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    Preply vs Italki: which is better for learning English?

    Preply vs Italki: which is better for learning English?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 24, 2022 | Technology |

    Preply vs Italki can be considered a big “battle” when we talk about learning English online.

    This is because both alternatives offer great resources for students, in a simple and unbureaucratic way. 

    In order for you to choose the best alternative for your development and for your pocket, we are going to cover all the details about both options.

    Follow along and clear all your doubts. 

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    Preply vs Italki: which is the best option? 

    From now on, we will address several points that help the student to choose between Preply vs Italki.

    We will highlight issues such as: price of classes, benefits and disadvantages of the platform, among others. 

    Preply vs Italki: which is better for learning English?

    Teacher quality

    Both platforms contain excellent quality teachers. They are indicated for those people who intend to participate in a selection process that requires knowledge of the language. 

    You can also count on the quality of teachers to get a good score on the most important exams in the language, including: IELTS, Goethe Certificates, DELF and JLPT. 

    It's an incredible opportunity to practice conversion. You learn to speak English confidently on a variety of subjects to accelerate your learning. 

    Pay attention to this point, as the quality of the online language teacher directly influences your results.

    Value of classes

    The teachers of each alternative are responsible for defining the value of the classes.

    At this point, it is important to point out that there are no differences, despite the Preply price being more economical ($2-$10). 

    The value of Italki is lower if the student intends to buy a class with the average price ($10-20).

    The important thing is to define how much you intend to invest and make a plan so as not to harm the budget.

    Advantages of platforms 

    When comparing Preply vs Italki, it is important to analyze what benefits the platform offers to students. Let's start with Italki.

    It allows the student to take a 30-minute trial class with multiple teachers. It's a great strategy to choose the most suitable teacher for your profile. 

    There are some free tools on Italki. User can record homework in notebook section.

    Here, you can debate on any topic that is related to the language. 

    Another important point is that the student can have contact with language partners to practice conversation for free.

    Now, let's highlight the benefits of Preply English.

    In it, you can have access to the Preply Space. It is a very similar tool to Skype, but it has its particularities. 

    With Preply Space, you can review vocabulary that the teacher has written. In addition, the tutor can share great content to help with learning development. 

    If you are looking for affordable online classes, Preply is a great alternative. To give you an idea, there are teachers who charge only three dollars an hour. 

    The student can find rates starting at $4 per hour.

    The rule is clear: the teacher's experience makes the price of the class increase. 


    To define which is the best alternative between Preply vs Italki, it is important to analyze the negative points of each platform. 

    At Italki, when requesting a class, it is necessary to pay the credit card fee (Visa, Mastercard, among others), which is 4%. 

    On Preply, the credit card fee is lower. Just pay US$0,30 when purchasing credits. 

    One of the main complaints among students and teachers is related to the Italki Classroom.

    This is because, for users, the quality of the tool is not similar to Skype.

    To top it off, several connection problems have already been identified. 

    The good news is that the system seems to be improving. So, the expectation is that he will be getting better and better for the next few months. 

    Preply's lack of flexibility is one of the points that deserve more attention when choosing a platform.

    When the student acquires hours with a tutor, there is no possibility of making substitutions. 

    Undoubtedly, it would be more interesting if the student could change tutors, if he had any difficulties relating to or understanding the material that is covered.

    After all, knowing more teachers is essential for student development. 

    Is it worth studying English online? 

    Regardless of whether you choose to study on Preply vs Italki, you may have doubts about whether it is worth studying online. 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, contacting language teachers online is very interesting for any student. 

    When students opt for online learning, they get more practicality, convenience, time control, cost-effectiveness and interaction with students from different cultures. 


    At this time, the best thing is to start classes as soon as possible.

    Set a tutor and take a test to better understand how the dynamic occurs.

    If the assessment is not positive, you can seek experience with another professional. 

    The most important thing is not to get discouraged. Learning English on the internet can be a big challenge. But you are solely responsible for its development. 

    To help you with this process, we recommend making a study plan and choosing the best time to absorb the material.

    Thus, you can enjoy the resources with more quality. 

    After discovering the main differences between Preply vs Italki, check out the 7 free and online course sites to study abroad. 

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