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    Movies on social networks: 10 productions for you to watch

    Movies on social networks: 10 productions for you to watch
    Movies on social networks: 10 productions for you to watch

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 5, 2022 | Entrepreneurship | 1 comment

    Are you going to enjoy a little break? How about watching movies about social networks to be inspired and further utilize the potential of media in your business this new year?

    We've put together a list of movies about social networks that explore how they can be great or terrible, if not used correctly.

    Both in the personal sphere and in the business world, social networks have become very present in recent years. Understanding how they work and how we can take productive advantage of them is the plot of the tips that we will give here. See more!

    Movies about social networks

    1. The Network Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma is a Netflix documentary, released in 2022 that generated great repercussions. In it, several personalities involved in the creation of the functioning of social networks such as Facebook, give interviews revealing obscure facts about some of the objectives of these businesses. In addition, the production brings a reflection of how the consumption of social media can be improved.

    2. Emily in Paris

    This is another 2022 series that has gained a lot of success. With a lighter and more fanciful plot than the previous indication, Emily in Paris tells the story of a girl who works with Digital Marketing and moved from Chicago to Paris for work. There, she went viral on her Instagram account, sharing her routine in the new country.

    3. Chef

    Chef is a 2022 movie that tells the story of a chef who has a fight that goes viral on the internet. In addition to losing his job, he becomes famous for what happened, which prevents him from being rehired by other restaurants. Increasingly "burned" in the gastronomic branch of trendy restaurants, his way out is to start over with a food trailer.

    4. In Your Eyes

    The film Aos Teus Olhos aborts the theme of virtual lynching. The plot takes place with a super popular swimming teacher and loved by his students, who sees his world change completely after a student is reported. Amid the image crisis spread on social media, he needs to prove his innocence.

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    5. The Hate Network

    Available on Netflix, the Polish film tells the story of an ambitious young man. In search of success, he tries to get what he wants by manipulating people and spreading hate on a social network. However, at some point he loses control of his actions, causing a series of consequences in his personal life.

    6. The Circle

    With a talented actress as the protagonist, Emma Watson plays an employee of a large and powerful technology company. In her daily tasks, the character lives a moral dilemma between ethics and the limit on the privacy of clients, who are encouraged to share their private lives with the world.


    This is another national representative on the list. A romance between a famous blogger and a nerdy youtuber, represented by Isis Valverde and Gil Coelho. In the story, she has intimate images leaked by an ex-boyfriend and he tries to preserve the image of his girlfriend.

    The plot develops telling the backstage of a typical life of those who generate content on the internet: she in the fashion and beauty business and he in the world of games.

    8. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

    It is a documentary about social networks available on YouTube. Werner Herzog is the filmmaker responsible for this production, which aims to ask intriguing questions about our relationship with the virtual world. He explores how the internet affects society today and what it will look like in the future.

    9. A Simple Favor

    A comedy available to Amazon Prime subscribers. It tells the story of a video blogger who goes crazy after befriending a woman who sent his viewership skyrocketing. Despite being a comedy, the film maintains an air of suspense in the plot that holds attention.

    10.  The Assistant

    To finish off our list, a 13-minute short film, also available on Amazon Prime. The production makes a satire on what it's like to be an assistant to a social media influencer.

    These are our indications of movies about social networks, in which many address the consequences of using networks in our lives. It is worth reflecting on how we can use the media to our advantage, as a society. It is also possible to assess how to get out of a bad situation created in the virtual world.

    Now we want to hear from you: do you have any more movies, series or documentaries to recommend us? Leave your recommendation here in the comments.

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