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    Temperament test: know the 4 behavioral profiles

    Temperament test: know the 4 behavioral profiles

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 17, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Have you ever taken a personality test to find out what your patterns of thinking and behavior are? Today we are going to talk about the temperament test and what it can reveal to you.

    We are always looking to improve our business, with the aim of making it more efficient and profitable. What we often neglect is when our decisions are made under the influence of our emotions.

    In large corporations, emotional intelligence is a decisive factor in choosing leaders and managers and it is only developed in us through self-knowledge.

    So today we are going to introduce you to the temperament test. By doing it, we hope you take one more step in your self-knowledge and know how to identify which emotions dominate your decisions.


    We have already published here on the blog some texts with indications of management tools. For example, Porter's 5 forces.

    The temperament test is very much like a management tool of sorts. However, the diagnosis here considers the people involved in your organization.

    By taking the temperament test, you will get to know which behavioral tendencies you tend to adopt. By knowing them, you can make decisions more rationally and not get carried away by unconscious patterns.

    In addition, this type of test helps in hiring employees. That's because, it can show you if the candidate is organized or not, extroverted or introspective, adapted to routine and so on.

    Thus, you can define the profile you want for the vacancy and confirm it through the temperament test.

    By applying the temperament test among those involved in the organization, you will be correctly distributing your talents and allocating human resources where they have the greatest chances of development.

    In addition, studying the profile of people within the organization contributes to internal communication and endomarketing. Thus, you can adapt your communication to the profile of each sector, adopting compatible language.



    Blood type are communicative people, who like to be in a group. They are usually talkative and communicate with ease and resourcefulness. Furthermore. are people with a creative profile.

    The flip side of sanguine is that they may not know how to dose their intensity. They also have difficulty maintaining focus, as they are always involved in several projects at the same time.


    The choleric profile is an explosive profile, easy to delegate tasks, a determined and courageous profile. Therefore, they stand out in the management and leadership of teams.

    On the other hand, in this profile there are tendencies towards selfish views, being impatient and less tolerant. Your main challenge is accepting new perspectives beyond your own.


    With a very strong artistic tendency. The melancholic profile is studious, introspective and who feels everything very deeply.

    He is a shy person who is very faithful in his relationships, both personal and professional. He likes routine, is organized and selfless. Your biggest challenge is accepting changes and believing more in your potential.


    Phlegmatics tend to be calm, dreamy and flexible people. Because they have diplomacy as a rule, they are ideal for acting with public service.

    However, its biggest challenge is to get out of inertia with more proactive actions. Mainly for those who demand decision making.

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    I bet that after all this explanation, you're curious to find out what your predominant profile is, right? But before I leave the test link for you to answer, it's worth pointing out the complexity of human personality.

    That is, the majority result after the sum of your points may not define you completely. That's because, our emotions are a result of our experiences throughout life. And no person is the same.

    Soon it would be impossible to divide the world population into 4 major temperamental profiles.

    But the test can reveal what combinations of temperaments your personality displays. And with that, demonstrate its main strengths and weaknesses.

    Now hands on: take the temperament test and find out which one is your predominant one.


    Getting to know each other better is the first step towards acting more consciously. And this is very good!

    We can cite as an example people resistant to change. Often, they fail to act, to decide something, because they are afraid. But most of the time, this is not clear in their thinking pattern.

    Therefore, the fear is of change, which implies finding new excuses to make a decision and take action. At these times, arguments like: this is very difficult, I'm not good at it and others.

    But all this is just a big lie we tell ourselves. After taking the temperament test and surveying your main characteristics, evaluate your latest decisions/actions.

    In how many of them and to what degree were these decisions influenced by the temperament described by the test result? This is an exercise in self-knowledge and an important step towards developing your emotional intelligence.

    You can also share this test with others who are part of your plans and projects. This will facilitate the interaction between you, making the process less complex.

    Now we want to know: how was your temperament test result? Have you raised any points of improvement in your behavioral pattern?

    Leave your result here for us in the form of a comment.

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