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    Navel piercing: the best inspirations from social media

    Navel piercing: the best inspirations from social media

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 26, 2022 | News |

    The belly button piercing is a great piece to give a different touch to the look, bringing more personality, especially in the summer. With the high temperature, we want to create a more cool and attractive style and jewelry can be a key piece in this process. 

    However, most people have doubts about which are the best belly button piercings. From now on, we will list inspirations that are quite common in social networks, briefly highlighting the characteristics of each one.

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    What are the types of belly button piercings? 

    Before showing you some belly button piercing inspirations, let's understand better what are the alternatives available on the market? 

    • Traditional Piercing: is the most popular option on the market, which is placed at the top of the navel. Generally, the shape of the jewelry is bar. The piece is discreet and some models have a beautiful small pendant; 
    • Inverted Piercing: the piercing is placed in the lower part of the navel;
    • Double piercing: suitable for those people who want to escape the norm. It is a set of jewelry, which is pierced not only at the top but also at the bottom of the navel; 
    • Surface (Vertical e Horizontal): junction of two styles, which forms a design very similar to a triangle. It is more common abroad; 

    fake belly button piercing It is also termed as fake piercing. Here, it is not necessary to make punctures with needles. Easy to remove as it does not leave a scar. It is suitable for those people who do not have the courage to put on the traditional model or who intend to use it on a special occasion. 

    You can have a small or large belly button piercing. Just choose the option according to your profile. 

    What are the belly button piercing jewelry and models? 

    The positive side is that the market contains various types of jewelry and belly button piercing models. 

    • Stone: one of the main choices of those who choose to have their belly button pierced; 
    • ball: discreet and simple. It is recommended for those who are going to get a piercing for the first time; 
    • Ring: is one of the best alternatives for those looking for daring; 
    • Anchor: full of meanings and feelings. It refers to the sea, beaches and freedom. There are several models available on the market; 
    • Star: there are simple or funky options, such as embellishing stones and more than five points; 
    • Dream filter: it is also filled with concepts and meanings. Indicated for women who want to highlight their tummy; 
    • Butterflies: for butterfly lovers or for those people who don't know which piece to choose. It is a sweet model and suitable for several occasions; 
    • Skull: ideal for funky people with a lot of personality; 
    • Heart: classic suggestion for piercing and tattoos; 
    • Gold: The gold belly button piercing is one of the options that requires more investment. It is possible to find pieces of up to R$1 thousand reais. The material has good durability and appreciates over time; 
    • Male: Contrary to what many people imagine, male belly button piercing is also quite common. Not only here in our country, but also abroad, the piece is welcome.

    See below 5 belly button piercing inspirations!


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    Navel piercing price: how much does it cost?

    The price of Piercing in our city is different from the value in Minas Gerais. Therefore, it is essential to do market research before making a decision. 

    The good news is that there are prices for all content. To get an idea, there are professionals who perform the service from R$ 50. 

    If this is your first piercing, we recommend using stainless steel jewelry. Generally, the healing process is easier than nickel or plastic jewelry. 

    Does navel piercing hurt?

    We need to be honest, dear reader. Each person can experience pain differently when getting a belly button piercing. 

    An interesting tip to reduce discomfort is to do the process in a studio, with the best materials and with a professional who is a reference in the subject. 

    Most people assume that they feel pain when having a belly button piercing. However, it is something that can be endured. 

    After a few hours, you feel discomfort and even burning in the place where the piercing was placed. Therefore, it is essential to take some care so that the problem does not worsen. 

    Navel Piercing Care: Which Are The Most Important?

    Healing does not happen overnight. It can be completed in weeks and even months. The period will depend on the way it was placed and the regeneration capacity. 

    Faced with this scenario, it is essential to take some measures to avoid inflamed belly button piercing and pain in the region. 

    • Clean the area where the piercing was placed during the shower. Remove any crusts that can be found around the hole; 
    • Apply an antiseptic with cotton; 
    • Avoid wearing tight clothes that may come into contact with the jewelry; 
    • Wash your hands before picking up the piercing; 
    • Do not remove jewelry for less than one year. In this way, healing will not be impaired; 
    • Ignore bathing in the sea or swimming pool to prevent infections at the site.  

    Care with food should also be taken seriously. Meat, lots of fat and heavy foods should be removed from the menu, as digestion takes place more slowly. Give preference to vegetables rich in zinc, calcium and potassium. 

    If it remains inflamed, try to clean the area and avoid moving the place where the piercing was placed too much. If the problem persists or increases, seek the help of a dermatologist. 

    Should I get piercings during pregnancy? 

    Jewelry is not recommended during pregnancy.. This is because the orifice may have a distension in addition to influencing the increase of stretch marks in the region. 

    Generally, the woman has distensions in the belly from the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy. 

    Anyone interested in getting their belly button pierced can do the process before getting pregnant. Thus, the pregnancy will not suffer problems. 

    Where to buy belly button piercing? 

    If you've come this far, you're probably wondering: where to buy belly button piercings? Give preference to stores that are references in the physical and online environment. That way, you are more sure that you will invest in a quality material. 

    On Amazon, for example, the customer has access to a beautiful Tendycoco Belly Button Piercing with Rhinestones and Sexy Stainless Steel Belly Button Ring 5 Pieces

    The chic belly button piercing polcolo with flower and butterfly pendant is another interesting alternative. That's because, it's fashionable, it's popular, and it's quite attractive. It can also be used as a gift for a friend, wife and girlfriend. 

    It is also worth knowing the stainless steel belly button piercing, belly button piercings, women, pendants, butterfly, body piercings, 2 pieces. It is safe, comfortable and suitable for any type of person. 

    The look of this piercing is beautiful and high quality. It is a great gift for friends, family and boyfriends. 

    This gem brings a more sophisticated decor, with its classic and simple butterfly design with lasting shine and fine polish. 

    Here, we have mentioned several options for belly button piercing. However, before making a decision, weigh each alternative carefully. See what suits your profile. After all, what might be good for your friend might not be right for her body.

    If the selection process is complicated, don't be discouraged. At first, the search can be tiring. But, the market contains several models that can match your characteristics. 

    After discovering the main inspirations about navel piercing, learn what the beauty chip is, its benefits and risks. 

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