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    Oi Fibra: What are the best plans and how to hire them?

    Oi Fibra: What are the best plans and how to hire them?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 17, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    You've probably heard of the Hi Fiber, but do you know exactly what it is and how it works? Oi Fibra is nothing more than a fixed broadband internet that works through the use of optical fiber in the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) scheme, which is like when the fiber connects directly from the customer's home to the operator's central contracted internet.

    This type of internet, like Oi Fibra, for example, guarantees the customer greater stability and speed on the internet, in addition to low latency. In this post, we separate the best Oi Fibra plans and how you can hire this internet service.

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    Hi Fiber Service

    First, you need to know how to contact the operator Oi Fibra. In this way, you will not only be able to hire your internet, but also clarify doubts, make complaints, give suggestions and much more. There are some service channels available, they are:

    If you want to become a customer and hire your Oi Fibra Óptica internet, the number you need to call is: 0800 345 1515. However, if you are already a customer, you can get in touch through other communication channels, such as:

    • Telephone Oi Internet Velox: 103 31;
    • Oi Internet Fiber Telephone: 106 31;
    • Oi Fibra internet telephone for the hearing impaired: 142;
    • Hi Fiber by WhatsApp: (31) 3131-3131.

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    Internet Oi Fiber

    Talking a little more about the functioning of Oi Fibra and optical fiber in general, the old copper or coaxial cables, which were traditionally used in the internet, were replaced. Cables are now made of a flexible, transparent filament made from extruded plastic or glass, which are used as high-performance conductors for coded pulses, images or light. 

    Another great advantage is that the strands used to form the cable are only a few micrometers longer than a human hair. All this provides the advantages that we mentioned at the beginning of this text, since all the necessary data ends up being transmitted at a speed very close to the speed of light.

    Thus, we can conclude that not only Oi Fibra, but all fiber optic internets are among the most modern and best in the world, but as a consequence, they also end up being a little more expensive than normal cables. 

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    Oi Fiber plans

    In the case of the Oi operator, each of the Oi Fibra internet packages will have its usability profile and, as of this writing, we will have four main fiber optic internet plans that you can use according to your needs. The four plans, which we will talk about in more detail later, are:

    • Hi Fiber 200 Mega;
    • Hi Fiber 400 Mega;
    • Hi Fiber 500 Mega;
    • Hi Fiber 1000 Mega.

    It is important to note that the Oi Fibra plan, which the “Oi Fibra 1000 Mega” package can also be called “Oi Fibra 1 Giga”, so as not to cause confusion when signing up. However, all benefits, speed and conditions are the same, we only have the name change in some cases. 

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    Hi Fiber 200 Mega

    The first plan option and the most basic is the Oi Fibra 200 Mega, which is ideal for those who usually use between 7 and 10 devices connected to the internet at once. In addition to the good Oi Internet connection, the user will also be able to make unlimited calls throughout our country.

    This package is great for those who like to subscribe to streaming services and watch on YouTube without worrying about low image quality or crashes due to the internet connection. Among the other benefits offered, we can highlight a few more, such as:

    • Free installation fee:
    • Free Wi-Fi Modem;
    • 60MB to upload files;
    • Access to Oi Play streaming.

    The subscription price for this option is R$99,90 per month.

    Hi Fiber 400 Mega

    Now, for those people who share the internet with a large number of people, like to watch with maximum quality in 4K, play online games and make a lot of calls, the best plan that you can hire is the Oi Fibra 400 Mega. With it, in addition to the Oi internet, you can also make calls throughout our country and connect more than 10 devices at once.

    Among the other benefits offered, we have the following:

    • Free installation;
    • Free Wi-Fi Modem;
    • 200 Mega Upload;
    • Access to Oi Play streaming;
    • Access to On Demand channels and live channels.

    If you are interested, to subscribe to this plan, the value will be R$149,90 per month. 

    Hi Fiber 500 Mega

    As a third plan option, we have the Oi Fibra 500 Mega. It is worth mentioning in advance that, so far, this subscription option can only be obtained in some regions of our city. However, as mentioned in the two plans above, you will also be entitled to make calls throughout our country.

    With this package, you will be able to connect more than 10 devices to your internet network, maintaining speed and connection. Among the many benefits for subscribers, we have:

    • Free installation;
    • Free Wi-Fi Modem;
    • 250 Mega Upload;
    • Access to Oi Play streaming;
    • Watch On Demand channels and live channels.

    The value of this package will be R$129,90 per month. 

