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    Relaxing massage: 7 simple and efficient movements

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    Relaxing massage: 7 simple and efficient movements

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 9, 2022 | News |

    If you suffer from muscle pain, tension, anxiety, stress and other similar problems, one thing that can help is a good relaxing massage. You may end up relieving problems caused by these situations, including posture problems. With this, you end up improving your health, resulting in an almost immediate well-being after the relaxing massage.

    With a relaxing massage, you can improve your body's blood flow and increase your body temperature. This ends up releasing the toxins that are trapped in the muscles. You can still use combinations with elements such as candles, aromas, stones and much more. Below, we've separated everything you need to know to apply a good relaxing massage.

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    What is a relaxing massage?

    If you still don't know exactly what a relaxing massage is, don't worry, we'll explain. This is a massage technique that mixes firmer movements with gentle movements in certain parts of the body. This movement ends up stimulating the body to release relaxing hormones such as oxytocin, which makes the person feel better.

    Oxytocin, for example, alleviates feelings of fear and improves stress, much like serotonin. With it, the person's mood is normalized, along with the sensation of pain, sensitivity and heartbeat. 

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    What types of relaxing massages are there?

    In general, at least taking into account the normal, all types of massage are relaxing, however, depending on the type of problem that the person has, there will be a type of massage that is more suitable for this, generating a greater result. They can work as body therapy, so that the body recovers from some trauma. Among the relaxing massages, the most common are mentioned below:

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    Bambootherapy relaxing massage

    As its name suggests, Bambootherapy uses bamboos of different sizes in relaxing massage, being a technique of French origin. In addition to being a relaxing technique, it also offers aesthetic benefits, as it works a type of lymphatic drainage and reduces measurements.

    Relaxing massage with hot candle

    This relaxing massage can be known as Melted Candle or Candle Massage. Its operation is very simple, with the application of melted wax directly on the skin at a temperature between 38°C and 39°C. This technique works in stress reduction and momentary relaxation.

    Relaxing hot stone massage

    One of the oldest techniques of relaxing massage, considered millenary, is also one of the most sought after. Hot stones are applied directly to the skin, so their heat is spread through the body's muscles, thus causing a feeling of relaxation as it spreads. This reduces the symptoms of hyperactivity and the tensions in the body.

    Reflexology relaxing massage

    Another well-known, this relaxing massage technique works through pressure points on the feet and hands, so the energy of Organs internal organs can be stimulated or unblocked. The mentioned zones serve as a minimap so that the masseur knows how to act on the body, each pressure point corresponds to a different organ.

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    The benefits of a relaxing massage

    Relaxing massage is very suitable for anxious and distressed people, precisely because of its calming effects. Thus, not only the psychological part is positively affected, but the whole body. In this way, in addition to being calmer, the massage will have an invigorating effect, after the session you will probably feel more energetic.

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    Contraindications of a relaxing massage

    Before booking or having your relaxing massage, you need to be aware of a few things, since, like practically everything, relaxing massage can have some contraindications. Depending on various circumstances, some movements can cause serious bodily harm or make some minor traumas that you may have on your body even worse.

    Thus, the massage therapist needs to know in advance the main information about your health before applying any massage, thus making the best decision and choosing the best massage technique, if you see that it can be applied. If you have a dubious or incomplete diagnosis, relaxing massage ends up being contraindicated. 

    Among the main situations where massage is contraindicated, we have: mental illnesses, serious, cancer, recent burns, open wounds, thrombosis, non-solidified fractures, osteoporosis, hemorrhages, phlebitis and infectious fever. 

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    Tips for a good relaxing massage

    When performing a relaxing massage, you should not only pay attention to the movements, techniques and types of massage. There are some tips that can help you at the time of the massage, they are: Remove all your rings, jewelry and watch before starting; Make sure your nails are cut; Choose to do the massage on the floor instead of the bed, if you don't have the appropriate stretcher; Use vegetable oils instead of body moisturizers; e Put on some relaxing music to further enhance the mood.

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    7 moves to make a good relaxing massage

    Now that you know more about relaxing massage, it's time to check out some great moves you can use during massage. Below, we've listed seven of these moves that will leave the person you're massaging feeling relaxed and satisfied. 

    1- Transverse sliding

    To start with, we have the transverse slide, which is a more suitable movement for massages on the lower limbs. On the side of the member, you will use both hands to slide from top to bottom, stimulating the entire region with light and calm movements. 

    2- Circular movements

    In this maneuver, you will need to use your entire hand to perform it, by pressing lightly with circular movements on the skin, you will be able to generate a feeling of relaxation by repeating the movement a few times.  

    3- Elephant step

    For this movement, you will need a towel, which is more suitable for a relaxing massage in the buttocks region. On top of the towel, you will close your hands and press your buttocks a few times.

    4- Kneading

    The differential of the kneading technique is that it can be used in two different ways: transversal or circular. In the massage area, place your hands overlapping and press lightly and slowly on the area, you can use circular, transverse movements or vary between both.

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    5- Compliance position

    Indicated for the upper limbs, the compliance position movement is one of the most interesting. With only one hand, it will be necessary to use a technique on the outside of the limb, kneading and sliding in the region. 

    6- Waltz position

    Much like the one above, you will also glide and knead your upper body members. The main difference is that, instead of performing on the outside, this massage is done on the inside of the limb. 

    7- Facial

    Finally, as a relaxing massage movement, we have the facial, which, as the name implies, is done on the person's face. In it, the main tip is to perform movements that go from the bottom up and in a circular way, using especially the tips of the fingers, not the palm of the hand, so, little by little you will go all over the face until you reach the temples. 

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