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    New Year's Eve: the 57 best recipes on the internet

    New Year's Eve: the 57 best recipes on the internet

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 14, 2022 | News |

    Are you going to have a meeting with your friends or family on New Year's Eve and you still don't know what to prepare for the New Year's supper? We have the solution! We have selected several delicious recipes to help you with this choice.

    From a simple New Year's dinner recipe to that most refined dish, here you will find recipe options for all types of tastes and easy to make.

    After all, thinking about what you're going to prepare for New Year's dinner in advance, avoids setbacks and increases the chances that your dinner will come out perfect. If you want, you can even train some dish beforehand.

    We will list different alternatives for starters, main courses, side dishes, salads, desserts, drinks and snacks. So, pen and paper in hand to write down your favorite recipes.

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    The 57 best recipes on the internet for New Year's Eve

    Suggestions for New Year's Dinner: Appetizers

    1. Mini cheese quiche

    Photo: Reproduction/Chef's Food

    In addition to being a tasty recipe, the mini cheese quiche is easy to make and you can even customize it the way you want. In the cheese filling, other ingredients of your choice can be added to give a final touch.

    2. Chicken pate

    Photo: Reproduction/Receipt

    If you have a versatile starter, that dish is the chicken pate. This creamy recipe can be used to fill breads, toast or accompany salads.

    Chicken pate requires few ingredients and can be made in just a few minutes.

    Also, it can be made a few days ahead and kept in the fridge for New Year's Eve dinner.

    3. Stuffed baskets

    The stuffed baskets are practical, have little preparation time and are super tasty. As not everyone likes fish, you can also substitute the tuna pavé for the chicken pate, from the previous recipe.

    4. Parma and brie bruschetta

    Ana Maria Braga's bruschetta recipe is sure to conquer the stomach of your guests. In addition to being made in 15 minutes, few ingredients are needed to prepare it.

    5. Fried potato dumpling

    Potato fans will no doubt love this recipe. The fried potato dumpling is an excellent choice of entry for your New Year's Eve dinner.

    With only 5 ingredients and half an hour of preparation, this delight is ready.

    6. Tuna toast

    With crackers and a can of tuna, you make a delicious New Year's Eve starter. The recipe can be prepared in just 10 minutes and success is guaranteed.

    7. Japanese eggplant cold starter

    A different starter recipe idea is the Japanese eggplant. Although it sounds a little difficult, it is very simple to prepare and can be done in 20 minutes.

    8. Shrimp broth

    For those who love shrimp, shrimp broth can be a great option. Its preparation is a little longer. To accompany the broth, the recipe suggests white flour, but you can adapt as you wish.

    9. Potato and ham fancy starter

    The potato and ham starter recipe is that recipe that can't go wrong, everyone will like it. It's easy to make, takes little time to prepare and yields a lot.

    But be aware: organize yourself to make it in advance, as this recipe should be in the fridge for 3 hours before serving.

    10. Stuffed tomato

    Stuffed tomato is a nice option, especially for vegetarians and vegans, with some adaptations if necessary.

    The estimated preparation time of the recipe is 5 minutes and it is very easy to assemble.

    11. Fried cod cake

    Another delicious snack is the fried codfish ball. It is easy to prepare and requires few ingredients.

    12. Cold chicken and leek starter

    Finally, among the starter options for New Year's dinner, we have the cold chicken and leek starter. With a more refined air, the recipe can be prepared in up to 50 minutes.

    Suggestions for New Year's Dinner: Main dishes

    For main dishes, pay more attention to the preparation time. They usually take longer to make and all we don't want is unexpected delays on New Year's Eve dinner.

    1. Pork ribs in barbecue sauce

    Photo: Reproduction / Secrets of food

    A recipe that will make your mouth water just by talking is the pork ribs with barbecue sauce. This recipe deserves attention when choosing your side dishes.

    The ribs take a longer time to prepare. So, start early to ensure that by the time of your New Year's Eve dinner, they are cooked and ready.

    2. Oven-roasted pork loin

    Photo: Reproduction/Chef's Food

    There are many New Year's superstitions and one of them involves pork. Some cultures preach that the pig represents progress and abundance. That's why they put the pig at the center of the celebrations.

    But superstitious or not, everyone knows how juicy and flavorful pork can be. Therefore, oven-roasted pork loin is a good main dish option for New Year's dinner.

    3. Baked salmon with potatoes

    For a lighter supper, an interesting suggestion is the oven-baked salmon with potatoes. With a total calorie count of 344,77kcal, the recipe can be made in 1h14 minutes and serve up to 6 servings.

    4. Roasted pork ribs with cashew nut crust

    Photo: Reproduction / Panel

    Another delicious proposal with pork is the recipe for roasted pork ribs with a cashew nut crust. The meat is so tender and still crispy on the outside.

    5. Fillet Parmigiana

    Filet Ă  Parmigiana, despite being a more common everyday dish, is also a good option for those who want a different meat and need a quicker recipe to prepare.

