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    The 10 best digital brokers to invest in

    The 10 best digital brokers to invest in

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 27, 2022 | Shopping |

    Know the best digital brokers the country is the first step towards making a good investment.

    After all, it is not enough to have money available for applications if the tool is not of quality and there are no qualified professionals who will help you to solve the main doubts. 

    With that in mind, we have prepared a complete list of the best alternatives in the financial market.

    All the highlighted options are competing for the iBest 2022 Award, one of the most important awards in the area:

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    What are the best digital brokers on the market? 

    From now on, we are going to list the best digital brokers for those who want to invest, highlighting their main features, benefits, the Reclame Aqui score, among other issues. Follow up!

    1. Agora Investimentos 

    Let's start our list of the best digital brokers by talking about Ágora Investimentos. Founded in 1993, the company is considered one of the main references in innovation in the financial area.

    This classification was only possible because the company was the pioneer in launching the Home Broker tool in our country and it continues to invest in technologies that help to uncomplicate the investor's relationship with money. 

    Another positive aspect of Ágora is that it has the support of Grupo Bradesco, which is one of the most important financial institutions not only in our country, but also in the world. 

    The partnership between Grupo Bradesco and Ágora helps the company to obtain excellent options for personalized investments for its clients. 

    In addition, the organization has a team of the best professionals in the field.

    The team is made up of renowned experts focused on helping investors understand their goals and build quality strategies more efficiently. 

    At Ágora Investimentos, customers have access to different types of products. Among the most common are: Shares, Treasury Direct, CDB, LCA, Real Estate Funds, public offerings, among others. 

    One of the main advantages of the broker is the Home Broker. You have access to two monitors, exclusive widgets to analyze the numbers more easily and quality performance to help you in the operation.

    The Ágora Investimentos system allows you to monitor up to 15 quotes. In addition to relying on security and technology without oscillations, investors receive information in real time, ensuring more assertiveness in their analyses. 

    In August 2022, Ágora Investimentos' score on Reclame Aqui was 6.7 out of 10, which is considered regular by the platform. 

    2. BTG Pactual Digital

    The next alternative is one of the more traditional ones on our list of best digital brokers. This is because BTG Pactual has been on the market since 1983, a period that was marked by growth and many achievements. 

    To give you an idea of ​​the power of BTG Pactual, it was ranked as the best specialized financial institution in the country. The title is registered in the following analysis: “As Melhores da Dinheiro”. 

    Since then, the company has had very important moments in the market, with the inauguration of BTG Pactual digital, which acts as a startup within the institution. 

    The customer has several types of products available to invest their money. Among the most common are: Direct Treasury, Investment Funds, Fixed Income, Private Pensions and Variable Income. 

    You have access to a very practical Home Broker that helps you develop operations on the Stock Exchange, without bureaucracy. In it, investors can buy and sell assets, view quotes and monitor their investment portfolio.

    The most interesting thing is that the user can take care of his operation anywhere in the world. For this, it is necessary to download the BTG Pactual Trader application. 

    Trading in the tool is secure and your data is not shared with other users. The system is simple, even for those people who are starting in the investment world.

    The broker does not charge fees from the consumer to use the service. 

    BTG Pactual digital's score on Reclame Aqui, in August 2022, is 8.8 out of 10. This analysis shows that the institution is a great alternative to invest your money. 

    3. Clear Brokerage 

    This alternative cannot be ignored from our list of best digital brokers. It stands out because it offers zero brokerage on the most efficient products on the market, such as Stocks, Real Estate Funds, Mini-contracts and Full Contracts. 

    Another reason why Clear Corretora manages to maintain good credibility in the market is because it specializes in the Stock Exchange. 

    The simplicity of the platform is also a feature worth noting. First, you must open your account. Simply complete your registration on the Clear Corretora website. The process is done online, quickly and at no cost. 

    Then, you need to fill in your personal data so that the tool discovers your investor profile and points out which alternatives match your needs. 

    Finally, you must make a deposit into the brokerage account and start investing via the app or Home Broker.

    The company started its operations in the market in 2022. At that time, a team of entrepreneurs, with experience in the electronic investment industry in our country, was responsible for this brand. 

    With a great team, the brokerage achieved prominence with great speed and, in a short time, occupied the first place in its area.

    In 2022, the company had 100% of its shares purchased by XP Inc. 

    In Reclame Aqui, in August 2022, the company's score was 7.6, out of 10, which is considered a good reputation by the platform. 

    4. Easynvest

    With just two features, it is possible to explain why this alternative is on the list of the best digital brokers. 

    The first reason is that the investment platform belongs to one of the most respected financial institutions in our country: Nubank.

