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    The 14 best games for WhatsApp

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    The 14 best games for WhatsApp

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 4, 2022 | WhatsApp | 0

    WhatsApp is a social network that allows you to do many things, in addition to sending a message, you can post status with images, videos and phrases, leave a message and even use a business account. But did you know that it is also possible to play through the app? In the following post you can find the best WhatsApp games with options to have fun with your contacts in groups, private conversations, status and much more. 

    It is worth mentioning that the games are for both Android and iOS devices. So, without further ado, let's check out the best games for WhatsApp:

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    Games for Whatsapp


    One of the WhatsApp games that you can play and have fun with your friends is Uno, but of course it will be in a slightly different way than usual. To play, you first need to gather all the members in some social network group, or you can play in pairs, but in a group it's always more fun, isn't it? Then, you need to download a pack of Uno stickers in a sticker app, so that everyone has the cards available.

    We suggest that you use the app, which is available free of charge for both iOS and Android devices. There you will find more than one pack of Uno stickers, just choose the best and most complete. Then, one of the friends will be responsible for distributing the cards, in private he will send each player his cards for the match. Afterwards, that same player will use these cards in the game that will be happening in the group chat. If someone needs to buy cards, the friend responsible for distributing them will send them in private. After that, just set the order and start having fun.

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    Unlike Uno, Jogo da Velha does not need a sticker pack, you can play directly on the social network with only the available resources and a friend. In emojis, you will assemble a board with nine squares, try to form a hashtag (#) with the squares, in the same way as in the normal game on paper. Afterwards, you and your friend who is playing will replace the squares with X or O, and following the rules of the game, the first one to complete a straight line either horizontally, vertically or diagonally with three symbols will be the winner of the game. This is one of the simplest WhatsApp games, you will only need emojis. 

    city ​​sleeps

    You may know this game as “Mafia” or “Night in the Village”. This game allows the participants to adapt the difficulty and was originally a table game with several versions. To play, it is suitable to have a number of between 7 and 10 players, but you can also play with fewer participants. During the match, the main objective is to try to find out who is the killer, werewolf or wolf. 

    This is one of the WhatsApp games that you can play with your friends, but one of the participants must have the role of the storyteller, so he cannot actively participate like the other members. In the private chat, the narrator will tell the participants who will be the killer and who will be the citizens. Afterwards, the narrator will say that the city sleeps, for the murderer to choose who will be his victim. 

    After the assassin "kills" someone, the narrator will tell the town to wake up and remove the citizen who was killed from the discussion. Afterwards, a debate will start to find out who the killer is. If the party misses who it is, the game continues with the assassin killing more citizens until they either get it right or they all die and the assassin wins the game. 

    The fun thing about this game is that you can add new rules or characters with different roles, such as more than one assassin, detective, angel, demon and so on. It may also be interesting to set a maximum time for the debate.


    This game has several versions, such as the board or "blink" if you are the killer. The way to play on WhatsApp is not very different from Cidade Dorme. The objective ends up being the same as the previous one, to find out who the murderer is. In the same way as Cidade Dorme, someone from the group that is playing will have to assume the role of “enforcer”, defining who will be the murderer, who will be the victim and who will be the detective and informing each one in the private chat. 

    The game consists of two phases, in the first the applicator will ask, in the assassin's privacy, who he wants to kill. The detective will also send the name of a person to the applicator in private, and the applicator will have to inform what his role is in the game.

    Then begins the second phase of the game, where all players in the game will vote to choose who is the killer. If most players guess who the killer is, they win the game. But if the majority of votes are for someone who is a victim, they will be excluded from the game and the game will continue until the killer is found or until everyone dies.

    But this is one of the WhatsApp games that, like City Sleeps, also allows members to define other roles besides enforcer, detective, victim and killer. You can create roles like guard, who can protect someone from the murderer, or medium, who has the power to bring a victim back, and so on, just be creative.

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    The classic Hangman game is also one of the games for WhatsApp that can be really fun. Who never played this game with friends at school, for example? Just like in the game in person, the objective is to try to figure out what the word is before the puppet is hanged. This game can be played in pairs in private chat or in a group, which promises to be much more fun. Just assign someone responsible for choosing the word while the rest will try to figure out what the word is.

    Each of the participants will choose a letter, and if they make a mistake and the letter is not in the chosen word, the puppet on the gallows has limbs drawn like its head, arms, legs, etc., indicating that it is getting closer and closer to being hanged. . Whoever is responsible for determining the word will also have to send the messages with the letters that have already been chosen and with the puppet on the gallows. 

    The game is over if no one gets the word right and the puppet dies or if someone gets it right before the gallows is complete. But remember, the person who chose the word should also give some hint, whether it's an object, movie, animal, book, series, character, etc.


    Image: Reproduction – Fernanda Lutfi

    One of the most successful WhatsApp games is the ones that involve questions and answers. You can ask questions from different topics such as movies, series, music and even experiences in your life, or go further and create mixed questions, without a specific topic. The game basically consists of sending the questions for your friends to answer quickly. The focus can be for them to know more about you or for you to know more about them. You can also ask focused questions not only of friends, but also family or someone you care about to use this opportunity to get closer to the person.

