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    Planner 2022 to print: 20 templates to use all year

    Planner 2022 to print: 20 templates to use all year

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 18, 2022 | News | 1 comment

    The 2022 printable planner list is ideal for people who have difficulty organizing work tasks, finances or daily, weekly and monthly activities. If you are part of any of the groups we mentioned above, keep reading this article. We have selected different types of planners that will help you manage your life not only professionally, but also personally.

    After reading this content, you will have at your disposal several materials that make your routine lighter, with more focus and without worries. 

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    After all, what is a planner? 

    Translating into Portuguese, planner is called “planner”. Planner 2022 Printable is a great resource to get your life in order. There are alternatives in both the personal and professional sector. 

    Contrary to what most people imagine, a planner is different from an agenda. The first helps to set annual, monthly and daily goals. The agenda is more limited, being possible to register appointments and tasks. 

    One of the main advantages of the planner is that it is a tool that helps to organize the routine with medium and long term terms. In addition, you have a specific place to put all the details of your routine, defining which are the most important tasks, according to a priority scale. 

    That way, you are less likely to forget certain activities. With less worry, the user of the tool ensures a routine with less stress. If you have trouble sleeping because you are worried about being too busy for the next day, the planner is a great tool. 

    By leaving everything recorded, your head is calmer. After all, you won't have to think about the next day's activities. 

    What are the benefits of the planner?

    Before showing you a complete list of planner 2022 to print, let's understand how it impacts your daily life? See below for the benefits. 

    keep focus

    We can't always focus on everyday tasks, especially because the routine is intense for most people. However, when we have efficient planning, defined goals, and they are not recorded in just a notebook, you will be more likely to do the most important tasks. 

    So, the 2022 printable planner proves to be a great planning resource to organize data and focus on monthly, weekly or daily activities. 

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    overcome procrastination 

    It's not difficult to find people who have trouble doing the tasks on the day that was agreed. This is for a variety of reasons, be it clutter, overload, and abstract goals. 

    The positive side is that when the planner is used correctly, you will have specific goals, understand how to turn them into smaller goals, and have organized commitments and activities. When we record all the data in a single space, it will be easier to overcome procrastination. 

    improve productivity 

    Do you feel like you're running out of time all the time? For people who suffer from this problem, the planner is a great solution. 

    The material helps to control activities with more tranquility. In addition to having more productivity, you can develop tasks even in advance. 

    Planner 2022 to print: which are the most important? 

    From now on, we are going to show you a complete list of free printable 2022 planners, highlighting how they work, what are their features, positive points, among other issues. The most interesting thing is that we have separated several free templates, which are available to any user. 

    If you are looking for “2022 planner to print free pdf”, “undated planner to print”, “2022 financial planner to print free” or simply “planner to print”, you have come to the right place. 

    So do not lose more time. See the printable 2022 planner list. 

    1- Complete planner

    Let's start our list with a complete alternative. It contains sheets with various types of information. 

    • Personal data;
    • Annual calendar with all the months of the year: October, September, February, May, among others. 
    • Important dates;
    • Wishlist;
    • Goals for 2022;
    • Monthly view to record appointments; 
    • Habit management; 
    • annotations;
    • Financial control. 

    One of the main advantages of this planner is its practicality. You can find lots of important data in one place. 

    On this page, the user can define the planner cover. There are several interesting options, such as floral or minimalist. 

    2- Basic Annual Planner 2022 

    The next alternative on our list is ideal for people who love the basics. See below the main characteristics of the material. 

    • Gorgeous design; 
    • Planner in A4 format;
    • Horizontal position. 

    You also have access to not only annual, but also monthly and daily planning. The 2022 weekly planner is also included. Undoubtedly, it will be easier to follow the main commitments of the routine street.  

    To use the basic planner, you need to access this page. 

    3- Planner horizontal

    If you have difficulty recording planning and deadlines, the horizontal planner is a great option. The material still contains a beautiful and minimalist cover. In it, there are spaces to include information about books, movies and series every month. Click here and get access to a perfect planner.

    It has also been featured in the 2022 planner list on several pages on the internet, which shows that it continues to be useful to users.

    4- Planner to put life in order 

    Have you ever had the feeling that you were lost in life? If you answered positively to this question, the planner available on this site may be the solution to your problems.

    That's because, it offers several types of calendar. Among the most common are: annual, monthly, weekly and daily. With the support of this tool, your routine will be lighter and more organized. 

    5- Basic and complete planner 

    Do you want material to write down all the movies you plan to watch in the next few days? Don't know where to register your goals for the next year? Here, you will find a great solution to organize your routine. 

