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    The 11 best apps and tips to sleep faster

    The 11 best apps and tips to sleep faster

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 13, 2022 | Technology |

    It is not difficult to find people who have trouble sleeping and take a long time to fall asleep. Often the cell phone can be the worst enemy if you want to sleep fast, but if used correctly, your smartphone can also be the solution to your problems and a great ally. Seeking to help you improve your sleep, we've separated the best apps and tips to sleep faster. 

    Having a good night's sleep can result in a better mood the next day and greater productivity even in your work or other activities you want to do, for example. Already lack of sleep, or a bad night's sleep, end up causing problems such as migraines, memory loss, irritability and muscle pain, in addition to other harm. So without further ado, let's check out some apps and tips to get to sleep faster:

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    Apps and tips to sleep faster


    Available for iOS and Android devices, Calm is a meditation app that can help you a lot at bedtime. It results in reduced anxiety and stress by providing breathing programs, bedtime stories, guided meditation and relaxing music.

    In guided meditation sessions you can find versions that go up to 25 minutes. Being ideal for those who are starting or for those who have been practicing meditation for a while. The app also provides some tools that allow the user to track their progress with meditation time and daily series. 


    Like Calm, Headspace is an application available for those using smartphones with Android and iOS systems. With it, you can learn and practice meditation techniques in just a few minutes a day. In addition, he also offers some sessions that talk about physical health, stress management, anxiety relief and personal development, which can improve your sleep considerably. The main objective is to help you increase your concentration, improve your sleep, reduce stress and make you feel better. And it is worth mentioning that the application is free.

    Relax Melodies

    If you are the type of person who relaxes more easily with certain sounds, then Relax Melodies can be very useful for you at night and help you sleep well. It can be used on iOS and Android devices, it allows you to play more than 100 nature and meditation sounds. With this, you can simulate some environment that is relaxing for you and helps you sleep, like a beach, forest or something like that. 

    And just like the ones mentioned above, Relax Melodies offers guided meditation programs, relaxation exercises and stories to listen to before bed. The goal is to help fight anxiety and insomnia.  

    Rain sound

    For many, the sound of rain falling can be very relaxing and help them sleep through the night. So if you are an Android user, on the Play Store you will find the Som de Chuva app. It has a paid version and a free version. In the free one, you have some water sounds that can help you relax, simulating rain, running water, storm and others. 

    In the paid version, the app's diversity increases a lot, with sounds of rain in tents, calmer water, ocean and several others. What's more, you can also combine several sounds into one, like the sound of the ocean with the sound of water falling on a tent, for example. And in this paid version the app also works offline. 

    White Noise

    Similar to Som de Chuva, White Noise makes ambient sounds available to users, being more varied in terms of sound than those mentioned above. What's more, it also allows you to merge several sounds into one, creating your own soundtrack, which can be used for sleeping, working, etc.

    And going even further, White Noise also lets you create the sounds yourself, recording with your device and using the app to mix the audio. The application can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices, and the focus is to create the ideal environment for your relaxation. 

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    Sleepmaker Rain

    Available for free for iOS devices on the App Store, Apple's app store, Sleepmaker Rain is perfect for anyone who likes rain sounds at bedtime. With it, you'll have at your disposal audios and sound effects of precipitation on a car, torrential rain, rain on concrete and several other variations. Also, you don't have to worry about leaving the app on all night, it allows you to program the automatic shutdown. 

    Sleep better

    If you want to monitor your sleep at night, the application request will be different and the most ideal would be Sleep Better, available for Android devices on the Play Store. But for that, you will need to inform some things so that the app fulfills its function, such as if you have the habit of practicing physical activities, if the day was tiring and stressful, if you eat late or drink coffee or alcohol before bed, for example. example.

    With this, the moment when you are the lightest sleeper will be calculated by the app and you will be woken up. But rest assured, you can set a pre-programmed time limit to wake up. What's more, you'll also have your sleep performance reports and graphs at your disposal. 

    Sleep as Android

    Also aimed at Android device users and available on Google's app store, the Play Store, the Sleep as Android app is a combination of various sleep-related services. You will have lullabies and qualitative sleep recordings at your disposal based on your movements and sounds made at night. 

    To have these functions, the cell phone must spend the night under your pillow with the application activated. What's more, you can also activate the smart alarm clock, which will gradually wake you up. That way, you can wake up in a less raw way, and making transitions in the stages of sleep. 

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    Sleep time

    This app allows users to correctly set their sleep cycle. The ideal is to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night, but many people do this counting from the moment they lie in bed, not the moment they sleep. So, Sleep Time has the function of learning about your sleep cycle and setting an automatic alarm to go off when you reach the proper sleep time, between 6 and 8 hours, depending on your cycle. This app is very useful for those looking to regulate their sleep. Sleep Time is available for both iOS and Android devices. 


    Can be found in the Play Store on devices that use the Android system, Sleepa makes available to users several sounds in HD that can be combined to generate the best soundtrack of relaxation for the user. Among the available sounds are rain, city sounds and nature sounds, as well as musical instruments and other types of noise. What's more, you can also record your own sounds and combinations to make it available to you. Sleepa also has a timer, so it stops working automatically at the time you set it.  


    Like some mentioned above, Atmosphere offers a wide variety of sounds of nature, rain, urbanism, beach, parks and many others that can help you beat insomnia. In addition, it also has a timer for you to determine how long you want the sounds to play. And standing out from the others, this app has a tool called “stimulating frequency”, which has a sound made to stimulate relaxation, creativity and the reduction of anxiety. You can download it on your iOS and Android device. 

    Tips for sleeping faster

    You already know some apps that can help you sleep, but there are also other ways to get to sleep faster. Below you will find some tips to sleep faster, and you can even try to do this without using your cell phone. 

    1. Control your breathing: By doing this, your body will automatically be more relaxed, which helps a lot at bedtime. Your heart rate will slow down and your brain will understand that it's time to slow down and rest. One breathing method you can use is the 4-7-8. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. 
    2. relax your muscles: If you suffer from anxiety or have had a stressful day, it can cause your muscles to twitch, even if imperceptibly. By doing muscle relaxation, you will be able to sleep faster and with more quality. You can do this by finding a comfortable position in bed, preferably on your back. Take a deep breath and release it slowly three times and imagine the muscles in your body releasing stress and relaxing. That should help a lot. 
    3. Adapt your room environment: Usually, a cooler temperature helps you sleep, especially if you live in a warm place, try to use an air conditioner, climate control or fan; avoid electronic devices and lights on; aromatherapy can also help by dripping a few drops of lavender oil, for example, on your pillow. 
    4. have something hot: Drinking a glass of hot milk, chamomile tea, and similar drinks can help with the production of melatonin or tryptophan, hormones that help regulate sleep. If you are going to eat, eat something light, heavy foods can interfere with bedtime. 
    5. Meditate: Some focused sleep meditations such as voice ripples, no long pauses and gentle markings can help with bedtime. Other practices that help are yoga, which can help ease tension through breaths and body movements, and mindfulness, which helps you keep your attention in the now and avoid worrying before bed. 
    6. Avoid the famous naps during the day: It is normal for some people to take the famous naps after lunch or during the afternoon, but this can greatly affect the quality of sleep during the night. Although it may be necessary for some people who do not sleep well at night and become sleepy the next day, it is advisable for them to stay asleep and not sleep during the day, in order to regulate their sleep at night. 
    7. do physical activities: Exercising during the day can benefit in the time and quality of sleep at night. Physical activities increase the production of serotonin and decrease levels of cortisol, which are the stress hormones.

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