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    New CNH 2022: How to issue and everything you need to know

    New CNH 2022: How to issue and everything you need to know

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 10, 2022 | News |

    Attention! Drivers and vehicle owners need to be aware of some changes that affect them directly: the discharge of the personal injury tax for land motor vehicles (DPVAT Insurance); the property tax on motor vehicles (IPVA) and the new CNH 2022.

    The New CNH 2022

    In December 2022, the National Traffic Council (Contran) published the resolution that determines the adhesion of the new National Driver's License as of June 1, 2022.

    The change to the new standard is mandatory and will start to be valid only for drivers who have renewed their CNH or for new drivers from this date.

    The CNH changes its look with the goal of bringing this document in line with the international standard model, in addition to adding security features against counterfeiting. For this, a special paint that is fluorescent and glows in the dark will be used. As well as characters that are only visible using ultraviolet light and hologram at the bottom of the document.

    In the current version, green colors are used. The new template will show a combination of green and yellow. At the top of the document, one of the most visible changes is the addition of the signature just below the photo. In the current model, the signature is after the fold.

    But it's the bottom that will bring together the big changes. A table with images of the vehicles will be added, followed by the letter of the CNH category, that is, there will be a marking in this table that indicate the categories in which each driver is authorized to drive.

    Below the table of categories there is a space for observations to indicate possible medical restrictions, for example, the mandatory use of glasses (restriction A), in addition to informing whether the driver performs a paid activity.

    The new CNH 2022 will be expanded to drivers with a driving permit, which is the temporary approval given to beginners, characterized by the letter "P" that is on the upper right side of the document. Remembering that the definitive CNH is characterized with the letter "D".

    New CNH 2022: How to issue and everything you need to knowPhoto: Disclosure / Contran

    Therefore, all these changes will contribute to making the CNH more secure, which helps to avoid possible fraud in relation to this document.

    And remembering that the new CNH 2022 will also continue with the digital model, through the Digital Transit Wallet app, which is available for cell phones with the Android or iOS system.

    In this way, the driver can choose whether to use the physical or digital model of the CNH each time it is necessary to use the document.

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    The changes of the new CNH 2022 for motorcyclists

    It is important to make it clear that the changes in the new CNH 2022 will affect car drivers and also motorcycle drivers.

    In the case of motorcyclists, two new categories were added. The first is the ACC, in which the person who holds this category can ride mopeds. Nowadays you need a separate permit to drive models up to 50cc and 50 km/h.

    The other category added is A1. In this case, the rider can ride motorcycles up to 125cc. However, it is important to make it clear that there are power and speed restrictions.

    According to Contran, another relevant point is that the ACC and A modalities will be mutually exclusive. That is, the driver cannot have the authorization to drive in these two categories at the same time.

    Expiry date of the new CNH 2022

    The new CNH 2022 did not change the renewal deadlines, even because there have been changes recently. Therefore, see below the validity intervals of the driver's license:

    • Ten years for drivers under fifty;
    • Five years for people aged between fifty and 69;
    • Three years for drivers over seventy.

    And remembering that recently the driver's license score rose from twenty points to forty points. If this limit is reached, the driver may have their CNH suspended.

    IPVA 2022 rose in value

    The new CNH 2022 was not the only change that took place in relation to drivers and vehicle owners, as this year there was an increase in the IPVA value.

    With this, it is important to clarify that the difference will not be in the rate charged by each state, which will remain the same, but in the venal cost of cars, which underwent great appreciation in 2022.

    According to the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe), used cars became 31,8% more expensive in the year. 0km, on the other hand, experienced an increase of 19,3%.

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    In the state of our city, the average increase in tax is going to be 30%. In our city, the cost will be on average 10% higher. So, check in your state what are the discount requirements for cash settlement or the maximum installment payment.

    Exemption from the DPVAT insurance fee

    In return for the IPVA, vehicle owners will be exempt from compulsory insurance, the DPVAT. This measure also took place in 2022, and was approved by the National Council of Private Insurance (CSP), a body linked to the Ministry of Economy.

    According to the CSP, the DPVAT exemption was maintained because there is an excess amount of resources in the FDPVAT, Caixa Econômica Federal Fund that manages DPVAT resources, to protect losses from traffic accidents.

    FDPVAT is maintained by a consortium of insurance companies and has earned R$4,3 billion since it was conceived in 2022.

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