    The other justification is that the tool relies on Easynvest's 50 years of experience. Now, the investor's relationship with the market has become even easier. 

    With this tool, you can invest in the stock market with just three clicks. And the best: zero brokerage. 

    Ultraviolet Nude Funds is another interesting advantage of the platform. This is a feature that contains options for quality funds, starting at R$100.

    The tool also shows analysis by professionals so that investors can make decisions that are related to their needs. 

    On the trading platform, the user can take advantage of real-time information, graphs and agile functionality.

    Therefore, it is one of the best options on the market. 

    The investment platform has a good rating on Reclame Aqui. As of August 2022, her score was 7.8 out of 10, which is considered good by the system. 

    5. Inter Bank

    One of the main advantages of Banco Inter is that the investor has access to a community. In it, you can maximize the profitability of your investments. Just create the community, invite friends and family and make your money more profitable. 

    The bank offers several benefits to the investor. The first one is that you have a financial institution and a brokerage in one place. Another positive point is that you can start your investments through the Inter application with just a few clicks. 

    The platform still contains cashback. This is a program in which the investor receives back a certain amount of manager and performance fees. 

    At Banco Inter, investors can follow all the analyzes and expectations about the economy. All this through a simple and efficient report. 

    The autonomy for investments is one of the best advantages of Banco Inter.

    It allows investors to control their applications without putting their data at risk. In addition, he has great support available to answer any questions that arise along the way. 

    The investment service of this financial institution does not contain a specific page on Reclame Aqui. Therefore, we will analyze the note of the financial institution itself. 

    According to Reclame Aqui, Banco Inter had a score of 8.0 out of 10 in August 2022, which is considered great by the platform.

    6. modal 

    The next alternative on our list is a digital bank that is suitable for all types of investors. Here, it is possible to apply the money with security and stability. 

    In this financial institution, you can invest in Treasury Direct at no cost. The tariff exemption is also valid for mini-contracts.

    Investors also have free access to tools to optimize their investments in a practical and unbureaucratic way. 

    The evaluation of the digital account on Reclame Aqui, in August 2022, is 7.9, out of 10, which is considered good by the platform. 

    7. Órama Investimentos 

    If you are looking for a versatile platform, Órama Investimentos is a great option. In it, you can find more than 650 backgrounds.

    And that's not all. The investor has access to other possibilities:

    • Fixed income securities; 
    • Direct Treasure; 
    • pension; 
    • Shares. 

    Another interesting feature of Órama is the team of expert advisors on the subject that help users to identify the most appropriate investment for their needs.

    The Órama Investimentos rating on Reclame Aqui is one of the highest on our list. As of August 2022, the score was 8.1 out of 10, which is considered great by the platform. 

    8. Rico 

    Founded in 2022, Rico is considered one of the best digital brokers in the country. That's because, the company aims to guarantee the access of anyone to the investment market. 

    The broker's proposal is very simple: to offer a complete experience for consumers with practicality and without bureaucracy. 

    Rico is ideal for clients looking for zero-fee brokerages.

    It also contains one of the most economical Fixed Income rates on the market. Here, it is still possible to invest in Shares, Direct Treasury and Fixed Income at no cost.

    At Reclame Aqui, Rico has a great reputation. In August 2022, the broker's rating was 8.7 out of 10.  

    9. Toro Investments 

    For clients who wish to invest in the Stock Exchange, Fixed Income and Funds without the bureaucracy of Home Brokers and without brokerage fees, Toro Investimentos is ideal for your profile. 

    In addition to receiving cashbacks in funds, the client can access the broker's team's monthly stock portfolio.

    That way, you will have enough inputs to make increasingly assertive decisions. 

    For people who intend to invest from R$5.000 onwards, the company provides a team of advisors and analysts. It's a great way to help you manage money without too many worries. 

    Toro Investimentos has a good rating on Reclame Aqui. As of August 2022, the company's rating was 7.8 out of 10.

    Many people rate her as the best investment broker in our country. 

    10. XP Investments 

    Let's finish our list of the best digital brokers talking about XP Investimentos.

    With a score of 8.6 out of 10 on Reclame Aqui, the company is one of the main references in the area. 

    For you to better understand the scenario, the broker offers an investment simulator. In it, the company's team of experts indicates which are the most recommended alternatives for your profile. 

    XP's content, tools and team are the company's most important points.

    The Best Digital Brokers: Conclusion

    Here, we mention the best 2022 brokers to invest your money. It is best to know the characteristics of each one to choose the most suitable option for your profile. 

    The most interesting thing is that many alternatives that have been mentioned lists have already occupied positions among the best investment brokers 2022.

    After finding out which are the best digital brokers, get to know the best cryptocurrency brokers to invest your money.

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