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    Paid partnership on Instagram: what it is, how and who can do it

    Paid partnership on Instagram: what it is, how and who can do it

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 22, 2022 | Instagram | 2

    Thinking about bringing brands closer to users with the potential to promote products (Influencers), Instagram created the paid partnership feature. It consists of being able to quote in publications when there is paid advertising, citing the producer brand. The objective is to provide transparency to the public when there is a financial advantage in disclosing a particular product or service.

    Whenever the option is used, other users will be able to see the message: Paid partnership with (brand name) in the header of the publication. When a business is tagged in the feature, they will be able to see the reach and engagement of the post. The tagging feature can also be done in publications in Stories.

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    In addition to bringing more transparency to advertising actions, the Paid Partnership feature on Instagram allows for the promotion of products in a more organic way than in ads. Whenever the user clicks on the mark, he will be directed to the profile of the advertiser brand.

    Who Can Use the Paid Partnership Appeal on Instagram?

    Instagram has made the functionality available to users with business or creator accounts. The idea is for companies to seek partnerships with people with high visibility on the social network. Anyone can partner with stores and brands on Instagram. It is up to brands to define which content creators are aligned with their target audience, in order to propose the partnership.

    How it works and how to manage the results

    for influencers

    Anyone who is going to promote a product on their profile, first needs to create a publication, such as posting a photo. It is important to align the content of the publication with the partner company. Content must be within Instagram guidelines. Then just follow the steps:

    Step 1.  With the content ready to be published, click Advanced Settings;

    Step 2. Please click Mark Business Partner;

    At this point, the content creator can still choose to enable the possibility for the partner brand to promote the content. By granting this permission, if the company decides to create an ad from the post, it can no longer be edited.

    Step 3: Locate and add your Business partner. It may be that the tag is pending approval by the tag partner. This is due to the partner's business profile settings. If so, send a message asking for approval.

    For companies

    The brand that hires an Instagram outreach service will receive a tagging notification in the app and also on facebook. Even companies can refuse the tag, removing it. This can be done through the Facebook Business Manager. On Instagram, the removal can be performed by clicking on the three dots in the upper corner of the post.

    While the post is active, the tagged partner will be able to organically see information about the campaign. To do this, simply use the “Brand Content” tab in the Facebook page information. When partnering via Stories, reach and engagement data will only be available for 14 days.
    It is important to remember that this resource must be used whenever there is financial compensation (in value or in exchange) for the publication to take place.

    Do you already work with influencers for your company? Tell us here in the comments.

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