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    The 16 best bots for Telegram

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    The 16 best bots for Telegram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 5, 2022 | Telegram | 1 comment

    The Telegram messaging service has very similar functions to those of WhatsApp. In addition to messages, you can make calls, send photos, videos and a few other things. But the tool also has the advantage of having some bots and today we are going to tell you which are the best bots for Telegram. 

    What are channels and bots on Telegram?


    Telegram channels are for users to receive content regularly. To do this, just subscribe to the channel and receive the contents when they are posted. A format that can be compared to YouTube, where you subscribe to a certain channel to follow and receive content. It is important to note that anyone can create their own channel on Telegram and send their content in bulk to those on their channels.


    Bots are pre-coded programs that have the function of automating Telegram, being some of the most useful and interesting tools on the social network. Through these bots, simple applications that perform various functions can be developed by programmers. 

    These applications can be used in the creation of more developed apps, in search engines and in social networks such as Telegram itself. But several other things can also be done through bots, and Telegram is usually one of the tools that makes the best use of them.

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    Any Telegram user can access and interact with the bots available on the social network. As an example, we can mention a bot that has the function of informing you about trends in the world whenever you need it, just by requesting this information. 

    Both tools mentioned, channels and bots, are quite different. While channels are for you to make your content available to people who follow you, bots provide results that are requested by users, optimizing Telegram.

    Now that you have understood the uses and practicalities, we have separated a list of the best bots for Telegram and the links to access them. See below:

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    Bots Telegram 2022

    Image: SendApp


    If you have a bit of a problem with forgetting things, maybe this bot can help. It serves to send reminders in the form of a message on your Telegram. Although it is something quite simple, it can be a life saver for some situations. 

    To activate the tool, all you need to do is send a message to the bot with the information it needs to send you. For example: “Remember appointment on the 20th at 10 am”. With this, the bot will send you a notification on the day and time.

    The link to have Skeddy on your Telegram is: 


    If you are the type of person who likes to play games with your friends, this bot allows you to have fun online with your mates in Telegram's own chat. For you to be able to play is simple, just access the bot and it will ask who you want to play against in your contact list and, from there, you just choose the friend.

    You have access to three games:

    • LumberJack Bot: You have to cut wood and save yourself from branches by touching them.
    • Math battle: yes or no questions based on math tests.
    • Corsairs: You need to dodge cannonballs to level up.

    Focused on fun, GameBot is definitely among the best bots for Telegram. If you want access to it, the link is:

    File to Bot

    With unlimited storage, this bot allows you to save your files in the cloud by categories, keeping them organized and being very useful for those who suffer from always full smartphone memory. You can not only check the saved files, but also download them when needed.

    In addition, you can also create links to certain files, allowing other people to also have access to them. But that other person will have the same level of access as you, being able to view the file and download it. If you are interested in File to Bot, use:

    Get Media Bot

    If you are the type of person who works with a lot of media files, this bot will be perfect in your day to day life. With it, you will be able to obtain any media on the internet through your Telegram. The services it offers are:

    • Direct download media
    • download video
    • Search Lyrics
    • Download Instagram Story 
    • Download music

    Direct download can be used on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. If you liked it, follow the link for you to have it on your Telegram:

    FB Video Download Bot

    The name of this bot ends up being pretty self explanatory, it allows you to download videos from Facebook directly from your Telegram, without leaving it. All you need to do is send the link of the video you want to download to the bot, and the video will be converted to appear in the Telegram message box. However, the video you upload must be public on Facebook. 

    If you want to download, the link is:

    Sticker Download Bot

    Practically every messaging app now has the sticker option, and on Telegram it couldn't be much different. However, Telegram stickers can only be used on the social network itself, unless you use this bot, which allows you to send the stickers to other messaging apps. 

    When sending the desired sticker to the bot, it will automatically convert it to WEBR, PNG and JPEG formats, allowing it to be sent to other apps. What's more, if you send a pack of stickers at once, the bot will create a Zip file, and you can download this file in the desired messaging app, getting all the stickers. 

    To get or bot, just click on em:

    Tweet It Bot

    For Twitter lovers, Telegram has a bot just for you. With it, you can make any tweet directly through Telegram, whether it's a message, photo, video or GIF. 

    Another feature available is the permission for you to insert tweets into your messages sent in Telegram chat. When using the bot on the social network, you will need to access Twitter on your cell phone so that it becomes active and provides the aforementioned functions. 