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    emoji challenges

    Emoji challenge is one of the WhatsApp games that can be focused for those who like riddles. All you'll need to play are the app's own emojis, as its name suggests. You will send a series of emojis that can mean the name of some book, song, band, movie or series, for example, and the other person will have to guess the name correctly based only on the emojis. To play, you'll need to work on your creativity when choosing emojis. 

    Kiss, affair or kill

    This can be one of the most controversial WhatsApp games, but it can also be one of the most fun. You can play in groups or in pairs, but like the games mentioned above, in a group it can be much more interesting. There are two ways to play:

    1. You can select names of famous people like singers, actors and athletes to play with, or even other friends and people who aren't joking at the moment. Then select three people and send a list, each one will have to choose one to kiss, one to marry and one to kill. Or submit one name at a time and wait for each participant to respond individually. It is important to define an order for each one to choose the names and the order of saying what they would do. This way of playing is valid for the two mentioned ways.
    2. The second way to play is with names of people who are in the group at the time of the game. One person will send three names of group participants, which can also be sent one at a time, while each one responds what they would do, or the three names in list format for participants to choose between.


    • Brad Pitt: Mato
    • Elizabeth Olsen: Case
    • Fernanda Vasconcellos: Kiss

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    What comes to your mind?

    One of the most hilarious WhatsApp games is “what's on your mind?”. In a group of friends or in a private conversation one person will send a random word and each one will have to quickly say the first thing that comes to mind. In addition to being a lot of fun, it can show the perspectives of some participants on different subjects. 

    A simple example: If someone says the word “cinema” the others will have to answer the first thing they think of, like “movie”, “ticket”, “shopping” and so on. This is one of the best pranks for you and your friends.

    unscramble sentences

    The unscrambler phrases is one of the most suitable WhatsApp games to play in groups of up to 4 people. In each round, there will always be someone responsible for being the leader, so he will think of a phrase and mix up the words to send in the group. Each participant will have to unscramble the sentence and the fastest one wins, but it is necessary to have rules to differentiate a little more. 

    The leader can shuffle the sentences as he sees fit, either changing the word order or the letter order of each word in the sentence. For example, if the leader chose the phrase “Today is Wednesday”, then he can change it to “ojoh é atrauq-areif” if he so chooses. Depending on the difficulty level, participants can set a time limit, being one minute or more. 

    No one can send a message unless they have deciphered the sentence. The leader must give a signal for the game to start. When the time is up, everyone sends the sentence at the same time and whoever gets it right or closest wins.

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    Tell a story

    If you want to test your creativity, then this is one of the WhatsApp games you need. You must be in a group of at least 3 people to make the game more fun. After defining an order, the first participant will start a story the way they think is best and with the elements they want. Then, each participant will say a sentence, one at a time, to complete the story. The cycle will continue until the entire story is complete.

    The goal is to tell a story from the point of view of each participant. At the end, you can read together to see how the story really turned out and how it was built. 

    Games for Whatsapp Status

    Unlike the WhatsApp games mentioned above, the ones you'll find below are more suitable for playing through social network statuses. Check out:


    Image: Instagram/@relustosa

    Templates are images that can contain questions or just an interaction space. This game can be done in Whatsapp statuses, and even in a private or group conversation. You can find the templates through social networks like Pinterest and even on Instagram itself, or you can search directly on Google. But remember, you will always need to give proper credit to the profile or person who created the template.

    In case you want to play with more people and get a bigger response or interaction with the images, just post the template on your WhatsApp status and wait for the responses. But if you're the type that prefers WhatsApp games more among friends, then just send it to the group or to someone individually, to play with a person you like or who you want to play with, then just wait for their response.

    There are templates of different varieties and subjects, being able to talk about work, books, movies, series, food, music, travel, more personal subjects and several other topics. You can also turn the templates into a form of challenge, tagging your friends or directly challenging them to make use of the image and answer the questions. You can view most templates as a quiz. What's more, you can also play on other networks like Instagram and Facebook.

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    2 truths and 1 lie

    This is also one of the games for WhatsApp that you can use both in statuses, if you want to play a more general game with all your contacts, or just in a certain group or private conversation, to play with people closest to you. This can be the perfect game to test if your friends, girlfriend or even your family really know you well.

    How it works is very simple, you will send or post in the statuses, if you prefer, three possible facts about your life. Of these three facts, 2 will be true and only 1 will be false. People who are playing must identify which of the alternatives is the fake one and show that they really know you.

    If you plan on playing in a group, it is important to set the order of who will start and who will identify the false alternative. In this case, it is also important to have a member responsible for checking that the answers are correct, or you can do this yourself. If playing on statuses, the presence of this member is not required.


    A game that you can do with your friends in a group, private conversations and even on status if you want to give access to more people, is the famous quiz. You will create a questionnaire with several questions, which can be focused on you and your life to find out who really knows you or on a more general topic, but the first way seems more interesting, right? 

    You can create the quiz from the Quizur website, which allows you to do it your own way, in addition to providing several ready-made quizzes on different subjects. Once you've created your quiz, just forward the link to your friends, groups, or post directly to statuses so other people can play.

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