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    Sicalc Web: what is it and how to use it?

    Sicalc Web: what is it and how to use it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 13, 2022 | Technology |

    Sicalc Web is the Federal Revenue's Legal Addition Calculation System (Sicalc).

    It is a free program that aims to bring more practicality to the taxpayer when calculating the amount owed to the Treasury and requesting the issuance of the document to make the payment (DARF).

    In addition, the technology can calculate the interest and fines of those people who were in default. 

    The software is a free program and developed by the Federal Revenue of our country. It contains two modalities and can be used not only by legal entities, but also by individuals.

    With a few clicks, users can print the collection document to settle financial pending issues with the Revenue. 

    In this post, we will explain how Sicalc Web works, what are its main features, features, how to download Sicalc 2022, among other issues. Follow up! 

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    After all, what is Sicalc Web for? 

    With the objective of improving the calculation and printing of the DARF (Tax Collection Document), Sicalc Web enables the taxpayer to issue and collect guides directly from the system.

    Even for those payments were not made on time. 

    The technology is modern and automatically calculates the interest and fine levied on the amount and issues the payment slip in the network of accredited financial institutions. 

    What functions are available on Sicalc Web? 

    The name is self-explanatory, that is, the functions that are available by the system are: calculation and printing of document for payment of obligations that the taxpayer has not yet settled with the Federal Revenue.

    Access to the system is open to individuals or legal entities. The most interesting thing is that the support of the accountant is not necessary to complete the process. You must add the information that is requested.

    Among the most common are: name, CPF or CNPJ and tax calculation period. Then, the taxpayer can issue the DARF immediately, at no cost. 

    What versions of Sicalc Web are available? 

    In total, there are two alternatives for the taxpayer to use Sicalc Web.

    The Ministry of Economy has made available the online model that can be accessed directly through the Federal Revenue website. Sicalc (AA Self Service) is the offline model of the system.

    Sicalc download 2022 can be done from the recipe page. 

    How to get access to Sicalc 2022? 

    To access the Sicalc AA offline modality, it is necessary to access the official website of the Revenue and download the file to your computer.

    It is critical to make it clear that the software may not open on devices that contain operating systems that emerged after Windows XP.

    If you experience this issue, we recommend installing the program that is compatible with the technology. 

    The version contains similar functionality as Sicalc Web. However, it requires updating on the first business day of the month, due to the Selic rate, which is updated in the same period.

    For the contributor to update Sicalc 2022, it is essential to download the full modality of the application, as you cannot download only the update packages.  

    How to use Sicalc Web? 

    The process to use Sicalc 2022 is simpler than it looks. You must enter the official website of the Revenue and select the alternative that best matches your profile, that is: individual or legal entity.

    Then click on payment. After filling in the information that is requested on the form, you must issue the DARF for payment and finish the process. 

    The procedure is similar for Sicalc AA, but it is not necessary to enter the Revenue website if the taxpayer does not have the system installed and updated on his computer. 

    If you intend to download Sicalc 2022, it is essential to note that it is now possible to issue documents from Sicalc WEB with barcodes, a novelty to simplify the taxpayer's relationship with the Revenue.

    Here, an important guideline is worth: the taxpayer is responsible for filling in the data for issuing the DARF.

    Therefore, be very careful to prevent errors that can impair the identification of the payment that is linked to the CPF or CNPJ by the Federal Revenue. 

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