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    Sygo Internet: What are the plans and how to hire?

    Sygo Internet: What are the plans and how to hire?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 15, 2022 | Technology | 0

    A Sygo Internet offers extensive online connection coverage for residents of Rio Grande do Sul, including small, medium and large companies. However, most people have doubts about how it works, what are the benefits, plan possibilities, among other issues.

    After reading this post, it will be easier to make a decision that is more in line with your needs or that of the company. Follow up!

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    Sygo Internet: what is it? 

    Sygo is a company that offers internet service to customers through optical fiber or radio. Although the speed changes according to the technology chosen by the consumer, the connection is one of the fastest on the market.

    It is part of the Proserver Telecomunicações group, which started its operations more than 19 years ago. 

    Sygo Internet: how does it work?

    Sygo Internet offers plans for both individuals and companies. From now on, we'll show you how it works in both cases. 

    Sygo Internet for individuals 

    One of the main advantages of this internet is that the connection has no usage limit and consumption allowance. The company's proposal is to make the user explore the advantages of the virtual world without difficulties or bureaucracy. 

    Have you ever had problems watching videos, movies and series online? With Sygo Internet, the user doesn't suffer from sudden drops, those exactly at the most important moment of a series episode or a soap opera chapter. Another positive point is that the service is in high resolution. 

    By contracting the company's plan, the customer can access social networks without interruptions. The connection is fast and clean. Sygo Internet is also recommended for those who play online, as it is agile and the player does not miss a detail during the game. You can also download simultaneously without affecting stability. 

    The user can download the application for free. Through this technology, you have access to different types of functionalities. 

    • Consult your account data;
    • Check your connection status;
    • Request auto unlock;
    • View your contract details;
    • Consult your contracted plan;
    • Issue 2nd way tickets;
    • Request support.

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    Sygo Internet for legal entities 

    If you are a small or medium business owner, you can hire Sygo Internet service for your company. It is ideal for businesses that need secure and fast connections for the day to day of the organization. 

    One of the most interesting points of this company is that it offers a personalized service for the company. That is, according to the needs of each business. 

    Sygo Internet also offers special plans for large companies. They are different because they allow them to have high download and upload consumption. The service still has other features.  

    • dedicated;
    • Symmetric; 
    • Permanent;
    • Guaranteed traffic; 
    • 24×7 monitoring;
    • No protocol or application restrictions. 

    For companies, Sygo Internet offers other digital solutions. Among the most common are: online backup, website hosting, domain registration and personalized email. 

    What are Sygo Internet's plans? 

    Sygo offers three customer plans: 

    Combo New Family 

    • 120Mb;
    • Download 120 Mbps;
    • Free WiFi;
    • Sygo Music;
    • Noggin;
    • * See activation value.

    Combo Best Family 

    • 240Mb;
    • Download 240 Mbps;
    • Free WiFi;
    • Sygo Music;
    • Noggin;
    • Paramount;
    • * See activation value.

    Combo Big Family 

    • 480Mb;
    • Download 480 Mbps;
    • Free WiFi;
    • Sygo Music + Noggin;
    • + Paramount;
    • + Cartoon;
    • * See activation value.

    On Sygo Internet, the user does not need to monitor data consumption. The company's plans were developed for customers to use the internet, without worrying about deductibles. Use of the service is unlimited. 

    What is the ideal plan for my residence? 

    Choosing an internet plan depends on several factors, such as the number of users browsing the same connection and the speed. In this topic, we will address the second question in more detail. 

    If you intend to use the internet to receive e-mails, check social networks and watch the best videos on YouTube, it is not necessary to invest in high-capacity technology. Generally, the most indicated speed is between 1 to 10 Megas. 

    Those who use the internet to marathon series, download movies and access cloud solutions, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, should choose a speed between 10 to 50 Megas.  

    But, if you are used to accessing streaming services, the speed between 50 and 300 Mega is one of the most suitable, especially if there are several devices connected at the same time. 

