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    Pop It Toys: the 10 best to relax

    Pop It Toys: the 10 best to relax

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 14, 2022 | Shopping |

    O pop it is the newest darling of children in the toy world, he has become a great ally to relieve stress and distract himself.

    Its search has been gaining traction, thanks to a massive viral explosion on the TikTok app. 

    Pop it is part of the category of “Fidgets Toys“, which means fidget toy. In addition to stimulating the sensory part of the brain through touch, colors and sounds, they also help with concentration and promote feelings of well being to the user.

    In this way, these toys are able to help relieve stress, restlessness and control anxiety, in a very simple way.

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    Pop It Toys: What is it?

    Os Fidgets Toys emerged in the 90s, with the purpose of helping children with difficulties: autistic, attention deficit disorder, neurological problems, among others. 

    The main objective of the toys was to provide relaxation, softening the difficulties faced in everyday life, stimulating concentration and focus, as well as entertaining. 

    Currently, we have several types, all with the same objective of providing relief from stress, but some also bring a differential in meeting other types of needs. 

    Therefore, before purchasing this toy, it is advisable to research the features of each one, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Pop It Fidget Toy: the 10 best to relax

    Here's a list of the 10 most wanted pop-its:

    1. Pop it 

    It is the feeling of the moment, provides well-being, helps in concentration, works fine motor coordination, indicated to provide speed in reasoning and assist in brain development.

    If you are looking for Pop it at Americanas, know that on the Amazon website, you are faced with several options of size, shape and color. There is a pop it kit with several models and sizes.

    2. Spinners

    It had an explosion in 2022 and was the hit of the moment. It has a fixed central axis (where we hold it) and three tabs that rotate on this axis, between the fingers. Very suitable for autistic and people with attention deficit as they stimulate concentration. 

    It's a good alternative to have on hand when anxiety about the lack of a cell phone appears.

    3. Mood octopus 

    Made of plush, it has two faces in different colors, one with a happy expression and the other with an angry expression. They can be an excellent interaction tool for people to show what they feel. 

    Below you can check out more details about the #1 selling fidget toy on Amazon.

    4. Globes 

    Sticky and anti-stress balls that glow in the dark: small balls made of soft and very resistant material can be squeezed without the risk of breaking, glow in the dark and can be stuck to surfaces. Excellent for relieving stress.

    Several models are also available for sale on the Amazon website.

    5. Simple Dimple 

    It resembles the spinner in its shape, but does not rotate. Comes in a pop it keyring with polka dots on the ends that are squeezable. They provide relaxation and are widely used by adults in their work environment as a way of relieving the tension caused by routine. 

    6. Rainbow Vent Ball 

    Produced in silicone foam, it resembles gloobbles, but does not stick or glow in the dark. They come in different colors and formats, they are squeezed, excellent for stimulating children's motor coordination. Age indication from 10 years. 

    7. Stretchy Strings

    It is a silicone rope that works with perception. It can be stretched, interlaced between the fingers, simulate bracelet and is a great option to relieve stress.

    Furthermore, the Stretchy Strings it is also capable of working the muscles of the users' hands, fingers and arms.

    8. Rainbow Magic Ball Cube

    Stimulates logical thinking and color perception. It is a ball that has 12 holes and 11 smaller colored balls inside. The objective is to match the balls with the colors of the holes. Also indicated to stimulate creativity, at work and in studies.

    It resembles the Vent Ball, but is more detailed and has more purposes. 

    9. Squeeze Balls

    In silicone or gel, these are super malleable and resistant balls, made of transparent material and filled with different colored balls, also malleable. When squeezing, these balls stand out providing a feeling of satisfaction. 

    It has different shapes, check it out abaixo a Squeeze Balls that is shaped like a dinosaur. 

    10. Slime Doughs 

    Versatile and fun, they are still tops among children. They come in different colors and can even be mixed with glitter. Its main objective is to alleviate stress and cause feelings of well being in children and adults. 

    There are also other toys that can be considered as fidgets, due to their therapeutic characteristics. As an example, we have sensory rings, puzzles and even the famous Rubik's Cube.

    So choose the one that best suits your needs and have fun. check out here a complete kit, with several materials to assemble a slime according to your desire.

    Let's see now, a little more about the “number 01” among fidget toys, which has conquered not only children, but also adults and has become the new worldwide fever: Pop it.

    Pop it toy: why and how did it come about?

    Pop it, or “snap” in its literal translation, emerged in the mid-90s, with the aim of helping children with attention deficit, stimulating sensory interaction, promoting cognitive and motor benefits, aiding perception and concentration. 

    The Pop it toy was inspired by the famous bubble wrap, the one used to pack and protect fragile objects. Even today it is very common and almost irresistible not to pop each bubble and delight in the texture and sound produced. 

    The name Pop originates exactly because of the noise produced with each burst of the bubbles. Pop it is usually made of silicone, has high resistance, is durable, washable, reusable and comes in many different shapes and sizes, they are fun and very colorful. 

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    Benefits of Pop it 

    With the worsening of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, there was a need for social distancing, closing schools, clubs and all other types of places for face-to-face interaction. 

    And the effect was even greater and more noticeable in children, especially school-age children. The lack of direct contact with colleagues and their teachers affected them even more intensely, taking away the opportunity for collective activities. 

    Kindergarten teachers emphasize that it is extremely important for children to interact in groups.

    The Pop it toy emerged as an escape valve, its shapes and vibrant colors enchanted children and has been used to take them away from electronic equipment, such as notebooks, cell phones, tablets, among others, for some time. 

    These toys are going beyond their initial purpose, which was to relieve stress, anxiety, restlessness and help keep the child focused, they are becoming valuable tools to promote cognitive skills and motor coordination development.

    The Pop it can be round, square, rectangular or in other shapes (heart, unicorn, among others), but it maintains the same principle in all models, they are made up of colored bubbles, in flexible material.

    The movement performed to squeeze the bubbles, activate the interaction and the sensory tool, work the musculature of the hands, wrists and fingers, thus improving fine motor activities, such as buttoning buttons, cutting paper with scissors, painting, among others. 

    They also promote benefits in cognition, working on the perception of distance and depth, activates memory, stimulates reasoning, the ability to understand, in addition to assisting in the development of intellectual and emotional capacity.  

    Currently, with the proven efficiency for what it proposes, which is to relieve tensions and cause relaxation, among other benefits, psychologists are approving its use in therapies. 

    But they warn parents: for its effects to be effective and to produce all the therapeutic effects, it is necessary that at the time of interaction with the toy, the child is not developing any other activity.

    It is also worth mentioning that the benefits are not restricted to children and adolescents, adults are also surrendering to its charms and obtaining great results. 

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    Pop it as a pedagogical aid tool

    And of course, Pop it's are also becoming notorious in the classroom, which has stimulated teachers' creativity to insert toys into their teaching methodologies.

    Some teachers are already adhering to the use of pop it, as an auxiliary tool in mathematics learning, inserting it in the contexts of counting, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations, and also in counting.

    Because they are attractive and colorful, they are making school activities more attractive, stimulating learning and contributing positively to teaching. Teachers and students report satisfaction with the new methodology applied. 

    Where to buy

    With its popularity on the rise, several points of sale already make the toy available. You can easily find them at newsagents, street vendors, stores, malls and the internet. 

    In addition, Pop it in its various variations can be found on Amazon website, just access and search for “Pop it” to be able to choose yours and start your anti-stress “therapy”.

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