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    Nickname generator: the 12 best websites

    Nickname generator: the 12 best websites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 7, 2022 | Social Networks | 1 comment

    A nickname generator, as its name suggests, is for you to generate nicknames automatically, without worrying about repeated names or security issues. You can use this kind of tool to create a nickname for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc, or even to play the best online and Role-Playing Game (RPG) games, for example. 

    This type of tool can end up being very useful, since many people have problems when creating a nickname, it is very difficult to get one that meets all the criteria and is not repeated. So, to try to make your life easier when registering on social networks or in games, we've separated some nickname generator options that, in addition to being easy to use, can also help you a lot. Without further ado, let's check out the options:

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    nickname generator

    Cool Screen Name Generator

    Cool Screen Name is a very easy and quick to use nickname generator. The site will not require practically any information from you when creating the name, the only things you need to do is define the size that the nick needs to be and the gender as male, female or neutral. Then, just click to generate and you will have a list of nicks that are already available and ready to use. If you didn't like any of the options given by the site, just keep clicking to generate nicknames until you find an option that you like.

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    Jimpix Username Generator

    Jimpix Username is not a very different nickname generator from Cool Screen, having basically the same functions. But it has its peculiarities too, such as a list of categories to identify nicknames, such as: animal names, sports, silly words and many others. 

    To use it, you need to select one of these categories and write a name or word in the available field that will serve as the basis for the selected nicks. Thus, Jimpix will merge your base word with the selected category to generate nickname options. Then, just choose the one that caught your attention the most and start using it, besides, you can repeat the process with other categories and words.

    Name Generator

    The Name Generator differs more from the other generators mentioned above. To use, the site gives the option for the user to write a prefix and a suffix of the nickname. But you also have the alternative of not writing either one and generating the name in the same way. After that, you just need to click on the nickname generator and select one of the options that will be available. This is an alternative that gives users more freedom to create their own nick, different from the previous alternatives that select the most generalized nicks.


    SpinXO is a nickname generator that provides more customization options and ends up being one of the most complete available. The generator has some blank fields that you can fill in or not, depending on how you want to set up your nickname. 

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    You can generate nick alternatives based on your name or any nickname you have, even using adjectives to describe you or something you like, like a hobby and other things. With this data, the site will create the name that has more to do with you and your tastes, thus having more chances of you liking one. But in addition, you can also define if you want to use exactly the same words you put in or others as synonyms and rhymes. 

    Generator Land

    Being one of the simplest options on the list so far, Generator Land is a nickname generator that can meet your simplest needs. Unlike SpinXO, this option will not ask for words, personalities and other information. You just need to click directly for the nick to be generated and you will receive a list with several random alternatives. If you didn't like any of the options, just click again to get more. 

    If you are looking for a nickname that corresponds directly to you and that serves as an identification for accounts, for example, this may not be the best option for a generator. Generator Land is best suited for those who are looking for unimportant nicks. 

    Online Name Generator

    Another suggestion for a nickname generator is the Online Name Generator, which also won't require very elaborate information on your part, but it may end up meeting your needs. Although it doesn't require a lot of information, it has several categories that can make your life easier to create the nick. Among the options are categories such as: hero nicknames, pirate nicknames and even company names. When it comes to diversity, maybe this is the generator you need if the nick you want corresponds to a specific use. 

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    Mobile Gamer

    If you want to create nicknames for games, Mobile Gamer is a nickname generator that allows you to create for the most varied games, of all types, such as free fire and League of Legends (LOL), for example. In addition to the website, you can also access it from devices with Android and iOS systems, just access the website of our generator and select the system of your cell phone. It also allows you to create names with different letters and fonts, being able to deviate from the standard. You can also type a nick you want and customize it as you see fit, even leaving the name upside down. 

    Fantasy Name Generators

    Being perhaps one of the nickname generators that has the largest number of categories, Fantasy Name Generators can be practically a guarantee that you will find a nickname that meets your needs. You can come across categories of real names, popular names of different genres, place names and, not to be left out, fantasy names that you can use in games, for example. Within these categories, you can also find several other subcategories to find the perfect nickname for what you want to do, whether for use in a social network or in an online game.

    Behind the Name

    Having a very beautiful and simple to use interface, Behind the Name is a great nickname generator option. In addition to the website, you also have the possibility to access the generator through devices with iOS systems. The program has a huge database that contains different etymologies, as well as the meanings of each name and nickname in different languages. So the user can choose the real or non-real random names that match each other in the best way.

    Behind the Name even offers a list with a variety of random nickname categories and the possibility to put up to three middle names if you want to create a real name. Another option is to select the genre to facilitate the creation, but it is not mandatory. Then just click on “Generate a name!” to receive the options. Going further, the site also allows you to create and also see the history of the name, such as the origin, spelling and pronunciation, for example. 

    List of Random Names

    With a simpler and less elaborate interface, the List of Random Names website allows the interested user to choose the size of the list with the alternative nicknames that will be made available to them. You can also specify the gender of the nick you want, if you wish, this is not a mandatory option. Data such as if you want the first name or not and how many names you want in the nick, can also be informed to facilitate the creation of the same. But like the previous one, these are not completely necessary and mandatory data. Then just click on Generate and you will have your list, just choose the best name. 

    Random Name Generator

    Random Name Generator has a very organized name structure, which can make your life easier when choosing the best one. The tool has a giant database that works by combining this same database of several female and male names. Users can also choose the size of the list and select whether or not names will come with nicknames. You can also access Random Name through the app available for Android devices on the Play Store. It is worth mentioning that there is an option within the platform called “Name Style”, which offers less popular and not so frequent alternatives to be found around. 

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    Name Generator Fun

    The interface of this nickname generator is divided into several thematic options. The Name Generator Fun gives the user the option to choose between several ways to generate a nickname. You can choose a certain game genre so that your nickname is generated in the best way to fit these certain games. You can also select the gender of the nick if you wish, it is not mandatory. To learn more, just access the link: 

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