    If you still have doubts about which plan to choose, we recommend using the Sygo Speed ​​Test. This is a tool that helps you check the quality of your current connection.

    If it is underwhelming and crashing a lot, you can order a better plan with a faster connection. The service is free and your data is not shared with others. 

    What is Sygo Internet's coverage? 

    Sygo Internet is available in several locations in the State of Rio Grande Sul. Discover the full list below:

    • Rosemary;
    • High Cheerful;
    • Tiger Creek;
    • Bossoroca;
    • Southern Caçapava;
    • Cacequi;
    • little waterfall;
    • Caibaté; 
    • Campina das Missions;
    • Cândido Godói;
    • Catuípe;
    • Long Hill;
    • Colonel Barros;
    • Doctor Maurício Cardoso;
    • Entre-Ijuís;
    • Eugenio de Castro;
    • Fortaleza dos Valos;
    • Giruá;
    • Gravataí;
    • Guarani of the Missions;
    • Ibiruba;
    • Ijui;
    • Independence;
    • Julius de Castilho;
    • Três Cantos Lagoon;
    • Burnt Forest;
    • Mormaço;
    • New Axe;
    • Pejuçara;
    • Port Lucena;
    • Maua Port;
    • Porto Vera Cruz;
    • Porto Xavier;
    • November fifteenth;
    • Rock Gonzales;
    • Southern Rosary;
    • Jump of the Jacui;
    • Savior of the Missions;
    • Santa Margarida do Sul;
    • Santa Rosa;
    • Santiago;
    • Saint Angelo;
    • Saint Christ;
    • Saint Gabriel;
    • São Miguel das Missões;
    • our Mission City;
    • São Pedro do Butia;
    • Saint Sepe;
    • Senator Salgado Filho;
    • September XNUMX;
    • Solitude;
    • Three of May;
    • Tuparendi;
    • Victor Graeff;
    • Vila Nova do Sul;
    • Victory of the Missions. 

    You can still find Sygo Internet Tapera, Sygo Intenet Porto Alegre, Sygo Internet Cruz Alta, among others.

    How to hire Sygo Internet? 

    Sygo Internet's hiring process is very simple. You subscribe to a plan straight from your home. The Call Center telephone number is: 0800 645 1217. 

    If you prefer, you can sign the Sygo contract online. The page visitor must click on the option “Sygo calls you”, which is located at the bottom of the website, as shown in the image below. 

    By clicking on this button, you must fill in the following data: name, telephone, city, e-mail and desired plan. Afterwards, the company itself will contact you. 

    Want one more option to subscribe to a plan? 

    You can enter the company's official website and search for the plans that are located on the website's homepage.

    When locating them, choose the alternative that best suits your profile and click on “Hire Now”. Then, fill in the details (name, e-mail, telephone and city) so that the attendant can contact you in the next few hours. 

    Legal entities can also start the hiring process through the internet. In the top menu of the home page, just click on “For Business”, “Internet”. Then click on “Hire Now!”. 

    The Sygo Internet Service Center telephone number is 0800 645 1217. The technical support contact number is 55 3541 0700. Those who prefer face-to-face service can contact the company at three units:

    Cruz Alta Unit

    Sygo Telecom store
    City: Cruz Alta
    Address: Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 944
    ZIP CODE: 98005-170
    Phone: (55) 3198-0808
    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 18:00
    Saturday: 08: 00 at 12: 00 

    Caçapava do Sul Unit

    Sygo Telecom store
    City: Caçapava do Sul
    Address: Rua Benjamin Constant, 785 sala 04
    ZIP CODE: 96570-000
    Phone: (55) 3198-0820
    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 18:00
    Saturday: 08: 00 at 12: 00

    São Gabriel Unit 

    Sygo Telecom store
    City: San Gabriel
    Address: Rua Duque de Caxias, 392
    ZIP CODE: 97300-226
    Phone: (55) 3198-0820
    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 18:00
    Saturday: 08: 00 at 12: 00

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