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    Online Vocational Test: Where to do it for free?

    Online Vocational Test: Where to do it for free?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 1, 2022 | Technology |

    The decision to choose which profession to follow is one of the most frequent doubts among young people.

    But you don't have to despair, because in this text we are going to offer 7 options for online vocational test.

    All of them are free and available on secure digital platforms.

    Some of them use different methods based on Psychology studies.

    So, be sure to check out the list at the end of this content.

    We advise you to read briefly about each of these tests to understand how they work and which ones best suit your taste.

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    Your Career: Getting Started

    After school, students go through the pressure of the entrance exam and then it's time to choose which course to follow and which college to go to.

    Making this decision can seem daunting to a teenager with no experience with the job market.

    This can happen because we think that this decision is going to be something definitive in our lives, as if we can't change our minds in the future.

    However, nothing is forever and it is important to keep this thought in mind.

    This pressure can make the selection process difficult.

    So the best thing to do is to follow what you most identify with tranquility.

    Even so, it is common to have difficulty deciding the profession. And therefore, there are several vocational tests to help you.

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    Online Vocational Test: What is it?

    Vocational testing is a technique used to understand the motivational profile of young people and correlate this information with the characteristics of the courses that exist in the market.

    In this way, the vocational test is characterized by offering a complete analysis of the professional profile.

    Do not confuse this concept with the so-called aptitude test, as it refers to the examination carried out by a person to prove the competence and ability to perform a certain function.

    It is important to learn about our values, expectations and skills so that the online vocational test can be carried out in a more fruitful way.

    However, even if you don't know what your profile looks like, the test identifies what your preferences are and, with this data, we discover your strengths and weaknesses.

    In addition to taking the test, we also advise you to conduct research on the courses that you are interested in, visit universities and try to talk to professionals who already work in the profession.

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    best vocational tests

    1. Pravaler

    Pravaler is a digital private student finance platform that offers online vocational testing.

    In him. there are multiple choice questions and for each question you must select an option between the letters A and E.

    2. Sejabixo!

    This free vocational test consists of 105 questions in which you must select all the items that correspond to the sentence “Activities that describe what I like to do”.

    When you finish answering, you will find 15 groups of professions and how many points were obtained in each one.

    The one with the highest score will be the one that best fits your profile.

    On the portal of Sejabixo! there are several articles on vocational guidance, tips for doing well in college entrance exams and data on more than 80 professions.

    3. I want a scholarship

    To take your free Vocational Test at Quero Bolsa, simply provide your name and email address and click on “Start the QB Vocational Test”.

    This questionnaire was developed with a different method from the previous ones, as it is based on the so-called “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” by psychologist Howard Gardner.

    In summary, the theory states that the human being has nine types of intelligence, they are: logical-mathematical, linguistic, musical, spatial, corporeal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existentialist.

    Therefore, the test seeks to identify which of these types of intelligence you have to a greater degree and from there to relate this skill to a profession.

    4. Career Guide

    The Career Guide test also has a different profile than conventional ones, as it was created based on a study of Psychology.

    The questions were formulated by Thais Helena Lima, who is an experienced professional advisor in the area. She drew on John Holland's Theory of Vocational Choices to design the test.

    Human beings have six types of most striking interpersonal styles. They are: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, entrepreneurial and conventional.

    According to this theory, vocational choice is an expression of personality and it is related to the most suitable profession for a given person.

    You must select only one of the alternatives in each question to obtain your result.

    5. Neora

    To start testing Neora, you must click on “Start” and choose the words that best suit your characteristics.

    The test was performed based on the DISC method, which analyzes four types of human behavior profiles: dominance, influence, stability and compliance.

    DISC was created by theorist and psychologist William Moulton Marston and aims to detect the strengths and weaknesses of each person.

    After answering the questions, the site sends the result along with a complete profile analysis.

    On the results screen, you can check three types of profile:

    • Personal: with their talents and characteristics;
    • Vocational: courses that match your personality;
    • EAD: what would be the advantages and challenges for you in the context of distance learning.

    6. What course?

    The Vocational Test of What Course? uses combined data mining as a technique, which is characterized by the funneling of information.

    This is because the final questions are related to the content that was answered previously.

    In addition to discovering the course that best matches your characteristics, the site also makes available which universities are located near you.

    In-depth content about each course is also released so that you can have a better understanding of what the job market is like for each profession.

    7. Entrance Exam World

    It is a quick vocational test option so that you have a general idea of ​​which path to take in your professional trajectory.

    Thus, you generate the ideal career result according to your answers made on the platform.

    Mundo Vestibular is a company that also offers other possibilities by browsing the site, such as news, articles, tips about the Enem, simulations and online classes.

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    Now that we have presented you with several examples of online vocational testing, we hope that you will start taking the first steps towards your career.

    Share with us the result obtained in your analysis and have a lot of success with the profession.

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