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    Non-stop competitors: 7 alternatives to hire

    Non-stop competitors: 7 alternatives to hire

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 8, 2022 | Shopping | 3

    Do you know the Sem Parar service? And the Non-stop competitors, ever heard of it?

    These are some alternatives that you can use in transit. But first, let's understand better what it is.

    Have you ever wasted time during your trip by having to stop to pay tolls? Getting stuck in a line of cars waiting for your turn to pay and pass the gate? 

    For these cases, there is a very practical and most importantly quick solution, which is the famous right lane, where drivers can pass just by slowing down for the gate to open, without having to stop and take the toll lines.

    This is possible because drivers who pass faster use the service called express toll tag.

    Hiring a tag, the driver has the alternative of passing the tolls without paying the necessary fee in the queues.

    When the sticker of the contracted express service is placed on the windshield of the car, the gates electronically identify that the driver has contracted an express tag service and the toll amount is automatically deducted from his account. 

    One of the most popular services is Sem Parar.

    And today we are going to separate the main Sem Parar competitors that you can use as an alternative to have this benefit of the famous right lane at tolls.

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    Non-stop competitors: the 7 best services to not stop at tolls

    1. Non-Stop

    Since we are talking about the Sem Parar competitors, we need to know a little more about the Sem Parar tag itself.

    Considered as the pioneer company responsible for express tolls in the national territory, it operated alone in this market for a long time, until competitors Sem Parar began to emerge.

    Sem Parar does not only work at tolls.

    It can also be used in more than 1400 parking lots and a few gas stations and snack bars such as McDonald's and Habib's.

    The plans offered are always changing and you can follow them directly on the website.

    As of this writing, the plans available to those interested are: 

    1. Plan Everywhere: This plan can be used at tolls, parking lots, gas stations, drive-thru and car washes. You can pay the monthly fee on your credit or debit card, in the amount of R$33,90 per month.
    2. Flex Toll Plan: As its name suggests, this is a toll-only plan, working throughout our country. The best thing is that you will only pay for the month you use the service. So if you go for a month without needing the Flex Toll Plan, it will not be charged. The plan and service can be paid via credit card in the amount of R$21,90 in the month used.
    3. Non-stop Auto Assistance: This plan offers 24-hour assistance for your vehicle for 5 years or more, with services including battery recharge, tire change, locksmith, towing and many other services. You can pay R$20,90 per month using your debit or credit card.
    4. Pre-Paid Plan: You can take advantage of Sem Parar's services at gas stations, parking, tolls, drive-thru and car washes. Payment can be made via credit card, and there is no monthly fee, but whenever you need to, you can recharge R$30,00.

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    2. ConectCar

    This is the express toll service belonging to Rede Ipiranga, and you can choose between prepaid plans that have or do not have monthly fees.

    As soon as you sign a contract with the service, an account with your name will be created and recharges are made automatically or manually, and the amounts remain in the customer's account, just waiting to be used.

    ConectCar does not only work at tolls. It can also be used in over 1000 parking lots across the country, including airports, shopping malls, street parking lots and event centers.

    The company also has a partnership with the Burger King chain, and can be accepted at the store's drive-thru.

    The company offers 4 plans to its users, three of which have the possibility of 12 months of free monthly subscription. Are they:

    1. Complete Plan: With this plan, it is possible to automatically pay the fee charged at national tolls and parking lots. With the first 12 months free, the amount charged from the 13th month onwards will be R$17,90 per month.
    2. Urban Plan: Costing only R$9,90 from the 13th month onwards, the Urban Plan allows access to parking lots, shopping malls and two tolls per month, without the need for payment or tickets, for example.
    3. Highways Plan: The last of the three that offer 12 months free, the Rodovias Plan will cost R$14,90 per month from the 13th month onwards. It can be used at tolls and parking lots whenever you want, being perfect for those who like to travel a lot on highways.
    4. Basic Plan: This plan is paid by top-ups. So you don't have the option to get 12 months free. However, with it you can go through tolls and parking lots from time to time, just recharge when you need to. 

