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    The 10 tools professionals use on Instagram

    The 10 tools professionals use on InstagramThe 10 tools professionals use on Instagram

    by Camila Porto | Feb 25, 2022 | Instagram | 46

    you love the Instagram, but are you finding your resources a little limited for the countless ideas you have in your head? Do not worry! Some experts also thought so and created some tools so that users can make the most of this platform.

    And there are several of them: Image editing, to measure the day to day of your profile, to analyze who is seeing your photos and even to transform your company profile into an e-commerce.

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    Check out below the 10 tools that social media professionals use to transform their daily lives. images inside the Instagram much more interesting and well used.

    10 tools to use on Instagram


    With Instaorders you can turn your Instagram into an online store. Just log in with your Instagram account to sync your images and automatically open a registration to put prices.

    Ready! Your online store is ready. Orders will go to your email, where you can manage them.


    Despite not being an official Instagram tool, it is great for managing posts due to its easy navigability. It allows you to schedule posts, giving you more flexibility, in addition to having an online editing tool to retouch photos, insert texts and finish your image before publishing or scheduling something. In other words, it optimizes your time and, consequently, gives you more productivity and editing options.

    Another benefit: it's an app from our country, which makes day-to-day contact and support easier if necessary. It is paid, but the value for money is worth it.


    It is one of the most complete Instagram management tools. Its performance analysis part offers metrics of the brand's presence within the platform, helping to understand and grow the audience. It also measures the activity of followers and engagement in relation to the profile analyzed, in addition to identifying which are the most engaged with the brand.

    But not only that! You can still use it to reply to comments, interacting with your followers.


    Yes, we are talking about Instagram. But if you want to make an ad within Instagram, you will first have to have a Facebook account. That's because the two platforms belong to the same company, in this case Facebook. If you want to advertise on Instagram, you will need to have a Facebook ad account.

    There are many ad formats and media options you can choose from. With a few simple steps, you can have your ad active and generating good results.

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    Everyone has stories to tell. Whether by video or photos. Surely your store or company has it too. And how about uniting the two, photos in videos with a soundtrack? This is possible with Flipagram, an app that joins a series of photos into a slideshow within Instragram.

    For those who sell products, it is an agile way of showing the variety offered and attracting attention. Take advantage and use the “Explore” link, where you will find the hashtags that are trending at the moment and that can help improve the display of your products. Access it on your computer or by downloading the application available on IOS, Android and Windows Phone.


    Instagram does not have the option to share a post within your own profile. You will only be able to forward it to someone, as a private message. However, with the Repost app it was easy to do this “repost”, still giving credit to the original author of the post.

    It's interesting if you see some content that generates identification with your target audience to attract more followers. Also to increase exposure, in case someone has published a product of yours and you want to highlight it. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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    Available for iOS, the Overgram app has a free version that allows you to insert texts with more artistic formats in your photos, making them more relaxed and attractive. There are more than 10 types of fonts to be applied on the images, which after being manipulated, can be saved on your smartphone. Very cool to put motivational phrases to inspire your followers. For those who want to sell products in a more irreverent way, they can apply price directly to the piece.

    No Crop

    If you have already tried to publish photos on Instagram, you must have already noticed the limitation of the area that it causes, not allowing you to publish the entire photo. With No Crop, a photo editing app, you'll be able to publish your photos without cropping them! You'll still have features available to rotate the image, choose backgrounds and filters, add texts with different fonts and even insert free stickers to customize your photos. Great recommendations on Google Play.

    Followers Insight

    Ideal for finding out who are the people who are interacting with your brand and getting insights into your audience's profile within the platform. In addition, you will be able to check acquired or lost followers, monitor your loyal followers and send thanks to your best followers on Instagram (great for a CRM job). And best of all, it's all free! Available on iOS and Android.

    fish eye

    If you are a photography lover and want to highlight some part of your product, or show some space that doesn't have a very suitable angle for a wider photo, try using an app that provides a fisheye effect. FishEye, available for iPhone only, is a good option. In addition to the wide-angle (fisheye) effect, it has unique filters such as lomo and vintage/retro effect, among others.

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