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    Pictures for male WhatsApp profile: the best sites

    Pictures for male WhatsApp profile: the best sites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 13, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Not everyone likes to use their profile picture on social media.

    Some may end up choosing to put images of characters, phrases, landscapes and various other types.

    That way, if you fit these characteristics, regardless of the reason for not using your profile picture, there are several alternatives to draw attention and make your profile image cool.

    So, you will be able to check out the best sites and apps to download pictures for male whatsapp profile.

    In this post, you will see photo indications to use on your profile, being able to download images from websites, applications and even edit in a simple and easy way.

    The list will be separated into five categories.

    If you want, for some reason, to use your own profile picture, we will also give you some tips to get you right when taking a picture.

    Pictures for male whatsapp profile

    The list of male WhatsApp profile pictures is divided into five categories. Are they:

    • Fotos deepfake;
    • Mood of the moment;
    • Heart team;
    • Memes;
    • Geek.

    Each will be explained throughout the text. So, check out, below, how to use photos for male WhatsApp profile.

    1. Fotos Deepfake

    With Deepfake you can look like whoever you want, be it an actor like Henry Cavill, a football player like Cristiano Ronaldo, a rock star like Axl Rose in his prime.

    In addition to these, it is still possible to “be a clone” of fictional characters, in the style of Pixar cartoons.

    Learn More: Deep fake: know what it is and if you are being deceived

    If you think that doing the whole deepfake process is something complicated and that you need to understand a lot of image editing, calm down! Not quite.

    There are apps that do all the hard work and the editing operation is automatic.

    If you want to know more about these apps, you can see these other two posts:

    • Reface app: how to use the app that changes the face;
    • Voillà app: how to transform yourself into a drawing.

    Indicated applications: Reface App (Android / iOS) and App Voilà (Android / iOS)

    2. Mood of the moment

    Instead of using just one profile picture for a long time, you can choose to use your profile picture according to your current mood.

    For example, if you're sad, put a sad emoji image, if you're studying, put an emoji with books, if you're happy, use a smiling emoji, and so on.

    If you do this and let your friends know that you've adopted this practice, they'll know how you're feeling for the day.

    One advantage of using male WhatsApp profile pictures with your current mood is that you don't even need to call for support if you need help.

    Your family and friends will already understand when you need to talk and vent, for example.

    You can download pictures of emojis from Piliapp and Depositphotos website.

    3. Team of the heart

    If you are the guy who likes football and is passionate about your club at heart, a good alternative is to use your club crest as your profile picture.

    Showing love for the team you support is never too much, because any form of support is valid.

    But if you're the type who's a fan of a specific player, you can also use his picture in your profile.

    As an indication for this type of pictures for male WhatsApp profile, we recommend two apps for Android: 4K Football Wallpapers | wallpaper hd and the Football Jerseys Wallpaper.

    With the first one, you can download wallpapers of players known worldwide, such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Marcelo, Lewandowski, Griezmann, among many others.

    With Football Jerseys Wallpaper, you can wear your team's jersey with your favorite name and number.

    Photo: Publicity/leba001

    4. Meme photos

    The good old meme. Who doesn't like memes?

    Everyone likes to laugh with funny pictures.

    And Brazilians are experts at creating memes, perhaps the best in the world at creating memes.

    That way, if you don't want to use a photo of yourself, your team, characters or any other type, you can appeal to the famous meme.

    It is worth noting that memes are everywhere.

    Just look at your WhatsApp status or visit any social network and you will find several different types of memes.

    But if you're looking for a place where the sole purpose is to create and share memes, there are websites and apps dedicated to that purpose.

    So, if you want to see lots of memes and even create your own funny photos, stay tuned to the options below:

    • Generate Memes;
    • Meme Generator Free (Android/ iOS)

    5. Photo Geeks

    To finish the list, a good alternative is to use geek photos in your profile.

    I bet you've seen WhatsApp profiles with pictures of characters, haven't you?

    This action is understandable.

    Many people like a character so much that they end up paying some kind of tribute or trying to follow the teachings they learned from watching these works.

    As much as they are fictional beings, it is still possible to absorb good things by watching movies, series, anime, playing video games, so on.

    Learn More: Watch Anime: 5 apps to download and 20 nominations

    So, if you really like a character, identify with him, fearlessly use his picture on your profile.

    In this way, if you like drama series, you can check out this list of the best works of Amazon Prime Video in this genre.

    If you like more movies, then check out the best ones from the Netflix catalog.

    And if you want to download super cool wallpapers of your favorite characters for free, just go to Wallpaper Abyss.

    There, you will be able to find various formats and sizes of images.

    Now, if you want to use pictures for male WhatsApp profile but you are not getting a cool picture at all, we are going to give you a little help with some simple resources.

    Check out some tips that can help you when taking that cool photo.

    Pictures for male WhatsApp profile: Tips for taking pictures

    It's worth noting that you don't need to have a great camera to take a professional photo.

    It is possible to achieve a high level of photography just using the cell phone.

    But for that, you need to pay attention to some details.

    In this way, check out tips for you to take good photos and put them on your WhatsApp profile, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social network.

    1. Pay attention to ambient lighting

    One of the great aspects of taking a great photo is finding good lighting.

    Try to use natural light as much as you can, because it is one of the keys to taking a great photo without having to change colors.

    Just be careful not to overdo it with the lighting, as photos in sunlight can distort your face.

    In this way, try to balance the intensity of the light.

    If you take the photo indoors, try to stay close to a curtain, as they are good tricks to diffuse the light, in addition to making the place have a very nice lighting.

    2. Use flash only as a last resort

    If you want to take a picture where the place is not so well lit, if possible, look elsewhere.

    Avoid using the flash directly on your face, as it highlights skin imperfections, which can get in the way of your ideal photo for your WhatsApp profile.

    The flash should only be used for photos taken in groups or photos from a greater distance.

    3. The background of the photo is also important

    It doesn't matter how good you look in a photo, if the background isn't cool, all eyes will be on it.

    So, don't capture photos in messy rooms, for example.

    Prefer to take pictures outdoors, with natural landscapes, such as beaches, lakes, fields, and so on.

    But if you are indoors, use the background with smooth walls.

    4. Find your best angle

    It takes patience to find your best angle, as it varies from person to person.

    A method of shooting may work differently for one person and for another.

    So, try to find out which side of your face is most favorable for photos.

    And don't forget to value the points that you like most about your physique.

    5. Know how to take a selfie

    It's not always that you'll have someone available to take your picture.

    In cases like this, the best way is to know how to take a good selfie.

    Thus, a good recommendation to follow is to place the camera a little above your eye line, at an angle between 30º and 45º.

    6. Aja of course

    You know the “act naturally” meme?

    Well, really act naturally in your photos.

    You don't need to have a profile picture with a great production.

    The way is just the opposite.

    The more natural and simple it is, the better it will be for you.

    Try to do something that is spontaneous, the famous “spontaneously forged”.

    The work of spending time and effort doing flashy poses is not a fun thing to do, and neither is making faces.

    If in doubt, smile, but this tip will be explored in more detail in the next topic.

    7. When in doubt, smile

    Simple as that, the smile is a great way to get pictures for male WhatsApp profile.

    Through the smile, you can attract attention in a positive way.

    Anyone who sees your profile picture will get the impression that you are a very friendly person.

    But don't make a smile too forced, remember the "act naturally"?

    These tips can be used together.

    So, regardless of the photo you put on your WhatsApp profile, the important thing is that you feel good, feel comfortable and happy.

    In this way, with everything that has been shown throughout this post, use the sites and applications listed to be able to take pictures for the male WhatsApp profile.

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