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    The 11 best sites to remove photo background online

    The 11 best sites to remove photo background online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 18, 2022 | Technology |

    Removing backgrounds from photos online has been an increasingly sought after service, especially for those who need to create photos and artwork for their social networks and use photos with a transparent background to compose the arts with other background images. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 sites to remove photo background online in this post.

    Before, you would need to be a Photoshop master to remove background from photos, and pay dearly for licenses for desktop software or mobile apps that would allow you to do this work. Today we have several online services that remove the background of photos in a simple and fast way, and that work both on the computer and on the cell phone.

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    On most of these sites, the process to remove the background of an image is quite simple, you just need to upload the desired image, click on a button for processing - some start processing right after the upload - and wait for the completion to do the Download image with transparent background.

    In general, these sites offer very similar features, what varies is the amount of images that you can remove the background and the quality of the image that can be downloaded for free.

    The end result of background removal may vary depending on the site, after all this process is carried out based on algorithms and artificial intelligence that analyze the structure of the image, define the main element and then remove everything around and in the background. of the main element.

    But one thing that won't change is that the image without the background will be in PNG format instead of the traditional JPG.

    Our suggestion is that you try the background removal of your images on different sites and then compare the results, see which one produced the best result in terms of image quality and file resolution released for download and define which one you will use in future removals.

    not everything is free

    The way these sites to remove backgrounds from photos online charge are very similar, the most common being the purchase credit model, where you can buy a pack of credits to download the images without the background or make a monthly subscription. which entitles you to a certain amount of credits.

    But if you don't need high resolution images, you can use photo background removal features for free.

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    If you need high resolution images, the best thing you can do is analyze each plan offered by these sites and see what best suits your needs, always taking into account the one that will give you a better quality image.

    Sites to remove background from photos online

    Below you will find a selection of the best sites to remove photo backgrounds online that have been tested and selected by the AllYourVideogames team.

    HitPaw Online Fundo Remover

    HitPaw Online Background Remover can easily remove any image backgrounds, and it also allows you to edit the photo after removing the background. This is one of our favorite removers, so it ranks first on our list.

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    In addition to removing background from photos, it allows you to apply some effects. It's an online, stripped-down version of the old well-known to designers, Photoshop. link to access

    Adobe Spark

    Another Adobe product that allows you to remove the background of photos online in a simple and fast way. access link

    Canvas Pro

    A very robust service for image editing, widely used for creating art for social networks is Canva. In its PRO version it has the feature to remove the background of images.


    Crello is a Canva-like platform that also has a photo background removal feature and other features for creating art for social media.

    It offers easy photo background removal and the end result has a very good quality. link to access

    Remove BG

    One of the main tools on the market to remove background from photos online. It has a Photoshop plugin that allows you to remove the background from photos within the software itself, without you having to use resources such as masks, brushes and retouching so that the background is removed with quality. And it also has an application that works on both PCs and Macs, which allows you to remove the background of images without having to open the site in the browser. Access the website here.


    One of the online photo background removal sites that has more resources available and the background removal tool allows you to define the area that should be kept and the area that should be removed, giving you more control over the process. Meet Fotor here.


    Another very interesting option to remove background from photos online is Slazzer. It also has plugins for Photoshop, Woocommerce and other services.


    With a very objective and easy-to-use interface, Pixlr has a very interesting result in the final file, whether with a solid background image or composed of several elements.

    Clipping Magic

    Clipping Magic not only offers artificial intelligence background removal, it has an editor that allows you to apply shadows, reflection, perspective shadow and some other effects to the image before downloading.

    If you use any other site to remove the background from your photos, share it with us in the comments.

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