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    MMORPGs to Keep an Eye on Xbox One in 2022

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    The Xbox One has become the home of more and more MMORPGs, and we've seen many games of the genre coming to Microsoft's console. And the future looks very promising, as there are already confirmed games for the platform this year and some others still unforeseen. Let's get to know a little about MMORPGs to keep an eye on Xbox One in 2022.

    But first of all, what is an MMORPG?

    MMORPG It is an acronym that comes from English, which means “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”. Games that fit this genre have many players connected online within a vast, open world. These users need to come together to carry out a series of activities, always looking to improve their character. unlike a RPG tradition, where the focus is on finishing the story, on the MMORPGs Finishing the story is usually just a small part of the experience, as the core of it all lies in the progression of the character's equipment and abilities. Furthermore, one of the main features of a MMORPG is the possibilities for your players to interact in any area of ​​your world, without being limited to just some kind of unique social hub, the idea is that players can interact in any part of that world, without limitations. This world should also be full of activities for players, such as quests, special enemies, dungeons and raids.

    Now let's get to the games!

    Bless Unleashed

    Bless Unleashed this is the console version of the famous MMORPG Bless Online. The game presents an entire experience carefully crafted to portray a new console experience, and for that this new version was developed from scratch. The project is being made in partnership with Bandai Namco, and it is a free to play title, which will arrive first on Xbox One.

    At launch, the game will feature Berserker, Mage, Ranger, Priest, and Crusader classes. Each with their own unique set of moves and combos. The developers have already revealed that more classes will be added after the game is released, as part of the free updates schedule.

    The game map still has world bosses, world events and PvP areas, in addition to dungeons and group challenges.

    The NeoWiz studio seems to be listening to player feedback a lot during the various Alpha and Beta phases that the game has already had, and a lot has been improved since the first tests, which signals a good future for Bless Unleashed, because a studio attentive to what its players are saying is essential for the success and life of a MMORPG.

    Bless Unleashed arrives on the 12th of March 2022, and there are Founder's Packs with extra upgrades and support.

    Analysis now available.


    Phantasy Star Online 2

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is considered one of the biggest MMORPG from Japan and brings various activities for players to challenge themselves, It will soon be coming to the West for the first time, coming first to Xbox One. The game offers several missions where groups of up to 12 players carry out their tasks, which promise never to become stale or repetitive. The title has an easy character control system, well-developed and customizable combat actions, to make each character unique.

    To further mark this great return of the franchise to Xbox, SEGA announced that it will be optimized for Xbox One X with 4K and will still have the expanded interface for the console.

    Did you feel like testing? THE MMORPG will have a Closed Beta phase that takes place between February 07th and 09th, 2022. Find out how to participate here.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is already available, in its final version, on the Microsoft Store, but it is still unavailable in our country and can only be downloaded on Xbox Live in the United States and Canada. Download here.


    The Elder Scrolls Online

    yes i know that The Elder Scrolls Online has been present on Xbox One for a few years now, but since 2022 Zenimax and Bethesda have opted for the season system in their MMORPG, and while last year the theme was Dragons and Elsweyr, this year players will be taken to the infamous region of Skyrim, with the new season, which was named Dark Heart of Skyrim. The game will receive some content during the year such as DLCs and a main expansion, which has been called Greymoor. The new plot will show that a dark tide of monsters has risen from Blackreach and threatens to plunge Tamriel into darkness, under the leadership of a powerful Vampire Lord.

    The adventure begins with the DLC Harrowstorm which brings a pack of two new dungeons and a story of its own. Greymoor will also add the new Western Skyrim zone, a long and complete quest line, the new Antiquities system, a new 12-player trial called Kyne's Aegis, new world events called Harrowstorms, plus new public dungeons, points of interest and side missions. Still at the end of 2022, the game will receive a DLC with another dungeon pack, and closes the year with another DLC that brings a new region with history.