    3. Move More

    Another option from competitors Sem Parar is the Move Mais service, which offers plans with recharge rates, but no monthly fees.

    Thus, there are two plans available, the Manual Pre-Paid and the Automatic Pre-Paid.

    Manual prepaid is more suitable for those who have time to plan their recharges and want to have greater control over their expenses.

    It costs R$39,90 and can have discounts in force after the end of the service purchase, and can be paid with credit cards.

    The user is not entitled to a toll voucher. 

    Already automatic prepaid is more suitable for those who like convenience, without worrying about lack of balance or recharge.

    It also costs R$39,90 and payment is made by credit card and the user is entitled to a toll voucher.

    If someone wants to cancel both plans, the fee is R$7,00.

    You will still not be exempt from the fees and will have to pay the recharge fees, which can vary between 4% and 10% of the amount you are charging.

    It is worth mentioning that Move Mais is only accepted at tolls.

    So it doesn't work in parking lots. 

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    4. Veloe

    Another of Sem Parar's main competitors, Veloe is a tag company belonging to Grupo Alelo.

    This service is accepted not only at tolls, but also at parking lots, in about 300 cities across the country.

    Veloe currently has three plans available, all with no recharge, cancellation or membership fees.

    Although the payment is monthly, the first 12 months in the plans for you are free, but Veloe also has plans for companies.

    The plans are:

    1. Tolls and Parking: There are 12 free months, no customer loyalty, post and prepaid options, you can pay the bill with a debit and credit card, automatic recharge has a minimum value of R$50,00, Tag stickers are delivered free of charge and after the 12-month period, you are charged only R$18,90 per month;
    2. tolls: It has most of the benefits mentioned above, although it can only be paid with a credit card and after the free period the monthly fee will be R$14,90.
    3. Parking: It has exactly the same specifications as the Toll plan. However, the amount paid after the free period will be R$9,90 per month.

    5. Green Pass

    The Green Pass is one of the companies competing Sem Parar in the field of express toll tag.

    This service is offered to the customer via the service's partner banks and fintechs.

    Working fully integrated with the payment methods of your choice, Green Pass is a customizable service.

    The Tag doesn't need to be recharged and your money will be available whenever you need it.

    In addition to the toll tag, the service also offers the Park for parking lots.

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    6. C6 Tag

    C6 Tag is a service offered by C6 Bank, which made this option available after closing a partnership with the company Taggy, which works following a business model called White Label.

    That is, the company associates itself with different brands and sells products in different ways in the market.

    Initially called C6 Taggy, it had the advantage of being completely free, without the need for monthly payments or recharge fees.

    However, the biggest problem was that the tag was only accepted at tolls, without parking, for example.

    In 2022 this situation changed. After closing a partnership with Veloe, the C6 Tag was born and still operates free of charge, in addition to being accepted in parking lots.

    If you are a subscriber to C6 Taggy, you can request the migration to C6 Tag without any problems.

    To start using the service, the process is very simple.

    You just need to open a current account at C6 Bank, also free of charge, register your vehicle's license plate in your profile and it will be linked to the C6 Tag.

    The sticker is sent via the Post Office and you can put it on the vehicle yourself.

    The service will be available as long as you have some amount in your checking account, and whenever you go through a toll or access a parking lot that is associated with the service, the gate automatically opens when you identify your sticker. 

    The only fee you will have to pay will be the sticker replacement fee, if necessary.

    For this, there is a charge of R$20,00.

    7. Zul+

    Zul+ is the newest Non-Stop competitor among the options mentioned above.

    This service emerged from a partnership between Zul Digital, a company with services related to cars, and Taggy.

    The service stands out especially for its customer service, which is considered to be quite fast and efficient.

    The Tag offered by Zul+ is prepaid and has the option of automatic or manual refills.

    You don't have to pay a monthly fee, but you have to pay a 10% fee for the recharged amount.

    In order for you to receive the tag that will be sent, it is necessary to pay R$9,90.

    The positive side is that there are no joining or cancellation fees.

    As of this writing, the service is only accepted at tolls, although according to Zul+ it is already confirmed that they will expand the service to also work in parking lots.

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