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    Renner Card: how to request and consult the invoice

    Renner Card: how to request and consult the invoice

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 28, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    O Renner card is an exclusive form of credit for purchases at Renner Camicado and Ashua stores, regardless of whether purchases are made in physical or virtual stores.

    It is a 100% digital card with no annual fee, which offers exclusive payment conditions, insurance and special discounts for cardholders.

    But be careful, in addition to the Renner card, which you will learn more about in this article, there is also the Meu Cartão Renner card, which is very similar.

    When ordering in the store or in the app, pay attention to make sure you are choosing the Renner Card. Thus, you enjoy the benefit of not paying an annual fee, among others that Meu Cartão does not have.

    Renner Card: Advantages and Benefits

    The Renner card has several advantages and benefits that make it a very interesting option:

    • Credit card with no annual fee;

    • Offers exclusive conditions to buy at Renner stores and also at Camicado;

    • You can install purchases in the virtual store in up to 10 interest-free installments;

    • Can include up to four dependents at no additional cost;

    • You can buy in booklet mode and start paying 30 days after purchase;

    • 10% discount on the first purchase at the Virtual Store or at any Renner store on the same day the card was made;

    • It has an application that facilitates the management of expenses on the Renner card, consult the available limit and also allows the payment of invoices;

    • Gives access to a digital card for more practicality and safe purchase;

    • It has the Quick Loan option, where you can get a personal loan with less bureaucracy.

    Renner Card: How to Apply?

    To request a Renner card, you can go to any Renner store in our country or install the Renner app on your smartphone and request it through the Cards menu.

    In both application processes you will need photo identification and your CPF number.

    It is worth remembering that requests are subject to credit analysis, and your request may be refused.

    As soon as your Renner card is approved, it will be available for use.

    If the request was made at a store, you will receive a physical card; if you made the app you will receive a virtual Renner card to make your purchases at any time.

    Renner Card: Why can your request be refused?

    The analysis is done automatically and takes into account various information available in public and supplier databases.

    In this way, the system cross-references the information to obtain the necessary data and verify that it complies with Renner's internal policy.

    Your application may be refused even if you have no credit restrictions, that is, you have a clean name.

    If you had your Renner card application rejected, wait a few days and apply again.

    Renner Card: How to check the invoice?

    To request your Renner card invoice, you can use the following channels:

    • Site;

    • Quick access;
    • App from Renner (iOS | Android);

    • WhatsApp.

    If you cannot get through these channels, you can also go to the nearest Renner store and request your invoice for payment at the cashier or to a professional in the card sector.

    With your invoice slip in hand or even with your barcode, just make the payment through your bank's application or go to a bank branch, lottery store or the nearest place where you can make the payment.

    At the cashiers at Renner stores, you can get your invoice and make the payment.

    Attention: when accessing the website or quick access, you will be on the website of Realize Soluções Financeiras, a financial institution of Lojas Renner SA

    So you can rest assured that the site is safe.

    Renner Card: How to request a 2nd copy of the card

    The request for a second copy of the Renner card must be made at the Renner stores closest to you.

    For this, make sure you have your documents up to date when you go to the store to ask for a duplicate.

    Renner Card: Other facilities

    The Renner card has other facilities available to its customers with access through the app installed on their cell phone.

    Secure Bag

    Bolsa Segura is an insurance offered by Renner that protects the customer's purse and belongings in the event of theft.

    It also protects the card in case of unrecognized purchases or withdrawals.

    Both the cardholder and the dependents can hire Bolsa Segura, as long as they are between 18 and 70 years old.

    And if you find that the insurance is not being useful, you can request cancellation through the app itself or through the Call Center (0800 727 9505).

    Safe and Fast Withdrawal

    Saque Rápido is a personal loan that is available to active Renner card customers who have been pre-selected.

    This credit is granted by Realize Crédito, Financiamento e Investimentos, a financial institution of Lojas Renner SA, which is the banking correspondent in this operation.

    To request, you can go to a Renner store with your identification document and ask the clerk at the cashier.

    You can also do this with the quick access to the app, under the Cards option.

    If the request is made and approved at the store, you leave with the money on the spot.

    But if you do it through the app, you can choose to withdraw at the cashier of a Renner store or receive the amount directly into your checking account.

    This loan has fees that may vary according to the institution's credit policy and you can pay in up to 15 installments, according to the contracted amount.

    To pay the installments, you can go to a Renner store, generate the slip through the Renner app or via WhatsApp (51 3921-4004) on working days.

    Payment can be made at lottery, bank terminals or financial institutions of your choice.

    With so many benefits, having a Renner card becomes quite attractive, especially if you have room for another credit card without an annual fee in your financial planning.

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