    6. 7 Seas Cod Recipe

    A dish with a very high chance of succeeding and pleasing everyone is 7 seas cod. Quick, practical and perfect for a New Year's dinner.

    7. Lamb rack

    Photo: Reproduction / All recipes

    The most sophisticated dish on the list is rack of lamb, which perfectly matches the occasion in question. On top of that, it takes less than an hour to do.

    The rack of lamb is a cut of the animal's tenderloin, which, contrary to what many may think, is soft and juicy.

    8. American pork ribs

    It's pork once again making its presence felt on our list. Who has never seen the famous American pork ribs in a movie or series? It's a hit with Americans and can be a hit at your New Year's Eve dinner too.

    9. Oven roasted ham

    The oven-roasted ham could not be missing from our list. This is a traditional New Year's dinner recipe, but it takes a lot of time to make.

    Preparation should start a day before, as it is necessary to leave the meat to marinate overnight for the seasoning to penetrate well.

    10. Filet mignon in Madeira sauce

    To close the main course suggestions with yet another refined recipe, we have the filet mignon with wood sauce from the “Novatos na Cozinha” channel:

    Suggestions for New Year's Dinner: Accompaniments

    To accompany that wonderful roast, of course, rice and farofa, for example.

    So, check out the best side dishes recipes below.

    1 Ratatouille

    The Ratatouille recipe is a specialty of French cuisine. It is a light and colorful dish that consists of different roasted vegetables. It's a perfect match for baked salmon. Check out the recipe on the “Father's Recipes” channel:

    2. Leek risotto

    It's hard for anyone to resist a leek risotto recipe. This accompaniment is mild but at the same time has a refined flavor, matching any type of meat. There's no mistake!

    There are several other types of creamy risotto that can be made with bacon, mushrooms, shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes. You can adapt yours as you like.

    3. Rice with lentils

    Again for those who believe in superstitions, rice with lentils is a symbol of luck and prosperity, as well as being delicious.

    This recipe is also very present in the Arab menu and very easy to prepare. It's a good alternative to accompany the main dish on New Year's Eve dinner.

    4. Party rice

    Photo: Reproduction/Chef's Food

    And speaking of rice, the traditional party rice is another great option for your supper. It's simple to make, quick and yields many servings. You are free to substitute or add other ingredients.

    5. Piedmontese rice

    If you're short on money this year, but you still don't want to give up your New Year's supper, then piamontese rice is a good alternative. It is a fine recipe, easy to make and very economical.

    You will only need a few basic ingredients to add to the rice, such as garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and sour cream.

    6. Creamy cheese rice

    There's rice for all tastes and our last recipe with this cereal so loved by Brazilians is the creamy cheese rice. Despite the similarity with the other recipes, this dish takes a few more ingredients that make it unique.

    7. Pressure cooker noodles

    If you've left your New Year's Eve supper just in time, pressure cooker pasta is a good idea for those who are running late and need to make something that tastes good in a few minutes.

    This recipe takes less than 5 ingredients that are usually present in everyone's cupboards.

    8. Beef jerky

    The jerky escondidinho recipe may seem a little complex, but the secret of this dish is patience. Among the ingredients are cassava and coalho cheese. See the full recipe on the “Nhac GNT” channel:

    9. Barbecue crumbs

    Who loves a barbecue farofa? This recipe is especially for barbecue lovers. For this recipe, bet on simplicity and patience when preparing to leave impeccable.

    10. Complete cabbage crumbs

    The cabbage farofa is that joker recipe that will match everything you have on the table. It's easy to prepare and makes a lot.

    New Year's Eve Supper: Salads

    You can't miss salad on a plate, right? So be sure to check out the suggestions for you to make for your New Year's Eve dinner.

    1. Tropical salt

    Light, healthy and refreshing. So is the tropical salad. In a short time and with few ingredients, it is possible to assemble your special salad for the turn of the year. Check out the recipe on the “Father's Recipes” channel:

    2. Greek salad with Minas cheese

    The Greek salad is a 100% Brazilian and very tasty recipe, which contains typical ingredients from our country. With only seven ingredients, you can prepare a delicious salad.

    3. Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea salad is healthy and tasty. You will only need chickpeas, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, olives and lemon to make this salad for your New Year's Eve dinner.

    4. Salad caesar

    Caesar salad has Italian origins, but it is very present in Brazilian dishes. In addition to vegetables, the salad also includes bread and chicken breast. See how to prepare your salad on the channel “Thaisa Leal Nutricionista”.

    5. Creamy Cabbage Salad

    Creamy Cabbage Salad Recipe is easy, quick to prepare and very tasty. See the full recipe on the “PV Chef das Recipes” channel.

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    Suggestions for New Year's Eve: dessert menu

    Who can resist a dessert after the main course? It's a perfect balance.

    With that in mind, we also made a list of dessert suggestions for you to serve at your New Year's Eve dinner.

