stay with me?
    5. ✊ = a sensual voice message
    6. ✌️ = post on your status that you love me (you have to put my name)
    7. ? = do you want to date me?
    8. ? = send me a sensual photo
    9. ? = a naughty phrase
    10. ? = kiss me
    11. ? = I love you all
    12. ? = a funny picture
    13. ? = a video trolling someone

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