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    Safrapay fees: how much does it cost to use the service?

    Safrapay fees: how much does it cost to use the service?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 28, 2022 | Finance |

    Safrapay fees is one of the most common questions among customers, before hiring one of the plans of this financial institution. Therefore, we decided to list the costs of all services, highlighting the impacts they can bring to your pocket.

    At the end of the content, we have developed a complete analysis so that you can learn how to choose the best alternative for your company's financial reality. So do not lose more time. Continue reading and clear all your doubts. 

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    Safrapay Fees: What Are They? 

    Safrapay fees vary depending on the plan chosen by the customer. See below for the rates for each alternative. 

    Basic account 

    If you still don't know what your needs are, the basic package may be the best alternative, since the customer only needs to worry about fees if they use any service. 

    • Balance / Statement in Electronic Terminal / Archive / 24-hour Terminal (External Networks) 4,00;
    • Withdrawals at the Cashier / 24-hour Terminal (External Networks) 10,00;
    • Transfers between Crop 2,00 Accounts;
    • DOC – Internet Banking or Application 5,90;
    • TED – Internet Banking or Application 5,90;
    • Payment of Bills and Consumption Bills 5,00;
    • Pix transfer (Pix payment with bank details or recipient's Pix key – per transaction) 1,3% of the amount Min. 1,50 / Max. 5,90;
    • Receipt via QR Code Pix (per transaction) 1,3% of the Min. 1,50 / Max. 150,00;
    • SafraPay Digital Card – annual fee per bearer 192,00;
    • Supply of 2nd copy of Card 10,00;
    • Expense Dispute – Chargeback.

    The values ​​of the other services are available in the document that was produced by the institution itself. 

    Safrapay Light Account 

    In this plan, the customer is entitled to the Safra Token; consolidated statement, automatic debit and scheduling. The package also offers card sales manager, unlimited transfers between bank accounts and four transfers to other financial institutions. 

    The first debit card order can be requested through the SafraPay Digital app. To be entitled to all these benefits, it is necessary to pay an amount of $ 9,90 monthly. Compared to the single account, the services would have a total fee of BRL 31,60. 

    Safrapay Account 1 

    The next option on our list offers the Safra Token customer, consolidated statement, automatic debit and scheduling. You are still entitled to the card sales administrator and the first debit card order, which can be requested through the SafraPay Digital app. 

    As with the previous alternative, transfers between Safra accounts are unlimited. However, 22 transfers to other financial institutions are allowed. The customer can still pay, at least, once the tickets, taxes and concessionaires. He is also entitled to a 24-hour cash withdrawal. 

    To access all these benefits, you will need to make a payment of $ 19,90 monthly. In the separate account, the investment value would be higher, reaching R$ 188,80. 

    Safrapay Account 2 

    As the plans advance, the amount of benefits and the package value grows. With R$ 39,90, you would have access to the following benefits. 

    • Safra Token;
    • Consolidated Statement;
    • Automatic Debit / Scheduling;
    • Card sales manager;
    • First Debit Card order through the SafraPay Digital app);
    • Unlimited transfers between Safra accounts;
    • 44 transfers to other financial institutions; 
    • 3 payments released from Boletos, Taxes and Dealers;
    • 3 Withdrawals at the 24-hour cashier.

    Unlimited Safrapay Account 

    The last option on our list offers different types of unlimited services to the user. Among the most common, are:

    • transfer to accounts belonging to the same bank;
    • transfers to other financial institutions;
    • unlimited payments of bills, taxes and concessionaires, in addition to withdrawals at 24-hour cashiers. 

    You also have access to the other services that were mentioned in the previous plans. 

    • Safra Token
    • Consolidated Statement
    • Automatic Debit and Scheduling
    • Card sales manager;
    • First debit card order through the SafraPay Digital app.  

    To use all the services without limitations, you must pay a monthly fee in the amount of R$ 69,90

    Bonus tip: you can use the Safrapay simulator to find out how much you can earn with the SafraPay machine. 

    For questions about the above plans, you can contact the safrapay phone.

    • (11) 3175-8248 – Capital is our city;
    • 0300 015 7575 – Other locations.

    The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 21:00 pm. 

    How to choose the best Safrapay plan? 

    It is not enough just to know Safrapay rates to choose which is the most suitable alternative for your company's planning. It is important to analyze, for example, what the company's needs are at the moment. 

    If you are in the habit of making few transfers to other financial institutions, the Safrapay Light account can be a great alternative for your pocket. In addition to having a low monthly fee (R$ 9,90), the entrepreneur can make four transfers free of charge. 

    On the other hand, if your organization is in the habit of making a lot of financial transactions, the Safrapay 2 Account can be interesting, as it allows you to make 44 transactions to other institutions.

    For companies that cannot calculate the amount of transactions that are made every month, perhaps, the Safrapay Unlimited account is the most suitable option. 

    Therefore, it is important not only to analyze the tariff values, but also what are the benefits that each alternative offers. After all, it's no use choosing the Safrapay 1 account if your company is in the habit of making more than 22 transfers to other financial institutions.

    To analyze which is the best alternative, we recommend revisiting the company's history. Thus, you will better understand which types of services are most used and which option fits according to the reality of the company. 

    Safrapay application

    Here, an important warning is worth: in addition to analyzing Safrapay rates and the benefits of each institution's plan, it is essential to check what other services are available by the bank. The SafraPay Digital app, for example, is a benefit that cannot be ignored on our list. 

    Available on Google Play and the App Store, it brings more practicality to the administration of your company. Find out about the benefits available below. 

    • Payments and withdrawals with QR code;
    • Transfer and simplified payment;
    • Sales Management – ​​SafraPay Machine
    • Support: service from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 21 pm

    Safrapay worth it?  

    It is possible to say that the account offers several interesting benefits to the consumer. Another positive point is that Safrapay plans bring more financial predictability, since the entrepreneur does not have to worry about excessive spending at the end of the month. 

    After all, he already knows the amount he will have to pay for the services that were made at the bank. The Safrapay- Reclame Aqui note also highlights the company's credibility in the market. As of September 2022, the score was 7.2 out of 10, which is considered good by the platform.

    In the system, it has already answered 99.2% of complaints, with a solution rate of 81.4%. In total, 47.8% of consumers would do business with the company again. 

    About Safrapay

    Banco Safra is considered by most entrepreneurs to be one of the best options when it comes to providing services to companies in our country. To gain credibility in the market, the bank brought a new alternative to facilitate the means of payment for companies. 

    SafraPay eliminates the need to have a card machine for payments. The financial institution also offers the best rate alternatives not only for debit negotiations, but also for credits. 

    It is important to highlight that Safrapay is one of the most economical on the market when compared to Pagseguro, Sumup Rates, Infinitepay,  

    Safrapay also offers an interesting possibility for anyone to earn extra income at the end of the month: Safrapay Autonômo. Simply refer the company to customers and earn between R$50 to R$1.500 per referral. Go to the official website and check the program rules. 

    After discovering the main information about Safrapay fees, learn how the PJ Simple Account works. Another interesting possibility for entrepreneurs looking to combine practicality and economy during their routine. 

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