    1. Waltz dream pavé

    Photo: reproduction/

    The waltz dream pavé, it really is such a good dream. Rest assured that your guests will love it. It will take a few minutes to prepare and a few minutes to finish.

    But prepare in advance, as the dessert should be in the fridge for at least 4 hours after it's ready.

    2. Frozen chocolate dessert

    A practical and delicious recipe is the iced chocolate dessert. In addition to chocolate, she also takes dulce de leche.

    3. Dessert with 2 ingredients

    Egg whites and sugar. Those are the two ingredients you will need to make a delicious dessert. It is similar to pudding. The texture is very fluffy and the dessert has syrup. Check out the step by step on the channel “Simples Assim por Patrícia Santos”:

    4. Truffle nest ice cream dessert

    The truffle nest iced dessert needs to be made in a few steps. But despite that, it's practical, easy and the recipe's success is guaranteed. Check out how to prepare it, on the “Gabriel Freitas” channel:

    5. New Year's Cassata

    New Year's cassata is a special dessert for the end of the year. In addition to being easy and economical, it is delicious. See the step by step on the “Father’s Recipes” channel:

    6. Passion fruit pavé

    This is a great option for people who don't like chocolate or can't eat it. Passion fruit pavĂ© is simple to prepare and requires very few ingredients. See the full recipe on the “Father's Recipes” channel:

    7. Pineapple dessert

    Pineapple dessert is among the easiest desserts on our list. With only 5 ingredients, you can make this wonder. See the step by step on the channel “That Recipe”:

    8. Lemon pie

    Do you believe in a lemon pie recipe that doesn't need to go to the oven, doesn't take gelatin and cornstarch and still gets super creamy and tasty?

    Well, that's what the revenue of the “Nandu Andrade” channel promises. Check out:

    9. Coconut manjar with blackberry syrup

    Photo: reproduction/

    The coconut manjar with syrup is another option that everyone will surely like. It is creamy, tasty and very simple to prepare.

    10. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

    Cheesecake is a popular pie in the United States. It's a cheese pie with red fruit syrup. The recipe can be adapted in several ways.

    New Year's Eve: Drinks Menu

    Spending the New Year's supper with a good drink is indispensable. In addition to the traditional champagne to toast, we can diversify.

    That way, our list also includes some drinks for you to rock your New Year's Eve. Check it out below.

    1. Drinks com Gin

    Gin has gained even more prominence in recent times. So nothing fairer than starting our list with him. Check out 3 easy and quick drink recipes that can be made with Gin, on the “Lucas Alencar” channel:

    2. Blue Lagoon

    The Lagoa Azul drink is a classic that was very successful between the 80's and 90's.

    Its vibrant blue color is unmistakable and attracts attention. Learn how to prepare this “different” drink for your New Year's Eve supper, on the “Cocktail Channel”:

    3. Lemon shake

    There's nothing more refreshing than a lemonade. With just a few ingredients, you can make this drink quickly.

    See how easy it is to prepare it step by step on the “Cocktail Channel”:

    4. Strawberry and orange caipirinha

    The traditional caipirinha is made with ice, cachaça and lemon. But have you tried making this Brazilian drink with other ingredients? This is another proposal from the “Cocktail Channel”:

    5. Strawberry flavored margarita

    The traditional Mexican margarita is made with tequila, lime juice and salt. But a different version can also be nice. This is the case with the strawberry margarita.

    All original ingredients are kept. The difference is the addition of strawberry, which in addition to giving a sweet taste, makes the drink colorful and more beautiful.

    New Year's Eve: Snacks Menu

    We know that New Year's celebrations go into the early hours of the morning. And to accompany the drink, it is interesting to offer some snacks. Our last list of suggestions for New Year's dinner are snacks:

    1. Crackling in the pressure cooker

    Tasty and crunchy, crackling is a good option to serve as a snack. But have you ever imagined the crackling made in the pressure cooker? That's what the recipe from the website “Comidinhas do Chef” teaches us. And you can be sure: it looks divine!

    2. Roasted Potatoes with Garlic

    The garlic roasted potato can be served as a snack. In addition to being extremely tasty, it is healthier than French fries made in oil.

    3. Onion snacks

    The onion snacks recipe is practical, delicious and is made with only 5 ingredients. This can be a good choice of snacks for New Year's Eve dinner.

    4. Onion pepperoni

    Pepperoni with onions is a typical, easy and very tasty snack. Learn the step by step for your recipe to come out perfect, on the “Jani Recipes” channel:

    5. Cold cuts board

    To finish, we brought the suggestion of a cold board for snack. It's tasty, light and easy to prepare and usually pleases everyone.

    The choice of ingredients is important, but a decoration will also make a difference. So, check out an example on the “Leodenice Camargo” channel:

    And these were the ideas and inspirations for everything you can prepare for your New Year's Eve dinner and be successful.

    Do you also have a recipe suggestion? Leave it in the comments!

    Take the opportunity to share this text with your friends. That way, no one gets lost when preparing supper or runs the risk of being late.

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