    Hi Fiber 1000 Mega

    Last but not least, we have the Oi Fibra 1 Giga plan, in which you can also make unlimited calls throughout the country. As you can imagine, this is the most complete plan offered by the operator Oi. The package supports more than 10 devices connected to the internet without losing any of its qualities and speed. 

    This plan is suitable for those who use the internet for heavy work, such as video, audio, image editing, live streams and to play games considered heavier and need the best residential internet possible in their home. Key benefits for subscribers include:

    • Free installation;
    • Free Wi-Fi Modem;
    • 500 Mega Upload;
    • Access to Oi Play streaming;
    • Access to On Demand channels and live channels.

    The value of this plan is much more expensive than the ones mentioned above, costing R$499,90 per month.

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    Hi Fiber Coverage

    The Oi Fibra internet does not yet have its coverage available for all states and cities. So, before you call to purchase the service, you need to make sure that subscription and coverage are available for your location.

    You can do this through the Oi website where you can find out how to confirm the location. Another way to check is by calling the same number of telesales where you would hire the service: 0800 345 1515.

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    How to hire Oi Fiber?

    Another way to hire Oi Fibra services, in addition to the telephone mentioned above, is via online in a few steps: 

    Step 1: You will access the Oi website to be forwarded to a portal where you will enter your zip code and phone number, clicking on “See availability” to proceed;

    Step 2. After that, all subscription plans available for your region will appear on the screen, where you can also compare the prices of each one;

    Step 3. After choosing the plan you want to subscribe to, you can click on “Call” to subscribe by calling Oi customer service directly. Or you can also click on “Go to the website”, where you must follow the steps on the screen and enter your information to finalize the contracting of the plan.

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    Fiber Internet or Velox?

    Previously, Oi internet was distributed to the public through Oi Velox subscription plans. However, over time, they underwent an innovation and Oi Fibra emerged, replacing Oi Velox as broadband internet. 

    Thus, the old Velox is no longer available for subscription today, but the old customers who used to subscribe continue to have internet access normally. If any Oi Velox subscriber wants to replace their internet with Oi Fibra, this will only be possible if the plans are available for their region.

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    Is the Oi Fiber internet good?

    And then: can we say if the Oi Fibra internet is really good or not? To reach the conclusion, we can use a satisfaction survey carried out by Anatel with its subscribers. These surveys are carried out annually throughout the national territory to find out how operators are doing and their relationships with customers.

    In the survey, points such as user satisfaction, service quality, internet speed and delivery of the contracted service are evaluated. Before checking the results of Oi Fibra, it is worth mentioning that the service is still expanding and many of the customers who responded to the survey may be using the old Oi Velox.

    The survey carried out in 2022 did not bring very positive results, but again: we must take into account the expansion of Oi Fibra that is taking place. Oi internet's total score was 6.04/10, and the scores were divided as follows:

    • Oi internet user satisfaction: 5,78/10;
    • Problem solving ability: 5.70/10;
    • Telephone Service: 5.93/10;
    • Offer and contracting: 6.09/10;
    • Billing: 6.73/10.

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    Main advantages and disadvantages of the internet Oi 

    To help you decide whether or not Oi Fibra is worth it, we also separate the main positives and negatives that the service offers its customers.


    • Access to Oi Play that has more than 30 thousand titles for you to watch whenever you want;
    • Access to all Oi WI-FI networks throughout our country;
    • Improved connection speed and stability;
    • Free WI-FI modem and installation for all subscribed plans.


    • The plans are more expensive than the regular Oi internet contract;
    • Coverage still expanding. Thus, Oi Fibra is not available in some regions;
    • When subscribing to the plans, it is necessary to commit to a loyalty period of at least 12 months;
    • The score in Anatel's satisfaction survey was low compared to the competition's internet.

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    Combos available from Oi Fiber

    Before closing, it is worth talking about the possibility of subscribing to your Oi Fibra plan as a combo with one or two more services provided by the operator. The most common combo options are:

    • Oi Fiber + Oi TV;
    • Oi Fiber + Oi Fixo;
    • Oi Fiber + Oi TV + Oi Fixo.

    We cannot say how much each combo will cost, as this will depend on several factors, such as the landline plan, channel numbers chosen and internet speed. Among Oi Fibra's combo plans, with values ​​already defined, we have two:

    • Oi Fibra Residencial Advanced: R$259,90 per month and offers the customer unlimited calls throughout our country, 142 television channels and 400 megabytes of internet;
    • Oi Fibra Residencial Top: R$699,90 per month and offers customers unlimited connections to the entire country, access to 142 television channels and 1000 megabytes of internet. 

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