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    Online video editor: 13 best editing apps

    Online video editor: 13 best editing apps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 20, 2022 | Content Marketing | 69

    Creating and editing videos on social media is essential. And, for that, to know a good option of online video editor can help make the production of this type of content much faster. Even more so if they are free and easy to use!

    It is important to have this first contact with the world of video marketing production and editing to understand how these processes work. The most important thing is that you don't be afraid or lazy to mess with all the tools and resources available.

    Only then will you understand what each online video editor offers and know if it can help you with the content on your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks.

    Therefore, take the time to test each of the tools that we are going to tell you. Only then will you be able to understand the potential of each online video editor and which ones make sense for your business strategy.


    Free up space on your phone because, yes: we are going to indicate several applications that work as an online video editor. Then you will still find a list of sites to edit videos online.


    1. QUIK

    This app is an online video editor for Android and iOS that works miracles! Even being used on mobile, you have access to several editing tools to create cool videos to post on your Facebook and Instagram page.

    With Quik, you can join videos, add text and apply effects to your projects.

    To learn more about Quik, click here.

    2. INSHOT

    Inshot is an online video editor aimed at anyone who wants to work with both photos and videos on social networks. A great advantage of it is that when saving your edited videos, the application does not put a watermark, since ads are displayed at the end of the process.

    Another reason why you should download InShot is that it is a free online video editor in Portuguese. It allows editing with filters, frames, voice recording option, playback speed adjustments, subtitles and adding music.

    To learn more about InShot, click here.

    3. FILMR

    It is a free online video editor of our country, available for both Android and iOS. Filmr does slow motion and loop recordings (Instagram Stories Boomerang style), as well as shooting in normal mode.

    A differential of this application is the integration with iTunes, which makes it possible to use any song from the service for up to 30 seconds.

    To learn more about Filmr, click here.

    4. CLIPS

    Clips is an app developed by Apple that lets you create fun videos to use on social media. There are effects, graphic options, addition of texts and a series of other resources available for free to those who have an iOS device.

    A really cool feature of this free online video editor is that you can speak a sentence and the tool will detect your speech to turn it into text. Cool huh?

    Click here to learn more about Clips.



    Record your voice, add photos, icons and even special effects to your videos! Adobe Spark is a full-featured online video editor.

    The animations you create with this program are quite simple. If you are still inexperienced in editing, this can be an interesting starting point to start working with video editing for social networks.

    Click here to access Adobe Spark.


    Renderforest is an online video editor that you can use directly in your computer's browser without having to install anything. The free version puts a watermark on the edit result. So, if you don't want this flag, you'll need to buy the paid version of the tool.

    The interesting thing about Renderforest is the fact that there are many ready-made video templates. You can take these templates and apply whatever edits are needed for your business. The template gallery is quite extensive, and even if you don't want to use the editor, it's nice to check out these templates for inspiration.

    Click here to learn about Renderforest.

    3. LUMEN5

    You know those slideshow style videos, which contain an image and text together to illustrate? Then Lumen5 creates these videos for you, no hassle, no hassle. Just paste the URL of a text from your blog or directly paste the text you want.

    This online video editor works in any browser, no download required. But Lumen5 is all in English, so we recommend using automatic translation on your computer.

    Click here to access Lumen5.

    4. KIZOA

    Kizoa is a popular online video editor in recent times. There is no need to download any program, as it works in any browser that is connected to the internet.

    Very simple to use, Kizoa has a library of ready-made intros (which can be customized) and a great collection of music to add as a soundtrack to your videos for any social network.

    The free version of this online video editor allows you to make videos up to 1min, HD 720p resolution, but with the company's watermark.

    To get to know Kizoa, just click here.


    If you are looking for simple video editing, Video Cutter can be your solution as it doesn't have very advanced features. The advantage is that it is free and has translation into Portuguese.

    The main purpose of this online video editor is to cut videos. But Video Cutter has other tools like: adjusting the size of videos, rotating them and it supports various formats. Works with files up to 500 MB.

    Click here to try Video Cutter.


    Simple in appearance, Movie Maker Online is a free online video editor. Just register on the site. It's all in English, but using your browser's translation feature you'll be able to use it without any problems.

    With it, in addition to editing your video online, you'll be able to add subtitles, soundtrack (with the bank of free songs available on the site).

    To sign up for Movie Maker Online, go here.


    To use Clipchamp for free, you will need to register on the site. With this, you will be able to export as many videos as you want. But if you want it in the HD version, then you'll need to subscribe to a platform plan.

    With the most modern look that many of the sites we present here, this online video editor in Portuguese allows you to add subtitles and convert and record videos from your webcam.

    To register for ClipChamp, click here.


    The Hippo Video online video editor is all in English, but it has a very complete free version. Remember, of course, to activate automatic translation in your browser when you access it.

    In addition to importing images and videos for editing, with it you'll be able to record videos using your PC's webcam, capture the screen, perform audio recordings with the microphone and add subtitles to your video.

    All this online, always needing to download any program. It will only be necessary to make that famous registration.

    To know the Hippo Video, just click here.


    Stories Ads is a free online video editor specifically for creating quick videos, ideal for Instagram Stories.

    Very simple and easy to use, just select the desired theme and customize.

    Click here to learn more about Stories Ads.

    It is important to always remember that you should use your own videos to promote your business on social media, to avoid copyright issues.

    Don't have ideas of what videos to make?

    Here's an extra tip: get to know the best free video banks to download professional content without spending anything. Access our top bank of free videos here.

    Now that you know these excellent online video editors for social networks, tell us: what programs do you already use to edit your videos? Do you have any that were not listed in our text?

    Leave your suggestions in the comments, we would love to receive more indications!

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