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    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Nothing like card games to liven up family gatherings or save someone from a boring night. Currently, apps for smartphones have brought card games to the mobile screen. And has gathered the best free options for Android and iPhone.

    Our list features classics such as Truco, Mau Mau, Sueca and Patience. There's even Uno, Blackjack and Poker to complete the fun. None of the titles presented offer real betting opportunities or any way to make money.

    1. One

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Uno is known to destroy friendships with its +4 card. Jokes aside, the fun game has a version available for Android and iOS devices. The user can choose to play as a guest or create an account with Facebook, Google Play Games or on the developer's servers.

    It is possible to play against virtual opponents or invite friends. The look of the game is close to childish, but the Classic Mode brings the same gameplay as the physical version, with the same rules.

    With each match, the competitor can accumulate coins and unlock new game modes. In addition to the Classic, there is the Happy Arena and Quick Match (classic doubles mode). There are also the options Uno Universe, Torneio Uno and Sala Divertida (in which you create your own rules).

    A curiosity: the cry of "Uno" can be done by pressing a button or recording an audio saying the word that anticipates victory in the game.

    2. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    This one is to move the hearts of the most nostalgic, who have spent nights playing Solitaire on an old version of Windows. The app, developed by Microsoft itself, brings the interface of the classic game and all the modalities offered in the PC version.

    You can choose between classic, spider, pyramid, freecell and tri peaks modes. No registration is required. But if you want to share your results and compete with friends or continue gaming on Windows 10, you need to log in with your XBox Live account.

    To customize the content, download card themes and select the game's visual type. The app also offers daily challenges in each mode and, according to your progress, you can accumulate coins.

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection is available for Android and iOS. It can be a good substitute as a hobby game to use on the go as it doesn't need to be played online.

    3. Blackjack 21: Blackjackist

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    In Blackjack, also known as 21, the challenge is to score more points than your opponent, without ever going over 21 points. Despite not allowing real betting, this game from Kama Games has in-app purchases.

    Daily, free tokens are made available to users. But if they are not enough, more can be bought (real money is used for this). Therefore, the app is only suitable for adults. Another way to acquire more tokens is by completing daily missions.

    The appearance of the home screen is a little confusing, due to the large amount of options available for modes. However, the tables offer very realistic graphics, giving the impression that you are sitting at the table with your opponents.

    In addition to Blackjack, the application offers games such as Texas Poker, sports betting, roulette, craps, among others. Blackjack 21: Blackjackist is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

    4. Governor of Poker 3

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Governor of Poker 3 is the latest version of the game, which, in this edition, started to allow the PvP mode, that is, player against player. For this, it is necessary to be connected to the internet, preferably to a Wi-Fi network.

    You can link your account to an email address or your Facebook profile (and, if you like, invite your friends). In addition to the card game itself, there is still a playful setting behind it. The setting is the Wild West of Vegas and each level takes place in a different saloon.

    In all, there are seven types of texas holden: Cash, Sit & Go tournaments, Heads up tournaments with chests, Push or Fold, Big Win, Royal Poker and Spin & Play betting jackpot. Advance the steps, become a pro and conquer Las Vegas.

    The game's interface features modern and attractive graphics. The poker table is seen from above and, in addition to the competitors, there is a croupier who deals the cards. Players can interact with each other through chat and express themselves through emojis.

    Every 4 hours there is an opportunity to spin the jackpot to win new chips. The game is ideal for those who want to learn about poker and its language, but also for experienced players who enjoy the multi-table experience.

    Governor of Poker 3 is available for Android and iOS devices.

    5. Want Want

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Mau Mau is an app with great graphics and no fuss. When opening it, the user is already faced with the game table and starts the game. Right away, you have your cards in your hands and your opponents (which, in this case, are the computer) in front of you.

    It is possible to set the difficulty level, the type of card and the speed of the moves. The app also lets you choose the number of players and the amount of cards in your hand at the start.

    Rules can also be chosen by the user himself. In this case, there is no option to link an account to the app or play with real people. The advantage is being able to play at any time, even without access to the network.

    Mau Mau is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

    6. Online Trick

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Truco Online offers two game modes in a single app: the truco mineiro and the truco paulista. You can play alone or with other people and choose the difficulty level. In the online version, the user can challenge teams from all over the world, by logging in to their profile or as a guest.

    So just choose the room and wait for the other players. There is room for beginners, intermediates, advanced and megapros. Communication with your partner can be done through emojis and a private chat between the two.

    If you already feel safe, you can choose to participate in daily tournaments and become champion.

    Truco Online is available for Android and iOS.

    7. MegaGames

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Best multiplayer games for Android

    MegaJogos brings together in a single application several types of games. There are 16 card games, 4 board games, plus dominoes and dare and dare (drawing and guessing). Fans of a good card game can choose between four types of hole, lock, two options of truco and cacheta.

    Pife, swedish, mau mau, spades, hearts and scala 40 are also available. The program has a clean and very intuitive layout. When opening, the user is already faced with all the possibilities. Just tap on the one you want to play and choose single or multiplayer (online) mode.

    In both modes, you can select the difficulty level from beginner to megapro. For those who like different types of classic game modalities, MegaJogos is definitely a great option.

    The app is available for Android and iOS.

    8. Gambling Hole

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Buraco Jogatina takes the game, also known as biriba or canasta, to the mobile screen. Free, the app allows you to practice against the computer or play online with strangers, friends and family. It is possible to form a table with two or four players.

    There are three game modes available: closed hole, open hole and STBL hole (Sem Trinca Bate Limpo). Communication with the other people at the table is done easily, through an integrated chat. However, it is allowed to easily silence those users who do not shut up, disturbing concentration.

    Another differential is the possibility to customize the game. Table, playing cards, animations and sound settings are customizable, according to the user's taste.

    Buraco Jogatina is available for Android and iOS.

    9. Free online cache

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Cacheta, Pife, Pif Paf, Dot. Regardless of how you know this card game, what matters is that with this app, you can practice from anywhere, via your cell phone. Aimed at amateur to professional players, it offers rooms for users with different levels.

    Free online Cacheta allows you to play offline, against the machine, or against thousands of people online. 5 game modes are available: tournament, ranked pro, ranked, gang and training.

    The application is free, does not require registration and is available for Android and iOS.

    10. Dominoes Online - Free game

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    Online board games to play with friends

    The classic dominoes won a virtual version, which can be played both online and offline. With an attractive look, the app promises gameplay just like real life. And that includes competing with opponents of the most different levels.

    Just choose the room with competitors in your category. Participate in tournaments and leaderboards or play with just for fun in casual matches with other players. As one of the most downloaded apps in the country, there is no shortage of competitors

    Dominoes Online - Free game is free, does not require registration and has a version for Android and iOS.

    11. Spider Solitaire

    The 11 Best Free Card Games for Android and iOS of 2022

    A more current version of the classic single player card game, the game is suitable for both beginners and more experienced players. With different levels of difficulty, it offers game options from one to four suits.

    The app lets you customize the game table background and when you win, you'll be presented with fun animations to celebrate your victory. Those who like to test their skills will enjoy receiving the daily challenges.

    Spider Solitaire is available for free for Android and iOS.


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