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    Stickers for WhatsApp: 5 ways to download new stickers in the app

    Downloading stickers for WhatsApp can be much simpler than you think, be it animated or static. Currently, it is possible to add stickers through the messenger itself, from the Google keyboard or by saving an image sent by a contact.

    There is also the option to download apps with sticker packs or create your own sticker. shows you all the ways to download and install WhatsApp stickers and make your conversations even more fun.

    1. By WhatsApp itself

    Through the WhatsApp stickers feature, the user can save the available images individually or download the complete package. It is in the tool that users find the animated stickers, which move when they are sent. See how simple it is.

    1. Open WhatsApp and access the conversation with the group or contact you want to send a sticker to;

    2. Next to the app's message box, tap the smiley emoji icon;

    3. In the options menu that opens, tap on an icon that resembles a folded sheet, at the bottom of the app, to access the stickers feature;

    4. now go to +, located just below the WhatsApp microphone icon;

    5. You will see a list of stickers. Tap on one of these packs to view available stickers. Animated stickers are those indicated with a play icon (indicated with an arrow below) next to their name. The way to add moving or static ones is the same, as we will show in the next steps;

    6. If you only liked a few, you can save them individually. To do this, tap on the sticker you want and hold for a few seconds. You will see the message Do you want to add this sticker to favorites?. Go in Add to Cart;

    • The image will be available on your favorite stickers (a star icon )

    7. If you liked them all, then tap the button Download, to install the entire package.

    In this case, a package icon will appear in the stickers section. The pack stickers are also cataloged by the app through the emotions desired by the user, available in the heart icon.

    2. By Google Keyboard (GBoard)

    Devices with the Android system usually have GBoard, Google's keyboard app, installed from the factory. The app can also be purchased by iPhone users through the App Store.

    In addition to the stickers, it offers features such as translation, search, one-handed use, among other options. As far as the stickers are concerned, it allows you to use individual images without having to download or download your favorite packages.

    1. Open WhatsApp and access a conversation in which you want to share stickers;

    2. Tap on the WhatsApp message box to activate the keyboard. On the keyboard itself, tap on the smiley emoji icon, next to the space bar;

    3. On the next screen, go to the icon that resembles a folded sheet with a smiley face to access the stickers;

    4. Tap on the icon + to view the available sticker options;

    5. When you find a package/theme that interests you, tap on it (not on add) to see the available images;

    • Packs that feature a play icon indicate animated stickers. They are shared as GIFs.

    6. If you just want to share a sticker from the package, tap on it and it will be automatically sent to the contact. If it's an animated sticker, it's sent as a GIF, which requires a shipping confirmation;

    • The uploaded image is not saved, but is temporarily stored in the recently used stickers section (clock icon). If you don't want to lose sight of it after a while, follow the same process as for saving stickers sent by a contact, explained below.

    7. Did you like a whole sticker pack? then tap Add to Cart. In this case, an icon of the package will appear in the stickers tray of Gboard and they can be accessed there whenever you want;

    8. To find a sticker by theme, tap on the magnifying glass icon and then type in the term you want. Soon, all related stickers will be available. Just tap on whatever you want to send it to the contact.

    custom figurine

    GBoard gives you the option to create stickers that are literally just like you. For that, just go to Minis and, on the next screen, frame the face within the frame and press the button with the camera.

    Try to record in a bright environment, so that the resource can capture your physical characteristics well. Then, 3 packs of stickers will be generated: Mini emojis, sweets and brave ones.

    If you think the result was not reliable, you can edit the little doll in Personalize.

    3. Saving stickers for a contact

    Received a fun sticker and would like to save it for later use? Well, the process is very simple. Just tap on the received image and hold for a few seconds to select it.

    Note that no options will appear at the top of the screen. Tap the star icon to favorite the sticker.

    To use your favorite stickers, just access the emoji icon next to the WhatsApp message box. Then tap on the image that looks like a folded sheet and then tap on the star icon .

    4. By application

    If the available stickers don't suit you, you can still resort to apps that offer sticker packs. The easiest way to find these apps is through WhatsApp itself.

    For that, one more time, go to the emoji icon next to the keyboard → folded sheet icon → icon of +. . . . Role distributed all figurines until the end and go on get more stickers.

    The messenger will open the store with app options with sticker packs available on Google Play or App Store for you to download. These apps are usually free, but they have a lot of advertising, which can be quite inconvenient for some.

    Generally speaking, they work in a similar way. Let's take as an example the Toda Figurinhas - WAStickerApps, one of the best evaluated in terms of stickers. Upon opening, the sticker packs are listed, divided by themes.

    Unlike the native stickers of WhatsApp and Gboard, it is not possible to preview or use the images of the packages in advance. It is necessary to download the package. To do this, tap the down arrow icon. In other programs, it may say download or have an icon similar to the arrow.

    After downloading, tap on the icon +, which will appear where the arrow was. On the next screen, go to Add to WhatsApp and confirm in Add to Cart. The package will be together with the others downloaded on WhatsApp itself.

    5. Make your own sticker

    Nothing better than creating your own sticker to express yourself the way you prefer. You can make fun stickers using photos of you and your friends. If you want to add a touch of humor, insert iconic phrases or phrases that refer to funny situations.

    teaches you how in step by step How to make stickers and make WhatsApp more fun.


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