    The link to use Tweet It Bot is:

    Movies Tracker 

    For movie lovers, the bot allows you to get information of any movie just by typing the name. The data obtained are from the IMDb portal, which provides the complete cast, reviews, notes, plot and various other information about it. 

    If you are a movie lover, to make use of Movies Tracker the link is:


    For those who like to stay on top of all the news, NewsBot is the tool you need. But you don't have to worry about filling your inbox with all kinds of news. The bot allows you to choose or give preference to the type of news or subject that interests you most. 

    Once you have the bot in your Telegram, all you have to do is click on “start”, with that it will automatically fetch the news. If you want to see them only complete and detailed, just go to "Read more" and you will be forwarded to the place where it was taken. 

    For you who have little free time to update yourself, this tool can be considered one of the best Telegram bots. You can get access to the bot at:

    AppFollow Bot

    Telegram is a messaging app, correct? But did you know that with this bot you can know which are the best apps for you to download? Well, online app stores are more and more crowded with new products, so it's hard to find good apps to use. But AppFollow Bot can solve this for you.

    It has the functionality to report the most popular apps regardless of the categories you choose. But it's not just the most popular apps, the bot can also find other options:

    • Suggestions for any search term
    • search trends
    • application details
    • Top apps for a specific category
    • Search results for a keyword

    It is worth mentioning that it works on both Android and iOS devices, and you can find apps for both. Bot link is:

    Babelgram Bot

    If you need or like to chat with people from other countries or who speak other languages, Babelgram can help you. You no longer have to worry about translating every sentence of the conversation, the bot can do it for you.

    It allows you to choose the language you want to translate the message after typing. Then, just send it to the contact and continue the conversation without wasting too much time. The bonus is that you also end up learning a few things about the language in question.

    The access link is:

    Dr. A.S. Web Bot

    The security of your device is always important, isn't it? Thus, this bot scans all media files, documents and links that are sent through your Telegram. With the scan, which can also be done in groups of messages, you can increase the security of your device and avoid the presence of viruses. You can also scan individual files when uploading to the bot. 

    This one is definitely among the best bots for Telegram because of its importance. So if you want to keep your cell phone safe, the link is:

    URL Shortner Bot

    It's not uncommon to come across some huge URLs on the internet. But there are ways to get around this situation and get a shorter URL. When you send it to the bot, it will automatically shorten it and produce a shorter URL for you. There are some sites that do this, like Bitly or Tinyurl, and that's where the links are shortened. The difference is that you do it on the spot through Telegram itself, and you don't have to waste time accessing the sites. 

    You can access the Shortner URL at:

    Meme Auto Bot

    Meme lovers could not do without their own bot on the platform. After all, they need to keep themselves and those close to them fun. Thus, this bot allows you to create simple memes through Telegram itself. All you need to do is send the texts you want in the meme and the main image, the bot will create the meme for you with that information. Best of all, the image is created in less than 20 seconds.

    The 'memeiros' on duty can access the bot through the link:

    File Converter Bot

    While converting a file to some other format isn't a very difficult thing to do, it can end up being a bit tedious to do. But now you can do the conversion through Telegram itself with this bot. By using the tool, you can convert a given file to different formats in a short time.

    The bot allows you to convert videos, images, audios, text documents and others. Available formats are JPG, WEBP, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and PDF. In addition to saving time, this bot can also end up optimizing your day-to-day due to its ease of use. This is undoubtedly one of the best bots for Telegram due to its practicality.

    You can access the bot on your Telegram by clicking:

    Drop Mail Bot

    With the large number of social networks or accounts that we sometimes need to use, whether at work or on a daily basis, it can be difficult to memorize so many access emails, but this bot can solve this situation. Next time you need to create multiple social media profiles, Drop Mail Bot will generate a temporary email for that with just one tap on the tool.

    If you do not want to use your personal email, you can generate one in the bot to maintain your privacy and security on the internet. Best of all, this is done in just a few seconds, saving you time as well by not having to create other individual emails. 

    In case you want to have Drop Mail Bot, just click: 

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    How to enter Telegram bots?

    Although the links for each of the aforementioned bots are available in the list above, you can also search for them directly in your Telegram quite simply. Each of the bots has its own username, so all you need to do is search for the bot's name in Telegram's search bar, where you normally search for your contacts.

    After that, you just need to click on what you want and follow the steps requested to make use of it on Telegram. Each bot has its function, and to activate them on the social network, each one will provide the instructions you need to follow and information you need to inform. 

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