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    Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis received a giant content update

    Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis It's a deep revamp for SEGA's famous MMORPG, which was originally released in 2022 and deserved a facelift to stay competitive in the market. The new version offers a completely reworked design, gameplay and graphics engine in every aspect. This week the game received its biggest content update yet.

    Sandstorm Requiem adds a new region, level cap increase to 35, new elemental techniques, World Trials, title system and even each class will gain a new skill. One of the great highlights is the Chapter 2 of the story, in which Crawford will ask players to take a trip with Aina and Manon to join ARKS in the city of Retem.

    Retem is a desert with sand dunes, rocky terrain and canyons, with a climate and vegetation very different from what players are used to in Aelio. There are also new enemies equipped with heavy artillery.

    Despite being a kind of new game, with a plot that takes place a thousand years after the original story, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will allow you to switch between the two titles on the same account. That way, it works like a standalone game. Still, characters from the current version can be transferred to this new one, as well as their cosmetic items.

    The MMORPG, which is Free to Play, came to the west only for Xbox One and PC. An optimized version for Xbox Series X | S is in the plans for the future, but the game will already run on new consoles via backwards compatibility.

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