    O DLC Harrowstorm will be released on March 10th, while the expansion Greymoor will arrive on Xbox One on June 2nd.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor can already be pre-ordered on the Microsoft Store, both in the standard version and its digital Collectors Edition, new players who buy any of these editions will have access to previous expansions (Elsweyr, Summerset and Morrowind). Veteran players can purchase the upgrade for both the standard version and the Collectors Edition.


    Magic: Legends

    Magic: Legends it's a MMORPG action game inspired by the Magic: The Gathering universe, which is being developed by Perfect World and Cryptic Studios. It has a style very similar to Diablo 3, and we still can't see how the proposal of a MMORPG will be applied to it, perhaps with something similar to the Korean Lost Ark system. It also allows you to play alone or alongside two more friends, and will even offer five classes for players to choose the one that best fits their combat style.

    Those interested in having a chance to test Magic: Legends, in its Beta phase, can now register on the game's official website.

    Initially slated to come to consoles and PC in 2022, Magic: Legends will only arrive on consoles in 2022. But if you're interested in the game's proposal, it's good to stay tuned for news about it, which should receive some Beta testing phase later this year on Xbox One.


    Crimsom Desert

    Some time ago, Pearl Abyss had declared that they were developing a new MMORPG, which would be more story focused and have more PvE content for players to venture into, which is quite different from its current success Black Desert Online, where the game focuses on competitive PvP content, with disputes between players and guilds, in addition to infinite grinding. To reach a wider audience, the studio announced Crimson Desert.

    the main character of Crimson Desert will be Macduff, who is the leader of a band of mercenaries, and is struggling with the responsibilities of leadership and the survival of those who trust him. The story takes place in Pywel, and each character in this narrative will have their own origins and stories to tell, with unique characteristics that affect everything from the decisions they make to the equipment they use. The game promises an immersive single player campaign, but also online multiplayer content, like what we already see in MMORPGs traditional.

    Crimson Desert is confirmed for PC and consoles, and will have its first Beta in 2022.


    Final Fantasy XIV

    One MMORPGs most requested by fans of the genre for Xbox One is Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix's game is a huge hit on PS4 and PC, but even with its directors openly sharing their willingness to bring the game to Xbox One, it never got off the ground. However, that changed at the end of 2022 as Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, assured that the game will come to Xbox One, but still doesn't have a prediction to share about the date. In the past, Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XIV, explained that their game was not yet on the platform, as Microsoft's policies for crossplay prevented the game's social tools from working to their full potential. Finally, the companies reached an agreement and the players won.

    In addition to being a paid game, Final Fantasy XIV has a monthly fee system, where the player needs to pay monthly to be able to play. As for its gameplay, the game has a unique class system, where instead of choosing a class and making its progression, you can change classes at any time with the same character, but you will have to level it from scratch, as if was a new character. That way, you have a single character, but he can adventure through different classes, bringing dynamism to the player to explore the game.

    We don't have any information yet on when Final Fantasy XIV will arrive on Xbox One, but these news will appear in 2022.


    What is already available?

    In addition to these games, which have not yet arrived on Xbox One, there are already some MMORPGs available on the console that you can check out now.

    They are:

    • Neverwinter – (Check out the review) Free to play
    • DC Universe Online – (Check out the review) Free to Play
    • The Elder Scrolls Online – (Check out our review of the base game, as well as the Summerset and Elsweyr expansions, as well as the Murkmire DLC.) Available on Xbox Game Pass.
    • Skyforge – (Check out the review) Free to Play
    • TERA – (Check out the review) Free to Play
    • Star Trek Online – Free to play
    • Thunder – Free to play
    • Black Desert Online (not available on Live BR, need to change region for download). Available on Xbox Game Pass.
    • onigiri – (not available on Live BR, need to change region for download) Free to play

    What did you think of the games? Have you played or play any of them? Are you looking forward to some of what will arrive in 2022 and beyond? missing some MMORPG on the list? Tell us!

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