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    Nubank is a checking or savings account? Clear your doubts here

    Nubank is a checking or savings account? Clear your doubts here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 29, 2022 | Banks |

    Do you know if the account Nubank is it a checking or savings account?? In this post, we will clear your doubts on this subject.

    This is one of the main, if not the main institution when we talk about digital banks. With the main objective of giving back to its customers full control of their financial lives, providing services without abusive fees and that are essential, Nubank is very popular among users.

    Even with its popularity, many people still have doubts if Nubank is a checking or savings account. In order to start using the bank, it is necessary to understand in detail how the institution's accounts work and what the customer will be entitled to when registering at the bank. 

    So, we will explain to you if Nubank is a checking or savings account, what you will be entitled to and how to open your account in the best way.

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    Is Nubank a checking or savings account?

    The answer to the question “Is Nubank a checking or savings account?” It may end up surprising many people.

    The institution's accounts do not fit as a checking or savings account, but it is considered a payments account. 

    For its customers, the Nubank account has elements that mix current and savings accounts, with the aim of offering greater advantages to its users. Among the main benefits, we can highlight:

    • Possibility to redeem the money at any time;
    • Exemption from maintenance fees and other frequent charges at competing banks;
    • Greater return on your money.

    Based on the regulation made by the Central Bank for the payment account modality, we know that it can be used for bill payments and transactions made with debit and credit cards.

    It also serves to make transfers between the accounts of different payment institutions and Nubank itself, through services such as PIX, DOC or TED, for example.

    The main points that differentiate the Nubank account from a savings or current account are the following:

    • Savings accounts have a low yield, which can only be redeemed only on the so-called “deposit anniversary”, after 30 days. If the customer withdraws the amount from the account before that period, all income for that period will be lost;
    • When we talk about a checking account, we know that money has no income when it is stopped. In addition, banking institutions often charge maintenance fees and fees for other services.

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    What is offered by the Nubank account?

    Now that you know if Nubank is a checking or savings account, it's time to find out in more detail what services and benefits are offered by the bank.

    Customers of an institution's digital account have the following advantages:

    • Possibility of payment for any type of ticket, whether they are electricity, water, internet, telephone, online shopping or any other;
    • Daily liquidity with 100% CDI yield. being able to redeem the value when it sees fit and without losing the income earned until the moment of withdrawal;
    • Bank transfers are made instantly and without limits if carried out between Nubank accounts with CRP or QR Code and the amount will be available immediately;
    • Banco Nubank also allows you to make deposits of Financial Deposit Receipts (RDB), also being able to invest them. The client will also have daily liquidity with a yield of 100% of CDI in this option;
    • If done via TED, you can make unlimited transfers to other accounts at different institutions.
    • Functioning as a kind of piggy bank, Nubank has the Save Money option, where you can save a certain amount that you don't want to use and block it from being used;
    • Deposits to your payment account can be made via bank slip or TED. If you do not want to pay fees charged by other banks when transferring to your account, our suggestion is to use the boleto function;
    • If a friend has forgotten to pay you some amount, you will have the “billing reminder” function available. With it, the customer will be able to send all payment information in a short time. Usage is very simple. You just need to enter the amount you owe and send the charge via social networks, messages or email;
    • If you can't forget to make a payment by bank slip or bank transfer, you can also schedule these functions for the day and time you prefer;
    • If you pay your Nubank invoice through your own digital account, your credit card limit will be released almost instantly and can be used immediately;
    • Finally, we have to highlight the Nubank customer service, which is one of the best among banks and digital accounts.

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    How to open your Nubank account?

    After learning about the benefits and services offered and knowing if Nubank is a checking or savings account, you may be interested in opening your account.

    So we're going to show you how to do it in a very simple way. You can open a Nubank account in two ways: through the application on a mobile device or via the website.

    If you are going to carry out the procedure via the website, you just need to click on “I want to be Nubank”, in the upper corner, fill in the requested information and wait a while until you receive a response.

    If you are in doubt whether you can open an account, you can rest assured, as the requirements are quite simple. The user only needs to live in our country and be over 18 years old.

    To create your account via the app, you must have a smartphone that supports the app, whether it's iOS version 9 or higher, or Android version 4 or higher. The customer will also control his entire account through the mobile app.

    The registration process will be the same as on the website. Just choose the option to create your account once the app opens. After entering the requested basic data, a cadastral analysis will be carried out just to ensure that the information and documents entered are correct. 

    In addition, it is important to know that the Nubank account, formerly called Nuconta, does not perform a credit analysis for opening. So, even with a negative name, you can create your account at the financial institution.

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