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    Program for electronic invoice: the 9 best options

    Program for electronic invoice: the 9 best options

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 1, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you own any electronic invoice program? It's always good to have one to make running your business even easier.

    Until recently, the invoice was filled in by hand. With the emergence of the internet and the great digital evolution, this is no longer necessary, generating savings in time and work for employees.

    Several programs and digital systems work with the issuance of electronic invoices (NF-e), facilitating the financial registration of your company or business. Without these tax documents, it is practically impossible to monitor and control your sales. 

    We put together a selection of the best programs that issue electronic invoices. So, just choose the best one and start using it.  

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    How does the electronic invoice (NF-e) work?

    With the objective of replacing the paper tax document, the NF-e brought a great change from the real to the virtual.

    In addition to optimizing the work, as mentioned above, the electronic invoice is also very efficient for document storage, even saving space.

    In addition to making the company's life easier, having an electronic invoice program also becomes essential to optimize the tax inspection work. 

    Although it is necessary to have an electronic invoice program, it can be a little bureaucratic to make this happen, as it is necessary to fulfill some requirements for the NF-e. Are they:

    • Possess your digital certificate that you can check more about on the website of the Secretary of Finance;
    • Have your company also accredited by the Secretary of Finance (SEFAZ);
    • Being able to issue an NF-e in a program for electronic invoice. 

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    Issue electronic invoice: the best options

    Now that you know more about NF-e, it's time to check out an option for an electronic invoice program. It's up to you to see what best fits your needs:

    1. Sebrae

    Program for electronic invoice: the 9 best options

    The Sebrae electronic invoice program is one of the main ones on the market. The system is a result of a partnership between Sebrae and the government of our city.

    This program stands out for not imposing limits on the issuance of the NF-e per month. Thus, the entrepreneur can issue as many invoices as he wants. In addition, the Sebrae system is available throughout our country.

    It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to have a registration on the platform to be able to use it.

    To start using it, just enter your registration data, complete your company information, install the program on your computer and check your machine's updated JAVA.

    With this, the software will be installed on your computer to issue invoices.

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    2. Accounting

    Offering accountant services and an electronic invoice program, Contabilizei can be a very useful and complete tool for your business.

    The app that until recently was free is now paid. The best plan if you work alone is the basic plan, which costs R$96 per month.

    There is also the standard option with a value of R$149 per month and the premium plan, which costs R$289 per month. In all these options, the program for electronic invoice is unlimited.

    The company's customer service is open from 9 am to 18 pm.

    3. Count the Blue

    Serving both those who offer products and those who offer services in a company, ContaAzul is a program for electronic invoices that can issue invoices for both cases.

    In addition to this functionality, the software allows users to manage cash flow, make bank imports, accounting integration, financial control, inventory and sales. 

    Up to four plans are available to customers. The most basic costs R$ 89 per month. Although it is possible to have only one user in this plan, all the services mentioned above are available.

    There will be 3 electronic invoices for products and 3 for services, unlimited slips, R$3,50 per cleared slip and free support. 

    4. City Hall

    The City Hall of your city can offer a program for free invoice for those who are MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur). However, you will have to go to the City Hall to find out which documents you will need to bring to start your registration in the software. 

    Some Municipalities may also require the presentation of the CNPJ of your business, in addition to a document from the Fire Department and even from the Health Surveillance, if your business has any involvement with the food sector.

    After registering, you may need to wait a few days to start using the electronic invoice program. 

    The City may end up making a single charge that is annual: that of the permit. So, always try to stay informed about the value of the permit that will come next year, since it will depend a lot on your activity, the CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities).

    5. Ao3 NFe

    Program for electronic invoice: the 9 best options

    Ao3 is a very complete electronic invoice program on the market. It issues service, product, tax consumer invoices, transport documents, whether CT-e and MDF-e, in addition to rural producer invoices.

    Up to two plans are available for users: the monthly one worth R$54 reais and the annual one worth R$530.

    In addition to the services mentioned above, the tool also has an electronic payment platform, automatic backup, access to capture and training for users.

    However, the monthly plan does not include installation, technical support and 1-hour online deployment.

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    6. Notasoft

    This is a simple program for electronic invoice. To start using Notasoft, simply register on the platform and wait for your access password to be released for use.

    Through this tool, NF-e can be released directly into the system or imported in XML or text file format. 

    All invoices go through a digital signature system, ensuring the validity of all data involved in the process. After completing this procedure, the electronic invoice is sent to the Treasury Department of your state.

    7. NFe+

    Another program option for electronic invoices is NFe+, which allows the user to manage, store and send the invoice without further complications.

    The operation is very simple and the broadcast works on any computer with internet, without the need to install any other program.

    It is only necessary to inform the NFe+ data and wait for the system to generate the XML file and the Danfe Web. After that, it is sent to the Secretary of Finance and after being approved it can be issued.

    However, there is a limitation on the volume of notes, and only 15 NFe+ can be issued at no cost. 

    8. FREENFe

    This is a program for electronic invoices with a free issuer and has other functionalities for the user.

    With it, it is possible to send the NF-e by e-mail, share it with the accountant responsible for your business, in addition to resources for correcting possible errors in an invoice.

    However, the platform design can be considered a negative point, as it is quite simple to use. Thus, it may end up not being as intuitive as the other tool options mentioned above. 

    9. Make it easy

    Offering a variety of supports for professionals specializing in accounting, in the financial and tax sector, Facilite is another program option for electronic invoices.

    The system to issue the NF-e is free. Just register to get the software. There is no limit to how many invoices you can issue.

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