    One of the main advantages of this planner is that it allows you to choose which pages you want to print and which pages you will not use. 

    6- Study planner

    The next option is ideal for students who want to focus on their studies this year. The tool helps organize your routine, avoiding the dreaded procrastination. It even offers other interesting features for the user.

    • Week planning;
    • Space to record activity notes;
    • Revision control;
    • Monthly readings. 

    You can enter this link to access the study planner. 

    7- Basic planner for studies

    This is a multi-sheet material to help the student control class schedules, objectives, activities, tests and a weekly planner. 

    As the document is not dated, the user can print many pages. On this site, you have access to the planner. 

    8- Monthly Planner

    You can record appointments and special dates for each month. You can choose between three options. 

    • cookie designs;
    • llamas;
    • Classic dude. 

    The planner download is available on this site. 

    9- Weekly planner with flowers and animals

    To make your week even more organized, it is worth knowing this planner. You will have a new sheet available every seven days. In it, you can easily record all appointments, indicating the corresponding month and week. 

    A lot of people don't know, but this planner can be nailed to the wall, bringing more tranquility to your routine.

    10- Weekly planner with notes and finances

    We are going to present another 2022 planner alternative to print to make your week more organized.

    This planner has a reserved space for the user to record the most important information about their routine. In addition, it is possible to add weekly expenses, avoiding surprises at the end of the month.  

    11- Monthly, weekly and daily planners

    When accessing this site, it is possible to define which type of calendar is most important at a given time: annual, monthly or daily, in addition to being able to download all materials. 

    In all alternatives, you can record which events are important. That way, it will be more difficult to forget a detail. 

    12- Planner to assemble it your way

    One of the main benefits of this planner is that it allows you to define which pages will be selected for printing. 

    • Monthly calendar; 
    • Planning the beginning of the month;
    • Sales planning;
    • Work organization;
    • To-do list. 

    The Via da Linha blog contains other models available to the user. Just set the option that has the most connection with your profile. Undoubtedly, it is a digital file that cannot be left out of our list. 

    13- Planner with various themes

    The next plan is one of the most versatile on our list. In it, you don't only have access to calendars. There are places reserved for registering passwords, information about health and fitness, financial management, goals, among others. You are responsible for choosing the theme. 

    In this link, you can define the cover and material design. There are several amazing options, including: tye-dye, wonder woman, floral and puppies. 

    14- Various daily planners 

    Those who are more detailed can download this planner. It contains several spaces for you to put the most important information for your routine. There, 10 alternatives are available to leave your routine organized. The material contains records for studies and to add information related to health and fitness. 

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    15- Daily and weekly planner

    In this material, you can add date, routine tasks and more important records. 

    The planner contains spaces for daily planning, which is distributed between morning, afternoon and night. In it, you can record priorities and other essential information for your routine. 

    16- Complete financial planner

    We know that organizing finances has become a big challenge, especially because of the increase in infractions. However, with this planner, the process can become even easier. The material contains spaces for recording profit entries and exits. 

    The planner has a page available to manage monthly expenses, write down installments, annual administration and put your goals and any type of note. To use the planner, just follow the guidelines on this site, which are organized in a practical and efficient way. 

    17- Simple financial planner

    For those people looking for a more basic alternative, this planner is the most suitable. It allows you to control finances, providing a space to add fixed and variable costs, as well as a record of notes. 

    The most interesting thing is that the user has access to several guidelines to keep the financial planning in order. 

    18- Planner floral 

    Are you a romantic person? If you answered positively to this question, this planner is worth printing. The floral design is charming. 

    With this material, it is easier to organize the day and the week. It also allows you to add shopping, account and contact lists. You can even write down all your appointments. 

    19- Complete planner in English

    Despite being an English content, the theme is minimalist and elegant. In it, the user can write down important information that involves various areas of life, habits and dreams. It is a perfect material to not miss any detail of your day to day.  

    20- Daily planner in English

    Let's finish our free 2022 planner tips to print by talking about the daily plan in English. Here, you can plan schedules, checklist, goals, among other fundamental data. 

    Stop searching for “2022 calendar to print”, “2022 calendar to print”. Using an old material can disrupt your entire routine. You now have access to several current models. Just choose your 2022 digital planner and enjoy all the features it can offer for your day to day. 

    You don't have to wait for December or January to plan your next steps. The sooner you start planning, the more chances you have to achieve your goals. Then just follow the 2022 calendar. 

    After discovering the best 2022 planners to print, learn about 17 planning tools that will help you organize your ideas. 

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